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All routes

Route name Travel mode Distance Duration Countries
't Harde om Amersfoort-WezepDriving212km (50πŸ“)4:52🇳🇱
1000 bochten in BelgiΓ«, Luxemburg en FrankrijkDriving322km (39πŸ“)7:32🇧🇪🇱🇺🇫🇷
1000 bochten op de VeluweDriving143.3km (38πŸ“)3:24🇳🇱
1000 bochten toerDriving186.5km (27πŸ“)3:40🇩🇪
1000 Motorbochten TeutoburgerWaldDriving287.5km (46πŸ“)5:57🇩🇪
1000 PrikkiesDriving344.5km (35πŸ“)6:13🇩🇪🇧🇪🇱🇺
1001 Bochten in TwenteDriving186.9km (43πŸ“)3:58🇳🇱🇩🇪
17e mototour 1913Driving233km (39πŸ“)5:03🇳🇱
18e mototour 1913Driving215.5km (40πŸ“)4:45🇳🇱
5 Biker-treffsDriving212.2km (42πŸ“)4:36🇳🇱🇩🇪
60 hairpins in the Eifel, out of RurbergDriving167.2km (30πŸ“)3:34🇩🇪🇧🇪
75 Jaar Bevrijding Zuid-LimburgBicycling63.9km (47πŸ“)3:36🇳🇱
A lap of the Isle of Man TT circuitDriving60.6km (15πŸ“)1:01🇮🇲
Aangepaste MolenrouteDriving206.5km (28πŸ“)4:39🇳🇱
AardhuisrouteBicycling36.2km (23πŸ“)2:02🇳🇱
AbdijenrouteDriving89.8km (14πŸ“)1:49🇧🇪
Abel TasmanrouteBicycling35.8km (27πŸ“)1:52🇳🇱
Abergavenny to Devils Bridge across the Brecon Beacons and Cambrian MountainsDriving268.8km (32πŸ“)7:50🇬🇧
Ace of spadesDriving229.1km (21πŸ“)3:42🇬🇧
Achenkirch Hohe TauernDriving212.5km (11πŸ“)4:13🇦🇹
Achill Island Rondrit vanuit MulrannyDriving107km (15πŸ“)2:24🇮🇪
AchterhoekDriving162.6km (33πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱
Achterhoek Roertocht (2)Driving200.1km (55πŸ“)4:27🇳🇱
Achterhoek ToertochtDriving208.8km (43πŸ“)4:41🇳🇱
Achtste ReestlandrallyDriving224.4km (46πŸ“)4:58🇳🇱
Afwisselende Franse AlpenDriving202.6km (29πŸ“)4:55🇫🇷
Agri Retail najaar 2008Driving187.8km (40πŸ“)4:49🇳🇱
Agrigento to Marsala along the south west coast of Sicily (10/11)Driving165.7km (16πŸ“)3:57🇮🇹
AhrbrΓΌck - Ulmen - ManderscheidDriving297.3km (36πŸ“)5:38🇩🇪
AhrbrΓΌck Zell Burgentour EifelDriving322.2km (56πŸ“)10:26🇩🇪
Ainsa to AndorraDriving393.9km (26πŸ“)7:35🇪🇸🇫🇷🇦🇩
Aken - Echternach - St. VithDriving302km (36πŸ“)5:32🇩🇪🇧🇪🇱🇺
Albarracin is the dreamDriving300.7km (14πŸ“)5:52🇪🇸
Alblasserdam - Dordrecht via de BiesboschDriving146.4km (32πŸ“)4:32🇳🇱
Albula PasDriving306.9km (13πŸ“)5:40🇦🇹🇮🇹🇨🇭
Albuquerque to Taos New MexicoDriving331.8km (20πŸ“)4:10🇺🇸
Alexandra to Hooker Lake and Tasman Valley (1/3)Driving312.6km (9πŸ“)3:50🇳🇿
Alingsas to Mysen (3/26)Driving261km (13πŸ“)7:10🇸🇪🇳🇴
Alongside the Meuse river from Montherme to AlkenDriving230.9km (27πŸ“)4:49🇫🇷🇧🇪
Alphen ad Rijn - De Hoef - Ouderkerk ad IJsselDriving91.2km (28πŸ“)2:34🇳🇱
Alsfeld to Bergen (10/10)Driving359.4km (25πŸ“)7:40🇩🇪🇳🇱
Amarillo to El Reno along Route 66Β (10/18)Driving368km (11πŸ“)3:55🇺🇸
AmelandrouteBicycling43.2km (38πŸ“)2:09🇳🇱
Angelholm to Alingsas (2/26)Driving281km (19πŸ“)8:00🇸🇪
Angers - Saint Nazaire (5/5)Driving174.2km (27πŸ“)9:28🇫🇷
ANWB Beek en BrinkrouteDriving77.5km (19πŸ“)1:44🇳🇱
ANWB BollenstreekrouteDriving60km (29πŸ“)1:54🇳🇱
ANWB De Zeven Heerlijkheden routeDriving107.9km (28πŸ“)2:47🇳🇱🇧🇪
ANWB Dijk en DuinrouteDriving94.4km (31πŸ“)2:25🇳🇱
ANWB Dr PicardtrouteDriving142.2km (30πŸ“)2:47🇳🇱🇩🇪
ANWB Eems en OldambtrouteDriving85.8km (18πŸ“)2:07🇳🇱
ANWB Friese MerenrouteDriving127.9km (33πŸ“)2:57🇳🇱
ANWB Goeree Overflakkee routeDriving107.8km (38πŸ“)3:01🇳🇱
ANWB HamalandrouteDriving256.9km (65πŸ“)5:47🇳🇱🇩🇪
ANWB HavenstedenrouteDriving126.1km (37πŸ“)2:47🇳🇱
ANWB HeuvelrugrouteDriving91.6km (22πŸ“)3:06🇳🇱
ANWB HondsrugrouteDriving85.4km (19πŸ“)1:58🇳🇱
ANWB KempenrouteDriving141.5km (40πŸ“)4:41🇳🇱🇧🇪
ANWB KoggenrouteDriving125.7km (32πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
ANWB KrekenrouteDriving101.1km (25πŸ“)2:18🇳🇱🇧🇪
ANWB LauwerslandrouteDriving123.7km (32πŸ“)2:45🇳🇱
ANWB Lek en LingerouteDriving109.5km (31πŸ“)3:34🇳🇱
ANWB Maas Schwalm Nette routeDriving153km (44πŸ“)4:13🇳🇱🇩🇪
ANWB Mergelland routeDriving103.7km (32πŸ“)3:32🇳🇱
ANWB Midden Zeeland routeDriving124.1km (37πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱
ANWB MiddenveldrouteDriving75.4km (20πŸ“)1:40🇳🇱
ANWB NieuwlandrouteDriving121.4km (19πŸ“)2:26🇳🇱
ANWB Noord VeluwerouteDriving86.2km (16πŸ“)1:52🇳🇱
ANWB NoordenveldrouteDriving86.6km (21πŸ“)1:57🇳🇱
ANWB Noordwest OverijsselrouteDriving120.4km (29πŸ“)2:46🇳🇱
ANWB OmmelandrouteDriving82.5km (20πŸ“)1:48🇳🇱
ANWB Peel en MaasrouteDriving108.1km (25πŸ“)3:21🇳🇱
ANWB Pionier 2 culturenroutDriving93.7km (18πŸ“)2:08🇳🇱🇩🇪
ANWB Pionier EnergierouteDriving108km (23πŸ“)2:13🇩🇪🇳🇱
ANWB Pionier Veen en MoorrouteDriving94.5km (23πŸ“)2:27🇳🇱🇩🇪
ANWB Reynaert routeDriving100.2km (23πŸ“)2:27🇳🇱🇧🇪
ANWB SagenlandrouteDriving88.7km (23πŸ“)2:12🇳🇱
ANWB SallandrouteDriving121.4km (30πŸ“)2:46🇳🇱
ANWB SlingerouteDriving102.4km (24πŸ“)2:33🇳🇱
ANWB Strijd tegen het Water routeDriving76km (27πŸ“)2:06🇳🇱
ANWB Taxandria routeDriving140.5km (25πŸ“)3:10🇳🇱🇧🇪
ANWB TerpenlandrouteDriving109km (36πŸ“)3:40🇳🇱
ANWB TuinenrouteDriving90.3km (19πŸ“)2:01🇳🇱
ANWB UilenspiegelrouteDriving70.5km (14πŸ“)1:35🇳🇱🇧🇪
ANWB Veen en WoudenrouteDriving102km (24πŸ“)2:18🇳🇱
ANWB Vestingstedenroute etappe 1Driving63.9km (29πŸ“)1:44🇳🇱
ANWB Vestingstedenroute etappe 2Driving62.2km (21πŸ“)1:27🇳🇱
ANWB Vestingstedenroute etappe 3Driving60.8km (20πŸ“)1:27🇳🇱
ANWB Vestingstedenroute etappe 4Driving55.7km (19πŸ“)1:27🇳🇱
ANWB Wad en MarenrouteDriving71.9km (16πŸ“)1:38🇳🇱
ANWB Westerwolde EmsrouteDriving130.5km (27πŸ“)2:42🇳🇱🇩🇪
ANWB ZeebodemrouteDriving168.1km (34πŸ“)3:38🇳🇱
ANWB Zuid Veluwe routeDriving86.7km (13πŸ“)1:43🇳🇱
ANWB ZuidenveldrouteDriving135.7km (35πŸ“)2:55🇳🇱
Apalachicola to New Orleans (2/14)Driving632.8km (26πŸ“)8:12🇺🇸
Arctic Coast Way: Blonduos - Grettislaug (2/9)Driving140.7km (6πŸ“)10:24🇮🇸
Arctic Coast Way: Grettislaug Siglufjordur (3/6)Driving115.3km (10πŸ“)7:30🇮🇸
Arctic Coast Way: Husavik - Raufarhofn (5/6)Driving173.1km (10πŸ“)11:44🇮🇸
Arctic Coast Way: Hvammstangi - Blonduos (1/6)Driving132km (9πŸ“)9:39🇮🇸
Arctic Coast Way: Raufarhofn - Bakkafjordur (6/6)Driving226km (10πŸ“)15:04🇮🇸
Arctic Coast Way: Siglufjordur - Husavik (4/6)Driving212.3km (12πŸ“)8:45🇮🇸
Ardennen Rustique (1/2)Driving187.8km (32πŸ“)3:45🇧🇪
Ardennen Rustique (2/2)Driving151.3km (22πŸ“)3:00🇳🇱🇧🇪
ArdennenoffensiefDriving257.2km (24πŸ“)4:43🇧🇪
ArdennerhamDriving346.1km (31πŸ“)6:34🇳🇱🇧🇪
Arjeplog to Jokkmokk (13/26)Driving243.8km (9πŸ“)2:59🇸🇪
Arkel Linge route via Buren en terugDriving85.6km (37πŸ“)2:24🇳🇱
Arlbergpas - Flexenpas - Berwanger TalDriving188.6km (19πŸ“)3:32🇦🇹
Around Paris from Montereau Fault Yonne to MarinesDriving195.7km (16πŸ“)4:05🇫🇷
Asgardstrand Ulricehamn (12/14)Driving350.7km (21πŸ“)6:54🇳🇴🇸🇪
Ashbourne naar BirdlipDriving249.2km (33πŸ“)4:52🇬🇧
Asikkala - Sakyla (11/12)Driving304.4km (30πŸ“)4:59🇫🇮
Askeby - Copenhagen - Roskilde - FynshovedDriving365.6km (23πŸ“)8:27🇩🇰
Askersund to Varnamo (25/26)Driving224.1km (12πŸ“)7:58🇸🇪
AspergerouteDriving294.7km (43πŸ“)5:06🇳🇱
Auckland to Waipu Cove (1/15)Driving163.3km (23πŸ“)4:32🇳🇿
Auschwitz naar ZakopaneDriving213.3km (18πŸ“)5:21🇵🇱
Austbo Asgardstrand (11/14)Driving259.8km (13πŸ“)6:09🇳🇴
Avondrit Hoeksche WaardDriving99km (23πŸ“)2:20🇳🇱
Avondvierdaagse MTK IJsselrijders 1974 vanuit Schalkhaar 2019Driving104.9km (34πŸ“)3:22🇳🇱
Avranches to Port en Bessin via Bayeux Tapestry and Pegasus BridgeDriving187.5km (14πŸ“)3:22🇫🇷
Bad Bertrich - NΓΌrburgringDriving166.2km (19πŸ“)3:04🇩🇪
Bad Bertrich MoezelDriving219.7km (24πŸ“)4:13🇩🇪
Bad Bertrich PiesportDriving185km (17πŸ“)3:21🇩🇪
Bad Driburg Simply the bestDriving263km (33πŸ“)4:49🇩🇪
Badplaatsen Costa DoradaDriving220.5km (33πŸ“)5:28🇪🇸
Baiersbronn - NederweertDriving519km (13πŸ“)6:40🇩🇪🇳🇱
Baiersbronn - Schloss EbersteinDriving251.5km (24πŸ“)6:13🇩🇪
Baiersbronn Allerheiligen KloosterruΓ―neDriving222.5km (19πŸ“)7:39🇩🇪
Baiersbronn HexenlochmuhleDriving250.1km (16πŸ“)7:14🇩🇪
Baiersbronn KropfmΓΌhleDriving209.2km (19πŸ“)5:09🇩🇪
Baiersbronn Schau ins LandDriving295.3km (20πŸ“)7:50🇩🇪
Bakel - Grave - Geffe - BakelDriving177.1km (31πŸ“)3:43🇳🇱
Bakel - Henri Chapelle / Maastricht - BakelDriving262.5km (33πŸ“)5:37🇳🇱🇧🇪
Ballintoy to DonegalDriving171.3km (11πŸ“)2:50🇬🇧🇮🇪
BandijkrouteBicycling41.3km (30πŸ“)2:11🇳🇱
Banff - Fernie (6/15)Driving367.6km (12πŸ“)4:18🇨🇦
Bangor to Narberth through Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (4/6)Driving246.1km (22πŸ“)4:48🇬🇧
Barbastro to Puig Reig (4/7)Driving266.3km (17πŸ“)7:52🇪🇸
Barcelonnette Lac de Serre-PonconDriving256.9km (16πŸ“)5:32🇫🇷
Baronie CranendonckBicycling32.5km (15πŸ“)1:45🇳🇱
Baronie Cranendonck-routeBicycling32.8km (27πŸ“)1:48🇳🇱
Barrys Bay to Burleigh Falls via Bancroft Ontario (2/2)Driving234.4km (11πŸ“)3:00🇨🇦
BartlehiemDriving148.9km (34πŸ“)3:20🇳🇱
Barvaux - Dinant - BastogneDriving278.8km (39πŸ“)5:45🇧🇪
Barweiler - Dasburg - Vianden - Bollendorf - BarweilerDriving330km (39πŸ“)6:02🇩🇪🇧🇪🇱🇺
Barweiler - Loreley - Cochem - BarweilerDriving291.5km (20πŸ“)5:07🇩🇪
Bastogne - VerviersDriving210.1km (27πŸ“)3:53🇧🇪🇱🇺
Battle of Hurtgen Forest Grand Tour 2019 rit 2Driving119km (25πŸ“)4:07🇩🇪
Battle of the Bulge Grand Tour 2019Driving188.4km (27πŸ“)3:35🇧🇪
BeekbergerwoudrouteBicycling30.5km (14πŸ“)1:47🇳🇱
BeekdalrouteBicycling34.2km (28πŸ“)1:51🇳🇱
BeemdenrouteBicycling30.1km (23πŸ“)1:32🇳🇱
BeilerdingspelrouteBicycling44km (28πŸ“)2:23🇳🇱
BekenrouteBicycling36.5km (36πŸ“)1:54🇳🇱
Berga - Vimmerby (4/9)Driving118.9km (9πŸ“)2:07🇸🇪
Bergen Andorra en SpanjeDriving362.1km (24πŸ“)7:24🇦🇩🇪🇸
Bergen to Elend (1/10)Driving481.5km (31πŸ“)7:10🇳🇱🇩🇪
Bergische LandDriving312.4km (52πŸ“)6:01🇩🇪
Bergisches land 2017Driving136.8km (20πŸ“)2:42🇩🇪
Bergisches Land 2018Driving161.1km (22πŸ“)3:02🇩🇪
Berkel-Enschot Barendrecht Berkel-EnschotDriving235km (43πŸ“)5:52🇳🇱
BessenparadijsBicycling33.8km (30πŸ“)1:42🇳🇱
Bethel to PlattsburghDriving533.5km (20πŸ“)8:19🇺🇸
Betuwe BloesemtochtDriving134.6km (36πŸ“)3:57🇳🇱
BetuwerouteBicycling48.3km (29πŸ“)2:32🇳🇱
Biarritz to AinsaDriving379.7km (19πŸ“)6:47🇫🇷🇪🇸
Bieszczady - A big loopDriving170.8km (18πŸ“)3:18🇵🇱
Bilbao to Riaza (1/4)Driving320.9km (14πŸ“)5:13🇪🇸
Bilderdam kronkel routeDriving97.9km (23πŸ“)2:56🇳🇱
Biloxi - Tuscaloosa (10/12)Driving435km (16πŸ“)5:16🇺🇸
Binnendoor naar Lombardije van Oberammergau naar EdoloDriving315.4km (22πŸ“)6:19🇩🇪🇦🇹🇮🇹
Birdlip naar FeldbridgeDriving296.3km (22πŸ“)5:13🇬🇧
Black Diamond Run from Athens OhioDriving164.4km (25πŸ“)2:34🇺🇸
Blanding - Torrey (6/15)Driving302.8km (15πŸ“)3:56🇺🇸
Blanke top der duinenrouteBicycling62.3km (31πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱
Blankenheim Bad MunstereifelDriving136.3km (20πŸ“)2:36🇩🇪
BloesemtochtDriving132.9km (40πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱
Blois - Tours (2/5)Driving119.2km (21πŸ“)9:44🇫🇷
Bluff to Silverton via Monument Valley and the San Juan Skyway (7/18)Driving539.5km (22πŸ“)6:26🇺🇸
BMS Raalte Rondrit 2019Driving153.2km (40πŸ“)4:17🇳🇱
BMS Raalte rondrit 2022 via steengroeve WinterswijkDriving212.8km (77πŸ“)4:40🇳🇱
BMW De Jong BBQrit 2010Driving183.2km (36πŸ“)4:52🇳🇱
BMW De Jong BBQrit 2011Driving176.7km (44πŸ“)4:45🇳🇱
BMW De Jong BBQrit 2012Driving188.1km (32πŸ“)5:02🇳🇱
BMW De Jong BBQrit 2013Driving177.3km (34πŸ“)4:52🇳🇱
BMW De Jong BBQrit 2015Driving168.1km (42πŸ“)4:53🇳🇱
BMW De Jong BBQrit 2016Driving177.6km (33πŸ“)4:17🇳🇱
BMW De Jong BBQrit 2017Driving173.8km (41πŸ“)4:13🇳🇱
Bochten aan de A1Driving101.3km (31πŸ“)2:10🇩🇪
Bochtig rondje door het Overijsselse VechtdalDriving251.6km (67πŸ“)8:09🇳🇱
Bodensee naar de FernpasDriving477.2km (29πŸ“)9:23🇩🇪🇦🇹
Bodo to Arjeplog (12/26)Driving295.1km (12πŸ“)7:43🇳🇴🇸🇪
Boenderen in BrabantDriving219.3km (44πŸ“)5:29🇳🇱
BollenstreekDriving128.2km (31πŸ“)3:30🇳🇱
BollenstreekrouteBicycling27.4km (18πŸ“)1:29🇳🇱
Bonaduz Ulrichen van Rijn naar RhoneDriving262.3km (12πŸ“)4:42🇨🇭
Bongo tours 2011Driving250.8km (61πŸ“)6:37🇳🇱
Bongo tours 2012Driving260.3km (46πŸ“)7:27🇳🇱
Bonifacio naar SagoneDriving177.7km (17πŸ“)3:42🇫🇷
Borensberg - Motala - Vadstena - GrΓ€nna (7/9)Driving105.5km (7πŸ“)1:56🇸🇪
Borger - Bad Bentheim - SellingenDriving225km (34πŸ“)5:00🇳🇱🇩🇪
BosniΓ« Banja Luka - CroatiΓ« SlunjDriving228.4km (21πŸ“)4:21🇧🇦🇭🇷
Bourg St Maurice to St Etienne de CuinesDriving307.4km (24πŸ“)6:30🇫🇷
Brabantrit 2016Driving165.4km (30πŸ“)4:14🇳🇱
Brabants welvarenBicycling44.1km (28πŸ“)2:17🇳🇱🇧🇪
Brabantse MeijereiDriving143.7km (36πŸ“)3:29🇳🇱
Brabantse natuur vanuit OisterwijkDriving122.9km (28πŸ“)2:58🇳🇱
Braemar to PeeblesDriving318.7km (14πŸ“)5:54🇬🇧
Brakel Sieben auf einen StreichDriving209.1km (25πŸ“)4:17🇩🇪
BrandersstadrouteBicycling25.9km (20πŸ“)1:23🇳🇱
BrandeveenrouteBicycling38.5km (28πŸ“)2:07🇳🇱
Bratislava to Banska Stiavnica via Little Carpathians and Stiavnica (1/9)Driving319.1km (20πŸ“)10:26🇸🇰
Bree - Durbuy - BreeDriving315.7km (37πŸ“)6:40🇧🇪🇳🇱
Bridgewater to Ponderosa Cafe via Gospel Pass (2/7)Driving331.9km (34πŸ“)9:12🇬🇧
Brig to Bourg Saint MauriceDriving287.6km (19πŸ“)6:28🇨🇭🇮🇹🇫🇷
BruggenrouteDriving157.9km (31πŸ“)3:11🇳🇱
BruggenrouteBicycling35.1km (23πŸ“)1:46🇳🇱
Bryson City to Blowing Rock along the Blue Ridge Parkway (18/18)Driving321.8km (31πŸ“)5:24🇺🇸
Builth Wells to the Horseshoe Pass Snowdon and Bangor (2/6)Driving256.7km (13πŸ“)7:09🇬🇧
Bunker van HitlerDriving404.7km (36πŸ“)7:02🇧🇪🇫🇷
Burleigh Falls to Barrys Bay via Algonquin Park Ontario (1/2)Driving318km (17πŸ“)3:53🇨🇦
Byrkjedal Austbo (10/14)Driving288.4km (12πŸ“)7:35🇳🇴
Cabot Trail Nova ScotiaDriving308.5km (17πŸ“)4:53🇨🇦
Cadaval to Cascais via Mafra Sintra and Pena PalacesDriving139.4km (25πŸ“)3:49🇵🇹
Calhoun to Franklin on Moonshiner 28 (16/18)Driving383.6km (24πŸ“)5:48🇺🇸
California: Borrego Springs LoopDriving219.1km (21πŸ“)3:15🇺🇸
California: Death ValleyDriving840.9km (25πŸ“)11:59🇺🇸
California: Joshua TreeDriving566.7km (16πŸ“)7:28🇺🇸
Cambrils 1Driving216.9km (26πŸ“)5:04🇪🇸
Cambrils 2Driving252km (26πŸ“)5:04🇪🇸
Camping Moto Dordogne Cahors FigeacDriving261.5km (40πŸ“)5:13🇫🇷
Camping Moto France - Pont-En-RoyanDriving184.4km (24πŸ“)3:39🇫🇷
Camping Roma Flash at Lake Bracciano to Formia (4/11)Driving243.3km (17πŸ“)5:32🇮🇹
Canary Islands round trip Tenerife Costa AdejeDriving251.7km (13πŸ“)6:20🇪🇸
Carcassonne to Millau ViaductDriving236.3km (13πŸ“)4:35🇫🇷
Carinthia: Villach - Gerlitzer Alpenstrasse - Strassburg - GmΓΌnd - MillstadtDriving529.3km (19πŸ“)11:22🇦🇹
Carlisle to KendalDriving355.6km (21πŸ“)7:51🇬🇧
Carnforth circle around the Lake DistrictDriving245.8km (34πŸ“)8:20🇬🇧
CarusorouteDriving96.1km (33πŸ“)2:19🇳🇱
CathalijnerouteBicycling32.5km (30πŸ“)1:38🇳🇱🇧🇪
Cefalu to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento across central Sicily (9/11)Driving197.8km (16πŸ“)4:24🇮🇹
Centraal Zwitserland vanuit LuzernDriving383.5km (22πŸ“)7:45🇨🇭
Central Switzerland: Round trip from LucerneDriving207.8km (21πŸ“)4:22🇨🇭
Central Switzerland: Round trip from LucerneDriving278.5km (21πŸ“)6:31🇨🇭
Chadron - Custer (3/13)Driving270.2km (12πŸ“)4:05🇺🇸
ChampignonrouteBicycling41.6km (36πŸ“)2:11🇳🇱
Chase Waterfalls and Ruins in ChiapasDriving993.7km (10πŸ“)20:46🇲🇽
Chattanooga - Pigeon Forge (12/12)Driving385.2km (22πŸ“)5:53🇺🇸
Chattanooga - Stecoah (2/6)Driving272.4km (15πŸ“)4:07🇺🇸
Chaves to Viseu via the River Douro ValleyDriving281.4km (21πŸ“)6:08🇵🇹
Cheyenne - Chadron (2/13)Driving325.3km (8πŸ“)3:20🇺🇸
Chiemgau naar Oost TirolDriving442.3km (16πŸ“)7:58🇩🇪🇦🇹
Chinon - Angers (4/5)Driving114.9km (23πŸ“)9:04🇫🇷
Chiuro to BrigDriving279.2km (20πŸ“)6:11🇮🇹🇨🇭
Christchurch to Omarama (3/9)Driving431.1km (8πŸ“)9:22🇳🇿
Clervaux - Vianden - Kautenbach - WiltzDriving109.8km (14πŸ“)2:01🇱🇺
Clockwise from Keswick around the Lake District PassesDriving173.7km (20πŸ“)4:39🇬🇧
Clubdag 2018 Heeten HaminkelnDriving220.9km (24πŸ“)4:44🇳🇱🇩🇪
CMA VechtdalrouteDriving114.3km (30πŸ“)2:41🇳🇱
Cody - Yellowstone NP (8/13)Driving284.2km (17πŸ“)4:09🇺🇸
Coesveld en LingenDriving323.8km (34πŸ“)5:57🇳🇱🇩🇪
Col du Mont Cenis Col de la Bonette en Col de L IseranDriving284.9km (28πŸ“)7:45🇫🇷🇮🇹
Colchester naar HinckleyDriving233.8km (26πŸ“)4:41🇬🇧
Colchester to Folkestone Eurotunnel (2/2)Driving192.3km (16πŸ“)5:25🇬🇧
Colorado Springs to Monte Vista via Pikes Peak (8/14)Driving396.2km (21πŸ“)6:52🇺🇸
Colville - Wenatchee (10/15)Driving335km (12πŸ“)4:37🇺🇸
ConcordiaritDriving155.5km (32πŸ“)3:03🇳🇱🇩🇪
Condroz & FamenneDriving221.5km (36πŸ“)4:22🇧🇪
Consuegra to Hornos in Andalusia (3/4)Driving360.8km (21πŸ“)6:25🇪🇸
Corroios near Almada to Porto CovoDriving217.9km (13πŸ“)5:31🇵🇹
Corsica - Cap CorseDriving278km (23πŸ“)6:41🇫🇷
Corsica: Bastia to PortoDriving296.3km (18πŸ“)10:52🇫🇷
Corsica: Bavella pasDriving133km (16πŸ“)3:04🇫🇷
Corsica: Cuttoli - CorticchiatoDriving171.7km (25πŸ“)4:37🇫🇷
Corsica: Midden CorsicaDriving223.9km (27πŸ“)5:37🇫🇷
Corsica: Oost CorsicaDriving272.1km (28πŸ“)7:11🇫🇷
Corsica: Rondje CorteDriving227.9km (31πŸ“)5:47🇫🇷
Corsica: Roundtour Porto Solenzara CorteDriving368.4km (14πŸ“)10:52🇫🇷
Corsica: Roundtour west coast and mountains longDriving327.4km (23πŸ“)11:03🇫🇷
Corsica: Route Corse zuidDriving211km (23πŸ“)4:44🇫🇷
Corsica: Route OtaDriving218.5km (20πŸ“)5:42🇫🇷
Courmayeur to Pont Saint Martin along the Valle dAostaDriving223.8km (28πŸ“)5:50🇮🇹
Crest - Mont Ventoux - RemuzatDriving331.5km (39πŸ“)7:36🇫🇷
Croy RouteDriving151.6km (35πŸ“)3:35🇳🇱
Culturele ontdekkingstochtBicycling66.4km (31πŸ“)3:40🇳🇱
Curves of the Vosges Mountains LARGEDriving366km (29πŸ“)10:45🇫🇷
Curves of the Vosges Mountains MEDIUMDriving303.9km (25πŸ“)8:11🇫🇷
Curves of the Vosges Mountains SMALLDriving229.6km (20πŸ“)4:54🇫🇷
Custer - Wall (4/13)Driving268.9km (18πŸ“)4:13🇺🇸
Cuxhaven - SonderbyDriving282.8km (15πŸ“)7:01🇩🇪🇩🇰
D'Espenel - Col du RoussetDriving140.6km (16πŸ“)2:48🇫🇷
D'Espenel - MirmandeDriving160km (24πŸ“)3:06🇫🇷
D'Espenel - Saint Lazaire le DesertDriving145.1km (20πŸ“)3:20🇫🇷
Dagtocht Glasfabriek Brocken NiedersachsenDriving258.7km (25πŸ“)4:35🇩🇪
Dagtocht NΓΌrburgringDriving317.4km (38πŸ“)6:17🇳🇱🇩🇪
DamiaanrouteDriving154.1km (45πŸ“)3:44🇧🇪
Dasburg rondrit door LuxemburgDriving156.5km (22πŸ“)2:48🇱🇺🇩🇪
Davos Arbedo Tessin naar GraubundenDriving414.3km (21πŸ“)7:57🇨🇭🇮🇹
Day 10: Braganca to PortoDriving304.4km (18πŸ“)6:23🇵🇹
Day 1: Girona to PeramolaDriving270.2km (14πŸ“)5:22🇪🇸
Day 2: Peramola to CaldesDriving301.6km (15πŸ“)7:02🇪🇸
Day 3: Caldes to JacaDriving312.5km (13πŸ“)8:36🇪🇸
Day 4: Jaca to BilbaoDriving363.7km (20πŸ“)9:16🇪🇸
Day 5: Bilbao to ViesgoDriving318.9km (27πŸ“)10:24🇪🇸
Day 6: Viesgo to Fuente DeDriving321.5km (17πŸ“)6:22🇪🇸
Day 7: Roundtrip PicosDriving276.6km (10πŸ“)6:39🇪🇸
Day 8: Fuente De to LeonDriving281.9km (21πŸ“)5:23🇪🇸
Day 9: Leon to BragancaDriving329.5km (15πŸ“)5:59🇪🇸🇵🇹
Daytona to Apalachicola (1/14)Driving483.7km (15πŸ“)6:24🇺🇸
De 60 haarspelden van het natuurpark EifelDriving218.2km (39πŸ“)4:33🇩🇪🇧🇪
De 8 ZalighedenDriving107.6km (35πŸ“)2:36🇳🇱
De acht parels rond WinterswijkDriving143.4km (43πŸ“)3:42🇳🇱🇩🇪
De Brouwerijen van HaspengouwDriving111.5km (30πŸ“)2:41🇧🇪
De dijken van Zeeuws-VlaanderenDriving186.1km (47πŸ“)4:05🇳🇱🇧🇪
De Henegouwse LaarsDriving189.4km (28πŸ“)3:37🇧🇪
De hoogste bergtoppen van het Zwarte WoudDriving255.6km (21πŸ“)4:46🇩🇪
De kleine weggetjes van Oost Tirol vanuit Kotschach MauthenDriving353.7km (18πŸ“)7:19🇦🇹🇮🇹
De kratermeren van de EifelDriving110.1km (21πŸ“)2:02🇩🇪
De Kust van NormandieDriving600.5km (33πŸ“)12:32🇫🇷
De meren en almen van Karinthie vanuit VillachDriving405km (29πŸ“)8:00🇦🇹
De mooiste wegen van LuxemburgDriving271km (34πŸ“)5:12🇧🇪🇱🇺🇩🇪
De Naßfeldpass ItaliΓ« SloveniΓ«Driving262.3km (15πŸ“)5:33🇦🇹🇮🇹🇸🇮
De OeslingDriving265.5km (38πŸ“)4:57🇱🇺🇧🇪
De polder uitDriving236.8km (43πŸ“)5:06🇳🇱
De Provincie en Groot Hertogdom Luxemburg - GutlandDriving213.6km (27πŸ“)3:55🇧🇪🇱🇺🇩🇪
De Provincie en Groot Hertogdom luxemburg - OeslingDriving207.1km (22πŸ“)3:54🇧🇪🇱🇺
De Provincie Luxemburg en LorraineDriving224.9km (19πŸ“)3:37🇧🇪🇫🇷
De Provincies Luik, Luxemburg en NamenDriving236.5km (22πŸ“)4:16🇧🇪
De ronde van de Mont AigoualDriving139.5km (19πŸ“)3:03🇫🇷
De route der kunstambachtenDriving144.3km (18πŸ“)3:11🇫🇷
De strijd om Zeeland Navigation Grand Tour 2019 rit 4Driving166.7km (47πŸ“)5:10🇳🇱
De VercorsDriving142.6km (12πŸ“)3:14🇫🇷
De Zuidelijke Dolomieten vanuit BolzanoDriving341.2km (22πŸ“)7:39🇮🇹
Den Bosch - OisterwijkDriving183.8km (34πŸ“)4:11🇳🇱🇧🇪
Denver - Cheyenne (1/13)Driving296.6km (17πŸ“)4:35🇺🇸
Deudesfeld - Muellerthal - Berdorf - Vianden - Bittburg - DeudesfeldDriving371.9km (39πŸ“)6:53🇩🇪🇱🇺🇧🇪
Deurne - As - Maastricht - DeurneDriving289.6km (25πŸ“)5:20🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
Deurne - Croy - DeurneDriving214.5km (35πŸ“)5:37🇳🇱
Deurne - Posbank - DeurneDriving233.8km (48πŸ“)5:40🇳🇱🇩🇪
Deurne - PreischeidDriving311.3km (14πŸ“)5:03🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
Deurne Baarle Nassau DeurneDriving196.2km (25πŸ“)4:28🇳🇱🇧🇪
Devils Bridge to Nant Peris in Snowdonia National ParkDriving183.6km (20πŸ“)6:32🇬🇧
Devonport to ScottsdaleDriving268.5km (21πŸ“)6:02🇦🇺
Diakopto GriekenlandDriving169.2km (17πŸ“)3:05🇬🇷
Diamondback Ride and Blue Ridge ParkwayDriving117.6km (18πŸ“)1:58🇺🇸
Dicomano - Sarsina - Passa del MuraglioneDriving234.3km (24πŸ“)5:49🇮🇹
Die Duffel-routeBicycling38.5km (18πŸ“)2:00🇳🇱🇩🇪
Diest - Landen - BekkevoortDriving140.4km (29πŸ“)3:14🇧🇪
Dijk & BosDriving142.1km (33πŸ“)3:12🇳🇱
Dijk en Lek routeDriving160.4km (19πŸ“)3:53🇳🇱
DijkenrouteDriving121.9km (29πŸ“)2:59🇳🇱
DijkjesDriving52.8km (12πŸ“)1:21🇳🇱
Discover Tequila in Jalisco and the Beaches of the Riviera NayaritDriving469.3km (7πŸ“)7:36🇲🇽
Dodge City to Colarado Springs (7/14)Driving607.6km (13πŸ“)7:16🇺🇸
Doeverentreffen 2008: Rondrit Moere - MillamDriving178.2km (40πŸ“)4:17🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2009: Rondrit Moere - SaintOmerDriving193.1km (28πŸ“)4:13🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2010: Rondrit Moere - Cantemerl - Le Blockhaus - EperlecquesDriving235.5km (44πŸ“)5:19🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2012: Rondrit Moere - Eperlecques BlockhausDriving190.2km (30πŸ“)3:52🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2012: Rondrit Moere - HubersentDriving296.3km (46πŸ“)6:13🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2013: Rondrit Moere - Croisette - BoeseghemDriving287.3km (33πŸ“)6:12🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2013: Rondrit Moere - RoquetoireDriving189km (26πŸ“)4:03🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2014: Rondrit Moere - Questrecques - NoordpeeneDriving285.7km (40πŸ“)6:15🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2014: Rondrit Moere - WulverdingheDriving184.7km (41πŸ“)4:18🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2015: Rondrit Moere NieuwerleetDriving189.6km (35πŸ“)4:02🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2015: Rondrit Moere - SaintMomelin - MontcavrelDriving288.3km (39πŸ“)6:08🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2016: Rondrit Moere - NordausquesDriving190km (29πŸ“)4:07🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2016: Rondrit Moere - Wissant - AudressellesDriving315.4km (47πŸ“)6:39🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2017: Moere - Lebiez - BlaringhemDriving313.3km (38πŸ“)6:50🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2017: Rondrit Moere - BlaringhemDriving194.6km (27πŸ“)4:10🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2018: Moere - Tournehem sur la HemDriving212.9km (44πŸ“)4:45🇧🇪🇫🇷
Doeverentreffen 2018: Rondrit Moere Longfosse - Tournehem sur la HemDriving312.1km (40πŸ“)6:57🇧🇪🇫🇷
Dolomieten Tenna - Brenta - Val di Genova - MendolaDriving309.4km (22πŸ“)7:04🇮🇹
Dolomieten: De Grote RondeDriving278km (19πŸ“)6:13🇮🇹
Dolomites: Round trip BellamonteDriving189.1km (10πŸ“)4:01🇮🇹
Dolomites: Round trip Bellamonte Passo ManghenDriving160.4km (10πŸ“)3:55🇮🇹
Donderende Tunnel RitDriving154.6km (30πŸ“)3:48🇳🇱
Donegal Rondrit vanuit KillibegsDriving220.7km (14πŸ“)3:47🇮🇪
Donegal to WestportDriving225.5km (15πŸ“)3:36🇮🇪
Door het binnenland van SardiniΓ« naar de Monte LimbaraDriving133.2km (16πŸ“)2:43🇮🇹
Door het binnenland van SardiniΓ« naar de OostkustDriving148.5km (18πŸ“)2:44🇮🇹
Door het hart van ToscaneDriving131.1km (18πŸ“)2:43🇮🇹
Door het Twentse boerenlandDriving74.7km (30πŸ“)1:59🇳🇱
Door Pajottenland, Dendervallei en Over de TaalgrensDriving146km (42πŸ“)3:28🇧🇪
Dornie to Keswick in the Lake District (7/10)Driving484.4km (16πŸ“)8:14🇬🇧
Dornie to Ullapool via Applecross (6/7)Driving249km (21πŸ“)7:19🇬🇧
Dover to New YorkDriving403.2km (30πŸ“)6:41🇺🇸
Drautal DreilΓ€ndertour mit Special ManghenpassDriving309.7km (24πŸ“)6:33🇦🇹🇸🇮🇮🇹
Drenthe OverijseltochtDriving205.7km (41πŸ“)4:26🇳🇱
Drenthe/Groningen uitstapje PapenburgDriving114.7km (14πŸ“)2:15🇳🇱🇩🇪
Dreux to Argenton sur CreuseDriving317.3km (15πŸ“)5:39🇫🇷
Drie landen rondritDriving279km (37πŸ“)5:36🇨🇿🇦🇹🇩🇪
Drie provinciΓ«n routeDriving352km (30πŸ“)7:04🇳🇱
DrielandenrouteDriving196.5km (27πŸ“)3:53🇧🇪🇱🇺🇩🇪
Driewielfietsroute Den HelderBicycling27.3km (21πŸ“)1:27🇳🇱
Driewielfietsroute DenekampBicycling23.1km (28πŸ“)1:15🇳🇱
Dubois - Rock Springs (10/13)Driving323.7km (10πŸ“)4:12🇺🇸
Duinen en Westfriese OmringdijkDriving166.5km (28πŸ“)4:03🇳🇱
Duitse rivierenDriving308.9km (37πŸ“)6:58🇩🇪
Dumbarton to Fort AugustusDriving365.5km (21πŸ“)6:56🇬🇧
Dundee to Inverness (4/10)Driving359.5km (21πŸ“)6:12🇬🇧
Dunedin Peninsula discovery tourDriving89.4km (12πŸ“)8:19🇳🇿
Dunedin to Bluff (5/9)Driving300.2km (13πŸ“)8:53🇳🇿
Durness Ullapool Loch Ness Fort WilliamDriving303.3km (12πŸ“)4:43🇬🇧
Durres - Nafplio (4/6)Driving737.1km (23πŸ“)18:02🇦🇱🇬🇷
Dutch Lakes tour Weesp Vinkeveen Meije Loosdrecht Lage Vuursche BaarnDriving177.7km (51πŸ“)5:40🇳🇱
Dutch South Limburg Urmond Eijsden Vaals meanderingDriving130.7km (53πŸ“)4:50🇳🇱
Dutch tour Veluwe Dykes IJssel GelderlandDriving172.5km (46πŸ“)5:08🇳🇱
Dwars door de ArdennenDriving391.3km (34πŸ“)7:33🇧🇪
Dwars door GroningenDriving151.9km (26πŸ“)3:16🇳🇱
Dwars door het Zwarte Woud via de Schwarzwaldhochstrasse en de B500Driving220.9km (16πŸ“)3:42🇩🇪
Dwars door LuxemburgDriving298.4km (34πŸ“)5:36🇧🇪🇱🇺
Dwars door MeetjeslandDriving149km (50πŸ“)3:28🇧🇪
Eagle Point to Guntersville (3/5)Driving474.3km (36πŸ“)7:18🇺🇸
Eempolder - Elburg - IJssel - Posbank - AmerongenDriving296.9km (50πŸ“)7:02🇳🇱
EΓ©n dag toerDriving280.5km (35πŸ“)7:39🇳🇱
Een rondje van FritsDriving94.5km (28πŸ“)2:31🇳🇱
Eerde - Heilig Land Stichting - EerdeDriving190.5km (47πŸ“)4:49🇳🇱
Eifel - Ardennen - LuxemburgDriving378.8km (46πŸ“)7:16🇩🇪🇱🇺🇧🇪
Eifel Bergtraining KleinhauDriving80.6km (14πŸ“)1:38🇩🇪
Eifel route - Kleine WegenDriving200.3km (46πŸ“)4:18🇩🇪🇧🇪
Eifel, zeker de moeite waardDriving387.7km (40πŸ“)6:25🇳🇱🇩🇪🇧🇪
Eifel: Ahrbrueck Nuerburg Hairpins (1/6)Driving279.4km (60πŸ“)6:03🇩🇪
Eifel: Cochem Lutzerath Hairpins (2/6)Driving308.3km (42πŸ“)5:59🇩🇪
Eifel: Dasburg Kautenbach Hairpins (4/6)Driving325.4km (54πŸ“)6:32🇩🇪🇧🇪🇱🇺
Eifel: De 1000 bochten routeDriving336.6km (43πŸ“)6:12🇩🇪
Eifel: Dhron Vianden Hairpins (3/6)Driving328.8km (43πŸ“)6:03🇩🇪🇱🇺
Eifel: Dhron Wittlich Hairpins (6/6)Driving321km (46πŸ“)5:58🇩🇪
Eifel: Grafschaft Fuchshofen NuerburgringDriving194.2km (26πŸ“)4:00🇩🇪
Eifel: Rurtalsperre Schleiden Hairpins (5/6)Driving312.2km (49πŸ“)5:57🇩🇪
Eifeltour out of Tongeren via Vogelsang and Lake GileppeDriving317.8km (36πŸ“)6:39🇧🇪🇩🇪
Eiffel: bochtenwerkDriving463.5km (47πŸ“)8:43🇳🇱🇩🇪🇧🇪
Eili BikertreffDriving237.4km (33πŸ“)4:10🇳🇱🇩🇪
El Dorado to Diamond City on The Scenic 7 BywayDriving501.5km (13πŸ“)6:33🇺🇸
El Reno to Fort Smith along Route 66 (11/18)Driving404.7km (18πŸ“)4:58🇺🇸
Elend to Harrachov (2/10)Driving548.8km (38πŸ“)9:50🇩🇪🇨🇿
Elfsteden motorrouteDriving252.2km (55πŸ“)5:41🇳🇱
Elfstedentocht 2010Driving249.5km (46πŸ“)5:12🇳🇱
Eminence Roundtrip Ozarks Hellbender USADriving181.1km (12πŸ“)2:27🇺🇸
Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway from Taos New MexicoDriving143.8km (15πŸ“)2:05🇺🇸
Endorfine ritDriving190.9km (38πŸ“)4:41🇳🇱🇩🇪
Enschede - Teutoburgerwald binnendoorDriving306.5km (44πŸ“)5:42🇳🇱🇩🇪
Enschede - ToeristenwegDriving143.4km (29πŸ“)3:09🇳🇱
Ernst naar SimmerathDriving160.3km (18πŸ“)4:05🇩🇪
Estes Park - Denver (13/13)Driving176.7km (14πŸ“)3:04🇺🇸
Evora to FaroDriving308.1km (17πŸ“)5:24🇵🇹
EyrieuxDriving178.8km (29πŸ“)3:45🇫🇷
Falkenberg - Unnaryd - Halmstad - Helsingborg - MalmΓΆ (9/9)Driving351.3km (17πŸ“)5:59🇸🇪
Fantasie van een rijderDriving271.2km (32πŸ“)6:31🇳🇱
Feierabendtour Bergisches Land Altenberger DomDriving84.3km (16πŸ“)1:46🇩🇪
Feierabendtour SiebengebirgeDriving104.3km (16πŸ“)2:06🇩🇪
Felbridge naar WhitstableDriving251.3km (28πŸ“)5:16🇬🇧
Fernie - Kalispell (7/15)Driving498km (14πŸ“)5:33🇨🇦🇺🇸
Fietsroute ZeistBicycling41.5km (31πŸ“)2:21🇳🇱
Fietstocht zondagmiddag in ArnhemBicycling33.7km (13πŸ“)1:50🇳🇱
Figueres to Quillan (6/7)Driving243.3km (27πŸ“)7:50🇪🇸🇫🇷
Flagstaff - Tuba City (4/15)Driving307km (7πŸ“)3:54🇺🇸
Flateland via Telemark Vradal Kongsberg Vikersund to OsloDriving368km (18πŸ“)6:42🇳🇴
Flums - Luzern - MelayDriving421.4km (20πŸ“)8:38🇨🇭🇫🇷
FMC redactieritDriving204.8km (39πŸ“)4:35🇳🇱
Forbach to KirchbergDriving287.7km (20πŸ“)8:06🇩🇪
Formia to Salerno visiting the Amalfi Coast (5/11)Driving208.7km (18πŸ“)4:36🇮🇹
Formula Motorcycle VoorjaarsritDriving101.8km (23πŸ“)2:22🇳🇱
Fort Augustus to BraemarDriving376km (25πŸ“)6:19🇬🇧
Fort Collins - WaldenDriving185.1km (14πŸ“)2:51🇺🇸
Fort Pierce to Stuart via Cape CanaveralDriving367.1km (8πŸ“)4:38🇺🇸
Fort Smith to Hot Springs though the Ozark National Forest (12/18)Driving460.4km (24πŸ“)6:10🇺🇸
Fort William to Glencoe Pass and onto Gretna GreenDriving371.8km (16πŸ“)5:37🇬🇧
Four countries roundtrip: Weiswampach - Schengen - WeiswampachDriving359.6km (31πŸ“)6:38🇱🇺🇧🇪🇫🇷
Fox Glacier to Westport (8/9)Driving294.4km (7πŸ“)7:18🇳🇿
Franklin to Bryson City along The Tail of The Dragon (17/18)Driving325.4km (27πŸ“)4:56🇺🇸
Frankrijk en Zwitserland - Doubs en JuraDriving277.6km (32πŸ“)5:25🇫🇷🇨🇭
Franse Alpen Castellane rondrit via ValbergDriving172.3km (11πŸ“)3:24🇫🇷
French Alps round trip Espinasses Lac Serre PonconDriving225.6km (9πŸ“)3:52🇫🇷
Fries-Drentse WoudentochtDriving191km (40πŸ“)4:00🇳🇱
Friesche motor elfstedentochtDriving259.9km (58πŸ“)5:31🇳🇱
From Albarracin to Valderrobres and BeceiteDriving227.3km (10πŸ“)3:13🇪🇸
From Alken to the French ArdennesDriving251.4km (32πŸ“)5:03🇧🇪🇫🇷
From Banska Stiavnica to Revucka Lehota via Polana Nature Park (2/9)Driving242.8km (21πŸ“)8:47🇸🇰
From Beceite to Cerdanyola visiting Horta de Sant Joan and MiravetDriving260km (15πŸ“)4:34🇪🇸
From Death Valley via Valley Of Fire to Mesquite (8/15)Driving436.5km (11πŸ“)4:56🇺🇸
From Dedinky to Magurka via Demanovska Ice Cave (7/9)Driving210.7km (13πŸ“)7:28🇸🇰
From Dobra to Dedinky via Bardejov and Spis Castle (5/9)Driving290.2km (17πŸ“)9:11🇸🇰
From Exeter via Isabella Lake and Ridgecrest to Death Valley (7/15)Driving391.8km (12πŸ“)5:43🇺🇸
From Funchal around the whole island of Madeira (5/5)Driving202.8km (31πŸ“)4:40🇵🇹
From Funchal to Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse (4/5)Driving167.7km (40πŸ“)4:13🇵🇹
From Funchal to Seixal and Porto Moniz (3/5)Driving112.9km (31πŸ“)2:32🇵🇹
From Hasselt to Col de Bussang via the nature parcs of Ardennes and LorraineDriving500km (20πŸ“)6:51🇧🇪🇱🇺🇫🇷
From Hatch via Bryce Canyon to Page (10/15)Driving339.5km (9πŸ“)4:14🇺🇸
From Hinterriss to Schluchsee in Schwarzwald (8/9)Driving364.2km (18πŸ“)6:51🇦🇹🇩🇪
From Hochgurgl in Austria to Trafoi in South Tirol Italy (3/9)Driving251.8km (12πŸ“)5:20🇦🇹🇮🇹
From Las Vegas via Oatman and Lake Havasu to Parker (13/15)Driving356km (16πŸ“)4:25🇺🇸
From Los Angeles via Lawndale Hollywood Beverly Hills and Malibu to Solvang (1/15)Driving249.8km (24πŸ“)4:18🇺🇸
From Magurka to Trencianske Jastrabia via Velka Fatra and Bojnice (8/9)Driving224km (19πŸ“)7:51🇸🇰
From Melun to Lisses between Seine and LoireDriving251.9km (23πŸ“)4:57🇫🇷
From Mesquite via Zion NP and Dixie NF to Hatch (9/15)Driving305.1km (12πŸ“)3:54🇺🇸
From Misurina Italy to Heiligenblut in Austria over 9 passes (6/9)Driving230.3km (11πŸ“)6:54🇮🇹🇦🇹
From Montblanc to Arbeca and the magical March in AitonaDriving150.3km (14πŸ“)2:46🇪🇸
From Monterey to San Francisco (3a/15)Driving212.2km (11πŸ“)2:57🇺🇸
From Monterey to the 17 Mile Drive and further to San Francisco (3b/15)Driving222km (16πŸ“)3:20🇺🇸
From mystical Carta monastery to Bran via Transfagarasan and Draculas castlesDriving220.3km (18πŸ“)5:00🇷🇴
From Oakhurst via Kings Canyon NP and Sequoia NP with Giant Forest to Exeter (6/15)Driving288.5km (15πŸ“)4:47🇺🇸
From Page via Grand Canyon to Williams (11/15)Driving316.2km (6πŸ“)3:32🇺🇸
From Parker via Joshua Tree to Rancho Mirage (14/15)Driving332.4km (13πŸ“)4:18🇺🇸
From Rancho Mirage via Palm Springs to Santa Monica (15/15)Driving241.6km (12πŸ“)3:23🇺🇸
From Reichenstein castle to Frankenstein castleDriving251.8km (26πŸ“)5:24🇩🇪
From Revucka Lehotea to Velka Domasa via the caves of Ochtinska and Jasovska (3/9)Driving244.1km (23πŸ“)8:45🇸🇰
From San Francisco via Nappa and Eldorado National Forrest to Topaz Lake (4/15)Driving419.1km (16πŸ“)5:21🇺🇸
From Schluchsee in Schwarzwald to Tessenderlo in Belgium (9/9)Driving677.2km (13πŸ“)13:00🇩🇪🇧🇪
From Schwarzwald Lauterbad to Hochgurgl in Austria (2/9)Driving385.1km (15πŸ“)6:56🇩🇪🇦🇹
From Solvang via Pacific Coast Highway and Big Sur to Monterey (2/15)Driving342.6km (10πŸ“)4:40🇺🇸
From Topaz Lake via Bodie and Yosemite to Oakhurst (5/15)Driving374.7km (17πŸ“)5:55🇺🇸
From Trafoi to Vigo di Fassa via Stelvio and Gavia (4/9)Driving341.8km (20πŸ“)7:36🇮🇹
From Trencianske Jastrabia to Rusovce via Nitra and the Bison Zoo (9/9)Driving285.4km (19πŸ“)7:58🇸🇰
From Williams via Seligman and Route 66 to Kingman and Hoover Dam to Las Vegas (12/15)Driving386.6km (11πŸ“)4:27🇺🇸
Frydland naar PastvinyDriving251.4km (19πŸ“)4:56🇨🇿
Funchal to Porto da Cruz and Ponte do Faial (1/5)Driving87.2km (24πŸ“)2:21🇵🇹
Funchal to Santana and Sao Jorge and Ponta Delgada and Sao Vicente (2/5)Driving133.5km (31πŸ“)3:51🇵🇹
FΓΌrstenberg to InnsbruckDriving334.7km (20πŸ“)6:12🇩🇪🇦🇹
Fussen to Oberaudorf (2/3)Driving195.1km (18πŸ“)7:39🇩🇪
Gardameer - Lindau - BodenseeDriving409.2km (14πŸ“)8:08🇮🇹🇨🇭🇱🇮🇦🇹🇩🇪
Gardameer naar de BerninapasDriving278.5km (20πŸ“)7:15🇮🇹
Gatlinburg - Nashville (6/6)Driving397.5km (19πŸ“)5:14🇺🇸
Gavia pasDriving472km (12πŸ“)9:24🇦🇹🇮🇹🇨🇭
Geertruidenberg (en Breda)Bicycling42.4km (30πŸ“)2:17🇳🇱
GeestmerambachtrouteBicycling45km (33πŸ“)2:23🇳🇱
GeinritDriving160.4km (37πŸ“)4:34🇳🇱
GeirangerfjordDriving306.1km (9πŸ“)5:52🇳🇴
Gelderland NoordDriving211.5km (50πŸ“)4:52🇳🇱
Geldrop Bergeijk Kempen incl Achelse KluisDriving124.4km (28πŸ“)3:09🇳🇱🇧🇪
Gemeente Ooststellingwerf 2008Driving201.6km (36πŸ“)4:29🇳🇱
Genieten in de ArdennenDriving490.5km (48πŸ“)9:14🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
Geological Field TripDriving164.5km (41πŸ“)3:16🇳🇱🇩🇪
Gescher Fast wie in VersaillesDriving252.8km (28πŸ“)4:58🇩🇪
Gilroy to Mammoth Lakes (3/18)Driving429.7km (16πŸ“)5:49🇺🇸
Giro in GelderlandDriving297.6km (53πŸ“)6:19🇳🇱
Girona to Sant Julia de Loria (1/7)Driving269.1km (23πŸ“)8:26🇪🇸🇫🇷🇦🇩
Gisborne to Opotiki Coastal route (13a/15)Driving371.4km (13πŸ“)8:30🇳🇿
Gisborne to Opotiki through the Waioeka Gorge Scenic Reserve (13b/15)Driving141.6km (6πŸ“)2:24🇳🇿
Glanerbrug - SchuttorfDriving138km (32πŸ“)2:41🇳🇱🇩🇪
Gold Coast North Roundtrip from Fort PierceDriving308.2km (17πŸ“)4:33🇺🇸
Goldeck Panoramastrasse mit Mangarten und Villacher Alpenstrasse RundtourDriving330.3km (23πŸ“)7:49🇦🇹🇮🇹🇸🇮
Gooise Heide HilversumBicycling30.8km (15πŸ“)1:40🇳🇱
Gorges de l'ArdecheDriving127.7km (20πŸ“)2:59🇫🇷
Gorges de l'Ardeche en omgevingDriving136.1km (26πŸ“)3:01🇫🇷
Goteborg Olme (1/14)Driving369.5km (20πŸ“)6:47🇸🇪
Gotenburg - Kungsbacka - Varberg - Falkenberg (8/9)Driving153km (18πŸ“)3:00🇸🇪
Grand en Lacettes de MelaireDriving157.2km (19πŸ“)2:43🇫🇷
Grano to Jokmokk (5/6)Driving370km (8πŸ“)9:12🇸🇪
Grave en RavensteinBicycling55.1km (37πŸ“)2:50🇳🇱
Great Lakes Tour: Chicago to Fond du Lac via Madison (1/8)Driving377.9km (29πŸ“)5:34🇺🇸
Great Lakes Tour: Fond du Lac to Marquette on Lake Superior via Green Bay and Menominee (2/8)Driving409.2km (29πŸ“)5:32🇺🇸
Great Lakes Tour: Liberty to Staten Island New York via Orange County Choppers (8/8)Driving206.2km (13πŸ“)3:36🇺🇸
Great Lakes Tour: Marquette to St Ignace (3/8)Driving366.8km (20πŸ“)4:13🇺🇸
Great Lakes Tour: Niagara Falls to Watkins Glen visiting The Finger Lakes (6/8)Driving317km (34πŸ“)4:52🇨🇦🇺🇸
Great Lakes Tour: Port Huron to Niagara Falls (5/8)Driving418.1km (32πŸ“)6:22🇺🇸🇨🇦
Great Lakes Tour: St Ignace to Port Huron (4/8)Driving480.1km (11πŸ“)4:34🇺🇸
Great Lakes Tour: Watkins Glen to Liberty through the Catskill Mountains (7/8)Driving314.4km (20πŸ“)4:16🇺🇸
Grenoble to Chambery via the Lacets de MontvernierDriving247.2km (19πŸ“)5:25🇫🇷
grens route langs BelgiΓ« en FrankrijkDriving471km (53πŸ“)9:48🇧🇪🇫🇷
Grensgebied Zuid Limburg - BelgiΓ«Driving159.5km (40πŸ“)4:03🇳🇱🇧🇪
Grensrondrit Sopron via Lake Neusiedlersee en AndauDriving204.2km (22πŸ“)3:53🇭🇺🇦🇹
Grensrondrit Szombathely via Burgenland en Orsegi National ParkDriving259.8km (29πŸ“)4:50🇭🇺🇦🇹
Grimaldi to La Spezia along The Italian Riviera visiting Portofino (1/11)Driving285km (15πŸ“)7:46🇮🇹
Groene Hart RondjeDriving89.1km (19πŸ“)2:34🇳🇱
Grong to Mo i Rana (7/26)Driving290.2km (9πŸ“)7:50🇳🇴
Groningen - Zwischenahner meerDriving219.8km (43πŸ“)4:08🇩🇪
Groninger Borgen TochtDriving229.3km (38πŸ“)5:00🇳🇱
Groninger molen ritDriving159.4km (38πŸ“)3:43🇳🇱
Grote Eifel routeDriving272.6km (34πŸ“)4:56🇩🇪
Grote NatuurgebiedenrouteBicycling43.5km (24πŸ“)2:13🇳🇱
GTI Drenthe tour 2008Driving201.5km (36πŸ“)4:33🇳🇱
GTI Drenthe-DuitslandDriving255.4km (38πŸ“)4:46🇳🇱🇩🇪
GTI Groninger Wierden Tour 2007Driving62.5km (23πŸ“)1:32🇳🇱
Guntersville to Jasper (4/5)Driving414.5km (33πŸ“)5:22🇺🇸
Hall en Berk PinkstertochtDriving118.2km (24πŸ“)2:55🇳🇱
Hamac OpeningsritDriving168.3km (32πŸ“)4:15🇳🇱
Hannuit - Bouillon - HannuitDriving310.3km (32πŸ“)5:52🇧🇪
Hannuit - Trois Ponts - AndenneDriving215.4km (40πŸ“)4:15🇧🇪
HardangerfjordDriving258.9km (12πŸ“)5:23🇳🇴
Harmelen - Ossendrecht (4/5)Driving349.3km (48πŸ“)10:58🇳🇱
Harrachov to Rychnov Nad Kneznou (6/10)Driving213.1km (35πŸ“)6:55🇨🇿
Harwich International Ferry Port to Wells Next the Sea (1/10)Driving239.7km (23πŸ“)4:45🇬🇧
Harz gebergteDriving178.2km (31πŸ“)4:21🇩🇪
Harz: Golsar Braunlage Wernigerode Stolzberg KelbraDriving358.2km (47πŸ“)6:35🇩🇪
Harz: Osterode - Braunlage - Kyffhaeuser - OsterodeDriving353.8km (24πŸ“)6:56🇩🇪
Havelterbergroute DrentheBicycling54.9km (22πŸ“)2:53🇳🇱
Haven van AntwerpenDriving143.8km (38πŸ“)3:32🇧🇪
Havenroute - EuropoortDriving192.2km (23πŸ“)3:26🇳🇱
Heerlen - Schuld - HeerlenDriving319.4km (32πŸ“)7:49🇳🇱🇩🇪
Heiligenblut to Hinteriss over the Hochalpen and Zillertal Hohenstrasse (7/9)Driving425.7km (14πŸ“)8:21🇦🇹🇩🇪
Heimborn Braunfels IsenburgDriving279.1km (49πŸ“)5:22🇩🇪
Helsinki - Mantyharju (1/12)Driving225.1km (21πŸ“)3:57🇫🇮
Henegouwen en de AvesnoisDriving221.8km (26πŸ“)4:03🇧🇪🇫🇷
Herfstrit 2004Driving121.9km (31πŸ“)2:58🇳🇱
Herfstrit 2006Driving187.7km (59πŸ“)4:42🇧🇪🇳🇱
Herfstrit 2010 MTC Route66Driving223.5km (46πŸ“)5:35🇳🇱
Herfstrit 2012 Mtc Route66Driving206.6km (50πŸ“)4:53🇳🇱
Herfstrit BenteloDriving147.6km (50πŸ“)3:51🇳🇱
Herfsttinten 2012 - Berg en BosDriving158.4km (34πŸ“)3:25🇳🇱
Herfsttinten 2013 - Vaart en VeldDriving144.7km (34πŸ“)3:15🇳🇱
Herfsttintenroute 2009Driving123.5km (38πŸ“)2:50🇳🇱🇩🇪
HerveDriving207.4km (33πŸ“)4:08🇧🇪
Het beste van Twente en AchterhoekDriving170km (42πŸ“)4:01🇳🇱🇩🇪
Het betere werkDriving195.9km (26πŸ“)4:01🇩🇪
Het Groene HartDriving144.3km (22πŸ“)3:30🇳🇱
Het hart van de ArdennenDriving346.2km (47πŸ“)6:20🇧🇪
Het land van Olijven en LavendelDriving189.6km (19πŸ“)3:56🇫🇷
Het rivierenlandschap van de IJsselBicycling56.5km (35πŸ“)2:54🇳🇱
Heusden langs de Maas via AppeltermDriving110.4km (40πŸ“)3:11🇳🇱
HeuvelentochtDriving127.9km (34πŸ“)3:10🇳🇱🇩🇪
Highlights of the PyreneesDriving1086.9km (60πŸ“)21:40🇪🇸🇫🇷🇦🇩
Hinckley naar HullDriving277.9km (21πŸ“)5:29🇬🇧
Hinterhermsdorf naar OberwiesenthalDriving213.3km (14πŸ“)4:12🇩🇪🇨🇿
Hinterland van HoeiDriving258.9km (37πŸ“)5:03🇧🇪
Histoire Passee in de buurt van LuikDriving250.4km (37πŸ“)5:16🇧🇪
Historische TT motorroute AssenDriving66.6km (19πŸ“)1:25🇳🇱
Hjelledalen Norheimsund (8/14)Driving408.7km (18πŸ“)7:31🇳🇴
Hobbelig achteraf in DijonDriving67.3km (21πŸ“)1:21🇫🇷
HochalpenstrasseDriving260.8km (17πŸ“)5:22🇦🇹
Hoek van Zuid HollandDriving147.7km (74πŸ“)3:57🇳🇱
Hollandse WaterlinieDriving150.5km (21πŸ“)4:43🇳🇱
Hollandse WaterrouteDriving248.3km (35πŸ“)6:24🇳🇱
Holtgast - Bad Zwischenahn - PapenburgDriving216.6km (31πŸ“)4:37🇩🇪
Hoogersmilde - Westerbork - Orvelte - SteenwijkDriving168.5km (33πŸ“)4:12🇳🇱
Hoogeveen - Kampen - Elburg - Nunspeet - Epe - Wijhe - Dalfsen - ZuidwoldeDriving186.6km (35πŸ“)4:48🇳🇱
Hoogeveen tot Zuidwest FrieslandDriving291.8km (39πŸ“)6:05🇳🇱
HoogspanningsrouteDriving140.3km (29πŸ“)3:01🇳🇱
Hoover Dam to Ridgecrest through Death Valley and Las Vegas (13/14)Driving836.5km (16πŸ“)11:04🇺🇸
Hornos to Cartagena (4/4)Driving270.3km (19πŸ“)5:18🇪🇸
Horst SevenumDriving101.6km (27πŸ“)2:24🇳🇱
Hot Springs to Olive Branch through Memphis (13/18)Driving350.5km (16πŸ“)3:45🇺🇸
Hull Ferry Port to The Lake District National ParkDriving246.7km (9πŸ“)7:06🇬🇧
Hull naar AshbourneDriving230.2km (22πŸ“)4:22🇬🇧
Hull to the Holy Island of LindisfarneDriving343.1km (24πŸ“)7:54🇬🇧
HunsrΓΌck - Mosel - RheinDriving308.9km (35πŸ“)7:08🇩🇪
Hyperpro rondritDriving295.3km (62πŸ“)7:02🇳🇱
Ibiza: San Antonio to Cala Nova, via North sideDriving73.9km (9πŸ“)1:47🇪🇸
IBM - Assent 2007 tourDriving158.7km (37πŸ“)4:07🇳🇱
Ieper BelgiΓ« - Breskens NederlandDriving165.8km (31πŸ“)4:04🇧🇪🇳🇱
IJsje bij Cobus: Woerden - HoenderlooDriving214.6km (39πŸ“)5:01🇳🇱
IJsje halen in BelgiΓ«Driving196.3km (44πŸ“)4:33🇳🇱🇧🇪
IJssel/Lek RouteDriving358.5km (41πŸ“)8:45🇳🇱
IJssel/PosbankrouteDriving158.3km (36πŸ“)4:00🇳🇱
IJsseldijk - Posbank - Holterberg - LemelerbergDriving230.5km (38πŸ“)5:00🇳🇱
IJsselmeer - Friese merenDriving313.8km (42πŸ“)6:48🇳🇱
IJsselmeerrouteDriving390km (28πŸ“)7:51🇳🇱
Il Passo PramolloDriving544.6km (19πŸ“)9:14🇮🇹🇦🇹🇸🇮
In de ban van de hoogvlaktenDriving157.5km (15πŸ“)3:06🇫🇷
In het hart van de DrΓ΄meDriving177km (19πŸ“)4:06🇫🇷
In het heuvellandDriving86.6km (11πŸ“)1:36🇫🇷
Indianola - Natchez (6/12)Driving353.3km (12πŸ“)4:22🇺🇸
Innsbruck to ChiuroDriving301km (14πŸ“)6:10🇦🇹🇮🇹🇨🇭
Innsbruck to StelvioDriving289.1km (15πŸ“)6:21🇦🇹🇮🇹
Inveraray to Oban including the Kintyre 66Driving335.2km (33πŸ“)6:01🇬🇧
Invercargill to Queenstown (6/9)Driving348.4km (9πŸ“)7:19🇳🇿
Inverness to Ullapool (5/10)Driving251.3km (18πŸ“)4:50🇬🇧
IRL 10: Kilkenny - Ballon - Wicklow - Enniskerry - DublinDriving252.6km (18πŸ“)5:04🇮🇪
IRL 1: Dublin - Tullamore - Clonmacnoise - Galway - ClifdenDriving321.2km (23πŸ“)5:33🇮🇪
IRL 2: Round trip Clifden Connemara and GalwayDriving286.4km (23πŸ“)5:03🇮🇪
IRL 3: Burren en MoherDriving245.8km (21πŸ“)4:45🇮🇪
IRL 4: Ennistymon Bunratty Connor Pass KillarnyDriving287.5km (23πŸ“)5:00🇮🇪
IRL 5: Ring of Kerry TourDriving202.1km (24πŸ“)3:38🇮🇪
IRL 6: Ring of Beara and Dursey IslandDriving234.9km (24πŸ“)5:37🇮🇪
IRL 7: Killarney national park Healy Pass Priest Leap and Mizen HeadDriving290.3km (24πŸ“)5:20🇮🇪
IRL 8: Kinsdale - Blarney - Cork - Midleton - Cahir - Cashel - KilkennyDriving221.8km (19πŸ“)4:19🇮🇪
IRL 9: Kilkenny - Dunbrode - Duncannon - Wexford - KilkennyDriving211.6km (18πŸ“)3:53🇮🇪
Ishtmia GriekenlandDriving211.3km (26πŸ“)4:50🇬🇷
Isle of Skye roundtrip from DornieDriving305.9km (22πŸ“)6:03🇬🇧
Jackson - Memphis (4/12)Driving427.2km (17πŸ“)5:16🇺🇸
Jadranska magistrala van Vodice naar RijekaDriving299km (12πŸ“)8:27🇭🇷
Jalasjarvi to Turku (23/26)Driving279km (12πŸ“)7:24🇫🇮
Jasper - Banff (5/12)Driving291.8km (8πŸ“)3:30🇨🇦
Jasper to Mobile (5/5)Driving539.6km (29πŸ“)6:23🇺🇸
Jelle's snelle Eifel rondeDriving375.4km (38πŸ“)6:59🇩🇪
John O Groats Dunnet Head Kyle of Tongue and DurnessDriving168.6km (23πŸ“)3:26🇬🇧
Jokkmokk to Pajala (14/26)Driving239.4km (9πŸ“)6:05🇸🇪
Jokmokk to Kiruna (6/6)Driving243.7km (8πŸ“)8:31🇸🇪
Juist over de grensDriving100.1km (25πŸ“)2:19🇧🇪🇳🇱
Kaitaia to Wellsford (5/15)Driving273.5km (18πŸ“)6:56🇳🇿
Kalispell - Sandpoint (8/15)Driving308.3km (10πŸ“)3:22🇺🇸
Kall - Sistig - Manderscheid - Gerolstein - Prum - Kall - SistigDriving252.2km (28πŸ“)4:42🇩🇪
Kampen - HarderwijkDriving135.9km (29πŸ“)3:16🇳🇱
Kappa tourDriving183.8km (32πŸ“)4:09🇳🇱
Karlshamm - Ronneby - Karlskrona - Oland (2/9)Driving254.8km (13πŸ“)4:25🇸🇪
Karlstad to Orsa (2/6)Driving315.7km (16πŸ“)10:50🇸🇪
Kartarenroute 1Driving247km (38πŸ“)6:13🇫🇷
Kartarenroute 2Driving256.4km (29πŸ“)6:17🇫🇷
Kasteel en abdijrouteDriving95.3km (17πŸ“)1:58🇫🇷
Kastelenroute Burgenstrasse: Bad Wimpfen - Rothenburg ob der Tauber (3/6)Driving176.5km (24πŸ“)3:47🇩🇪
Kastelenroute Burgenstrasse: Bamberg - Bayreuth (6/6)Driving212.1km (30πŸ“)4:43🇩🇪
Kastelenroute Burgenstrasse: Binau - Bad Wimpfen (2/6)Driving148.8km (29πŸ“)3:04🇩🇪
Kastelenroute Burgenstrasse: Mannheim - Binau (1/6)Driving93.2km (13πŸ“)2:21🇩🇪
Kastelenroute Burgenstrasse: Nuremberg - Bamberg (5/6)Driving194.3km (33πŸ“)4:17🇩🇪
Kastelenroute Burgenstrasse: Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Nuremberg (4/6)Driving180.6km (24πŸ“)4:02🇩🇪
Kastelenroute van Turnhout naar DiepenbeekDriving316.7km (55πŸ“)7:32🇧🇪
Kauwe KlauweDriving145.3km (35πŸ“)3:14🇳🇱🇩🇪
Kemi to Ylivieska (21/26)Driving251.2km (18πŸ“)8:04🇫🇮
Kempisch grensgebied en de MoerenDriving165.4km (36πŸ“)3:53🇧🇪🇳🇱
Kendal to Matlock via Yorkshire Dales and Peak District (9/10)Driving286.4km (26πŸ“)6:08🇬🇧
Kendal to YorkDriving306.5km (24πŸ“)9:07🇬🇧
Kentekenrit 2017Driving214.7km (41πŸ“)4:43🇳🇱
KerspelpaadBicycling48.5km (42πŸ“)2:36🇳🇱
Keswick to Ayr via the Southern Uplands (4/7)Driving348.6km (27πŸ“)8:07🇬🇧
Keswick to Kendal via 6 Lake District Passes (8/10)Driving194.4km (30πŸ“)4:56🇬🇧
KikkerritDriving154.5km (46πŸ“)3:37🇧🇪
Kingman - Flagstaff (3/15)Driving388.8km (16πŸ“)4:41🇺🇸
Kingston upon Hull ferry port to Colchester (1/2)Driving404.5km (17πŸ“)9:12🇬🇧
Kirchberg to ArnhemDriving406.4km (19πŸ“)10:17🇩🇪🇳🇱
Kisslegg to Fussen (1/3)Driving167.6km (17πŸ“)6:54🇩🇪
KjelsritDriving99.1km (27πŸ“)2:16🇳🇱
Klein Meckelsen naar OsterodeDriving266.9km (16πŸ“)4:32🇩🇪
Klein rondje AchterhoekDriving109.1km (22πŸ“)2:27🇳🇱
Klein rondje in GroningenDriving103.3km (30πŸ“)2:14🇳🇱
Klein rondje Sint AnthonisDriving75.1km (23πŸ“)1:39🇳🇱
Kleine wegen ArdennenDriving325km (39πŸ“)6:35🇳🇱🇧🇪
Kleve - NijmegenrouteDriving130.4km (26πŸ“)3:06🇳🇱🇩🇪
Klimmen - Raalte (1/5)Driving303.1km (45πŸ“)9:19🇳🇱
Klimmen - Reschen (1/6)Driving795.1km (19πŸ“)12:10🇳🇱🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭🇮🇹
Koblenz - Trier - KoblenzDriving370.2km (33πŸ“)6:34🇩🇪
Komarno naar Szentendre via de DonaubochtDriving196.2km (14πŸ“)4:29🇸🇰🇭🇺
KoningslustrouteBicycling42.8km (31πŸ“)2:16🇳🇱
Kontrast Motortour 2010Driving225.6km (28πŸ“)4:48🇳🇱
KonvooiDriving330.7km (56πŸ“)6:41🇧🇪
Kop Noord-HollandDriving180.2km (29πŸ“)4:01🇳🇱
Kop van DuitslandDriving190.6km (27πŸ“)3:49🇳🇱🇩🇪
Korte rit rond WaverDriving94.2km (22πŸ“)2:13🇧🇪
Kortrijk - Anzegem - Izegem - IeperDriving178km (57πŸ“)4:41🇧🇪
Koude NovemberritDriving123.4km (37πŸ“)2:55🇳🇱
Kriskras door GroningenDriving159.2km (35πŸ“)3:43🇳🇱
Kriskras door Noord-West FrieslandDriving125.1km (28πŸ“)2:40🇳🇱
Krombach - Winterberg - Sauerland via het Bergische landDriving195.1km (23πŸ“)3:53🇩🇪
Kronkelen om het Lago di MulargiaDriving163.1km (24πŸ“)3:18🇮🇹
Kuopio - Pieksamaki (5/12)Driving252.2km (19πŸ“)3:56🇫🇮
Kurow to Alexandra (3/3)Driving319km (12πŸ“)4:27🇳🇿
L'Ametlla de MarDriving264.3km (25πŸ“)4:26🇪🇸
La Gleize - Troi PointsDriving156.7km (29πŸ“)5:13🇧🇪
La Rochelle to Saint NazaireDriving254.4km (18πŸ“)5:13🇫🇷
La Seu dUrgell to Carcassonne via AndorraDriving253.3km (13πŸ“)5:31🇪🇸🇦🇩🇫🇷
La Spezia to Siena via Pisa and Florence (2/11)Driving244.9km (13πŸ“)3:51🇮🇹
Lac de l'Eau d'HeureDriving249.1km (56πŸ“)6:10🇧🇪
Lahti to IisalmiDriving418.8km (31πŸ“)5:49🇫🇮
Laives Marmolada SellarondaDriving278.8km (20πŸ“)10:02🇮🇹
Laives Ritten MendolapasDriving232.8km (23πŸ“)7:15🇮🇹
Laives Riva del Garda en veel meren in TrentinoDriving306.8km (24πŸ“)9:59🇮🇹
Lam to Alsfeld (9/10)Driving560km (48πŸ“)13:14🇩🇪
LandgoederenrouteBicycling29.6km (24πŸ“)1:36🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Breda en Hank (11/14)Driving157.1km (51πŸ“)7:45🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Bruinisse en Borssele (10/14)Driving152km (57πŸ“)6:26🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen De Steeg en Doornenburg (6/14)Driving123.8km (48πŸ“)6:42🇳🇱🇩🇪
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Groningen en Bourtange (1/14)Driving142.2km (36πŸ“)3:54🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Havelte en Roden (3/14)Driving167.8km (44πŸ“)5:10🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Heemskerk en Medemblik (9/14)Driving127.5km (40πŸ“)3:12🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Heeze en Middelrode (12/14)Driving133.1km (53πŸ“)5:54🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Hernen en Waardenburg (7/14)Driving107.2km (47πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Hoensbroek en Born (14/14)Driving147.7km (58πŸ“)9:27🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Marsum en IJsbrechtum (2/14)Driving172.3km (44πŸ“)5:15🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Olst Wijhe en Markelo (4/14)Driving145.8km (50πŸ“)4:03🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Well en Limbricht (13/14)Driving135.1km (63πŸ“)7:06🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Wezep en Putten (5/14)Driving122.4km (35πŸ“)5:06🇳🇱
Landhuizen en Kastelen tussen Wijk bij Duurstede en Muiden (8/14)Driving142.8km (47πŸ“)8:09🇳🇱
Lands End to Bridgewater via Exmoor (1/7)Driving348.3km (36πŸ“)11:19🇬🇧
Lange bochten route HunsrΓΌck en MoezelDriving262.6km (30πŸ“)4:42🇩🇪
Lange Veluwe routeDriving153.5km (27πŸ“)4:05🇳🇱
Langs de bollenveldenDriving111.6km (19πŸ“)1:51🇳🇱
Langs de kust van zuid SardiniΓ«Driving310.1km (35πŸ“)6:05🇮🇹
Langs kleine wegen door DrentheDriving188.4km (31πŸ“)4:21🇳🇱
Langs Limburgse lekkernijenBicycling47.2km (42πŸ“)2:53🇳🇱🇩🇪
Langs Rembrandts AmstelBicycling31.3km (34πŸ“)1:44🇳🇱
Langs Semoy en SemoisDriving318.8km (43πŸ“)6:21🇧🇪🇫🇷
LankheetrouteBicycling46.4km (37πŸ“)2:24🇳🇱
Larne to BallintoyDriving138.1km (12πŸ“)2:45🇬🇧
Las Vegas - Lake Mead - Hoover Dam - Dolan Spring - Grand Canyon - Boulder City - Las VegasDriving443.7km (16πŸ“)6:02🇺🇸
Las Vegas - Lone Pine (9/15)Driving611.1km (8πŸ“)11:37🇺🇸
Las Vegas - Lone Pine (9/15)Driving472.7km (8πŸ“)8:41🇺🇸
Las Vegas - Red Rock Canyon - Lake Mead - Las VegasDriving204km (20πŸ“)4:15🇺🇸
Las Vegas to Tropic trough Zion and Red Canyon National Parks (5/18)Driving481.8km (15πŸ“)6:02🇺🇸
LauwerslandrondeBicycling43.7km (24πŸ“)2:12🇳🇱
Le Nord 2004Driving277.5km (37πŸ“)5:06🇧🇪🇫🇷
Le Pouzin to Grenoble via Combe LavalDriving277km (18πŸ“)4:45🇫🇷
LebuΓ―nusrouteBicycling27.8km (35πŸ“)1:32🇳🇱
Lek, Merwede en Alblas routeDriving75km (17πŸ“)1:55🇳🇱
Lelystad - CuxhavenDriving409.9km (17πŸ“)8:41🇳🇱🇩🇪
Lelystad - Teuge - Kampen - Blokzijl - LelystadDriving268km (25πŸ“)5:16🇳🇱
Lelystad - Veluwe - Posbank - Sallandse Heuvelrug - LelystadDriving295.1km (37πŸ“)6:33🇳🇱
Lelystad Rondje WeerribenDriving260.4km (29πŸ“)5:23🇳🇱
Les Trois BallonsDriving197.2km (15πŸ“)4:32🇫🇷
Lesina Marina to BariDriving280.9km (16πŸ“)6:14🇮🇹
Lier - Kempen - BaarleDriving181.2km (40πŸ“)4:06🇧🇪🇳🇱
Liesenich - Grevenmacher - WittlichDriving308.1km (27πŸ“)5:39🇩🇪🇱🇺
Limburg Het Land van Herve en de Hoge VenenDriving239km (29πŸ“)4:43🇧🇪🇳🇱
Limburgse Maas tour out of Tongeren via Valkenburg and ThornDriving225.2km (52πŸ“)6:04🇧🇪🇳🇱
Limburgse SteenkoolmijnenDriving110.6km (21πŸ“)2:49🇧🇪
Linter - Kempen - TienenDriving197.6km (50πŸ“)4:28🇧🇪
Lone Pine - Visalia (10/15)Driving353.5km (15πŸ“)6:49🇺🇸
Loonse en Drunense DuinenDriving132.6km (26πŸ“)3:32🇳🇱🇧🇪
Lopikerwaardroute oostBicycling49.2km (30πŸ“)2:28🇳🇱
Los Angeles - Palm Springs (1/15)Driving411km (20πŸ“)5:34🇺🇸
Los Angeles to Ventura (1/18)Driving386.2km (19πŸ“)4:53🇺🇸
Losnich - Moezel - Kastellaun - Rijn - LosnichDriving216.3km (30πŸ“)3:56🇩🇪
Lowestoft to Hunstanton Coastal tourDriving143.5km (20πŸ“)3:04🇬🇧
Loyalist Parkway from Trenton to AmherstviewDriving104km (8πŸ“)1:58🇨🇦
Luik - Givet - de Citadellen langs de MaasDriving208.4km (25πŸ“)4:25🇧🇪🇫🇷
Lustwaranderoute oostBicycling31.3km (22πŸ“)1:44🇳🇱
Luxemburg - CochemDriving365.7km (43πŸ“)6:54🇱🇺🇩🇪
Luxemburg via DE, terug via ArdennenDriving568.1km (44πŸ“)11:10🇧🇪🇳🇱🇩🇪🇱🇺
LysefjordDriving287km (10πŸ“)6:20🇳🇴
Maasplassen 2018Driving113.7km (29πŸ“)3:31🇳🇱
Maastricht - Bosfagne - Ouren - GemΓΌnd - MaastrichtDriving435.9km (43πŸ“)8:29🇳🇱🇧🇪🇱🇺🇩🇪
Maccagno to SisikonDriving271.3km (19πŸ“)5:38🇮🇹🇨🇭
Malaysian Tour: From Jerantut to Machang (2/4)Driving322.6km (15πŸ“)5:15🇲🇾
Malaysian Tour: From Kuala Terengganu to Kuantan (4/4)Driving259.1km (21πŸ“)4:17🇲🇾
Malaysian Tour: From Kuantan to Jarentut (1/4)Driving356.3km (17πŸ“)5:58🇲🇾
Malaysian Tour: From Machang to Kuala TerengganuDriving243.3km (21πŸ“)4:23🇲🇾
Malmo - Skanor - Ystad - Karlshamm (1/9)Driving301km (23πŸ“)5:38🇸🇪
Mammoth Lakes to Las Vegas via Death Valley (4/18)Driving621.8km (13πŸ“)9:27🇺🇸
Manchester to BethelDriving482km (24πŸ“)7:11🇺🇸
Mantyharju - Puumala (2/12)Driving244km (18πŸ“)4:03🇫🇮
Mariazell - Mariazell: Bochten rijden in het Mariazeller LandDriving284.8km (18πŸ“)4:50🇦🇹
Mariposa - San Francisco (12/15)Driving426.1km (15πŸ“)5:52🇺🇸
Market Garden Navigation Grand Tour 2019 rit 3Driving160.4km (36πŸ“)6:35🇳🇱
Marsala to Palermo (11/11)Driving174.9km (21πŸ“)4:22🇮🇹
MastenbroekrouteBicycling41.6km (22πŸ“)2:05🇳🇱
MatarΓ³ 1Driving192.4km (28πŸ“)4:34🇪🇸
MatarΓ³ 2Driving177.1km (22πŸ“)4:10🇪🇸
Matera to RotondaDriving158.9km (12πŸ“)3:25🇮🇹
Matlock to Harwich via Colchester (10/10)Driving334km (24πŸ“)5:34🇬🇧
MBBT 2011Driving228.7km (40πŸ“)4:29🇳🇱🇩🇪
Medelon - DietzhΓΆlztal - WinterbergDriving272.8km (25πŸ“)5:10🇩🇪
Medemblik - Harmelen (3/5)Driving342.8km (26πŸ“)6:30🇳🇱
Meeting NoordDriving60km (14πŸ“)1:15🇳🇱
Melay - Luxembourg - BarweilerDriving409.1km (17πŸ“)7:09🇫🇷🇱🇺🇩🇪
Memphis - Indianola (5/12)Driving226.8km (8πŸ“)2:38🇺🇸
Mennens Oost Friesland tourDriving227.9km (31πŸ“)4:05🇳🇱🇩🇪
MennesrouteDriving129.3km (23πŸ“)2:34🇳🇱
Merano - Merano via Passo Di Monte Giovo en Passo di PennesDriving148km (11πŸ“)3:08🇮🇹
Merano - Merano via Passo di PaladaDriving145.1km (16πŸ“)2:41🇮🇹
Mergellandroute NoordBicycling47.6km (40πŸ“)2:42🇳🇱
Mergellandroute ZuidBicycling64km (51πŸ“)3:58🇳🇱🇧🇪
Merritt - Williams Lake (2/15)Driving316km (6πŸ“)3:28🇨🇦
Messina to Cefalu via Mount Etna (8/11)Driving315.9km (17πŸ“)7:16🇮🇹
Messini GriekenlandDriving120.2km (20πŸ“)3:10🇬🇷
Metabief to FuerstenbergDriving305.4km (15πŸ“)5:16🇫🇷🇨🇭🇩🇪
Mexican Hat to Red Canyon (11/14)Driving483.1km (16πŸ“)6:07🇺🇸
Mexico City to OaxacaDriving506.2km (5πŸ“)7:40🇲🇽
Mexico City to San Miguel de AllendeDriving399km (6πŸ“)6:16🇲🇽
Mid Tennessee Roundtrip from Crossville to Devils Triangle to ByrdstownDriving445.3km (39πŸ“)7:57🇺🇸
Midden LimburgDriving116.1km (29πŸ“)2:41🇳🇱🇧🇪
Midden NoordDriving182.8km (20πŸ“)3:27🇳🇱
MiddenlimburgrouteDriving145.4km (35πŸ“)4:13🇳🇱
Middlesbrough to Dundee (3/10)Driving396.7km (20πŸ“)5:51🇬🇧
Millau to Le Pouzin via Gorges du TarnDriving292km (14πŸ“)5:27🇫🇷
Mini Run Bideford Lynton Ilfracombe AppledoreDriving122.4km (35πŸ“)3:34🇬🇧
Miranda de Ebro to Sos del Rey CatolicoDriving221.2km (11πŸ“)4:13🇪🇸
MittelkΓ€rnten und Gurktaler Alpen RundtourDriving293.9km (20πŸ“)5:19🇦🇹
Mo i Rana to Bodo (8/26)Driving231.2km (8πŸ“)6:35🇳🇴
Mobile to Montgomery (1/5)Driving324.4km (16πŸ“)3:55🇺🇸
Moezel - HunsrΓΌck - Rijn - TaunusDriving296.5km (34πŸ“)6:35🇩🇪
Moezel - Rijn - MoezelDriving223.6km (20πŸ“)4:37🇩🇪
Moezel - Rijn door de HunsrΓΌckDriving314.2km (42πŸ“)6:20🇩🇪
Moezel route met prachtige vergezichtenDriving231.9km (30πŸ“)4:27🇩🇪
Moffat to StranraerDriving372.5km (24πŸ“)6:07🇬🇧
Mokau to Wanganui via Mt Taranaki volcano (8/15)Driving267.8km (11πŸ“)5:49🇳🇿
Molenroute Noord DrentheDriving205.8km (41πŸ“)4:30🇳🇱
Molenroute Noord HollandDriving157.1km (20πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱
Molenroute Zuid DrentheDriving231.6km (45πŸ“)5:14🇳🇱
Monte BaldoDriving180.1km (29πŸ“)4:25🇮🇹
Monte Vista to Montrose (9/14)Driving422.2km (19πŸ“)5:45🇺🇸
Monterey - Santa Barbara (14/15)Driving389.8km (11πŸ“)5:07🇺🇸
Montgomery to Eagle Point (2/5)Driving361.6km (37πŸ“)5:10🇺🇸
Monti SibilliniDriving140.2km (18πŸ“)3:15🇮🇹
Montrose to Mexican Hat through Monument Valley (10/14)Driving509.9km (19πŸ“)6:20🇺🇸
Mooi BrabantDriving206.7km (46πŸ“)4:49🇳🇱🇧🇪
Mooi DrentheDriving250.1km (42πŸ“)5:14🇳🇱
Mooi Duitsland Tour: Goslar Erfurt Schlehenmuehle (2/6)Driving389.7km (36πŸ“)7:11🇩🇪
Mooi Duitsland Tour: Heimborn Bad Berleburg Goslar (1/6)Driving409.4km (39πŸ“)7:36🇩🇪
Mooi Duitsland Tour: Schlehenmuehle Oberstaufen Viktorsberg (3/6)Driving399.9km (35πŸ“)7:18🇩🇪🇦🇹
Mooi Duitsland Tour: Viktorsberg Furka en Grimselpas Laufenburg (4/6)Driving413.9km (38πŸ“)8:39🇦🇹🇨🇭🇩🇪
Mooi Duitsland: Tour Laufenburg Furtwangen Simmerfeld (5/6)Driving354.8km (34πŸ“)7:00🇩🇪
Mooi Duitsland: Tour Simmerfeld Kirn ManderscheidΒ (6/6)Driving385.4km (30πŸ“)7:12🇩🇪🇫🇷
Mooi GroningenDriving139.1km (36πŸ“)3:08🇳🇱
Mooi SallandDriving188.2km (45πŸ“)4:32🇳🇱
Mooi TwenteDriving146.1km (45πŸ“)4:00🇳🇱
Morbach naar DasburgDriving173.3km (16πŸ“)3:06🇩🇪🇱🇺
Motor Forum BMW R1100RSDriving220.6km (36πŸ“)5:10🇳🇱
Motoren Tegen ALS - 2015Driving151.8km (60πŸ“)4:16🇧🇪
Motoren Tegen ALS 2014Driving161.5km (45πŸ“)3:33🇧🇪🇳🇱
Motorrit BrabantDriving226.8km (37πŸ“)4:39🇳🇱🇧🇪
Motorroute Lac d'IssarlesDriving106.1km (14πŸ“)2:09🇫🇷
Motorroute "Dijk van een route"Driving176.3km (33πŸ“)4:25🇳🇱
Motorroute AlblasserwaardDriving97.5km (19πŸ“)2:17🇳🇱
Motorroute Bouwvakfeest Nieuw Heeten 2018Driving83.3km (35πŸ“)2:28🇳🇱
Motorroute Brabant NoordDriving126.8km (21πŸ“)3:04🇳🇱
Motorroute EnterDriving90.5km (20πŸ“)1:57🇳🇱
Motorroute Hondsrug-EiffelDriving249.4km (33πŸ“)5:21🇩🇪
Motorroute Lac d'AnnecyDriving111.4km (15πŸ“)2:46🇫🇷
Motorroute Lac Du BourgetDriving100.2km (25πŸ“)2:31🇫🇷
Motorroute LeiwenDriving296.9km (38πŸ“)6:00🇩🇪
Motorroute NekkermennekeDriving110.8km (31πŸ“)2:28🇳🇱🇧🇪
Motorroute NijverdalDriving98.9km (22πŸ“)2:12🇳🇱
Motorroute OmringdijkDriving136.8km (15πŸ“)2:47🇳🇱
Motorroute OostenDriving217km (22πŸ“)4:09🇳🇱
Motorroute Rijn - MoezelDriving319.8km (39πŸ“)6:34🇩🇪
Motorroute West EifelDriving326.9km (37πŸ“)6:41🇳🇱🇩🇪🇧🇪
Motortocht AchterhoekDriving136.8km (32πŸ“)3:02🇳🇱
Motortocht BouillonDriving217.4km (25πŸ“)4:01🇧🇪🇫🇷
Motortocht BrummenDriving75.4km (14πŸ“)1:39🇳🇱
Motortocht DolomietenDriving306.5km (27πŸ“)6:36🇮🇹
Motortocht DoorwerthDriving145.1km (31πŸ“)3:52🇳🇱
Motortocht Eifel 1Driving299.5km (39πŸ“)5:24🇩🇪
Motortocht Eifel 2Driving254.7km (20πŸ“)4:30🇩🇪
Motortocht ElzasDriving275.5km (24πŸ“)6:08🇫🇷
Motortocht HaaksbergenDriving140.7km (38πŸ“)3:12🇳🇱
Motortocht HarzDriving269.8km (24πŸ“)5:10🇩🇪
Motortocht MoezelDriving275.1km (39πŸ“)5:31🇩🇪
Motortocht Oost van GienDriving70.9km (9πŸ“)1:14🇫🇷
Motortocht SauerlandDriving228km (28πŸ“)4:27🇩🇪
Motortocht SteenderenDriving129.2km (34πŸ“)3:16🇳🇱
Motortocht Teutoburgerwald 1Driving202.1km (36πŸ“)4:14🇩🇪
Motortocht Teutoburgerwald 2Driving208.5km (40πŸ“)4:14🇩🇪
Motortocht VeluweDriving98.3km (23πŸ“)2:25🇳🇱
Motortocht VogezenDriving320.1km (21πŸ“)6:15🇫🇷
Motortocht WestToursDriving213.6km (27πŸ“)4:22🇫🇷
Motortocht Zwarte WoudDriving237.6km (30πŸ“)4:56🇩🇪
Motortoertocht DiepenheimDriving122.2km (29πŸ“)2:29🇳🇱
Motortoertocht HaaksbergenDriving178.6km (20πŸ“)3:22🇳🇱🇩🇪
Motortoertocht OudemaasDriving143.8km (36πŸ“)3:49🇳🇱
Motortoertocht RuurloDriving147.2km (20πŸ“)2:51🇳🇱
Motortoertocht WinterswijkDriving108.8km (24πŸ“)2:17🇳🇱🇩🇪
Mount Desert Island and Acadia National ParkDriving165.5km (40πŸ“)3:23🇺🇸
Mount Rainier National Park CircuitDriving295.7km (27πŸ“)4:55🇺🇸
Mountain Home to Jasper Roundtrip Scenic 7 Byway and Push Mountain RoadDriving365.9km (14πŸ“)5:08🇺🇸
MTC Zeilberg Zomeravondrit 2014Driving131.5km (20πŸ“)2:57🇳🇱🇧🇪
MTG1 01 Roundtrip Montherme Hargnies Furnay Rocroi MonthermeDriving129.6km (15πŸ“)2:23🇫🇷🇧🇪
MTG1 02 Sedan Mouzon Verdun Commercy Domremy Neufchateau BainsLesBainsDriving272.1km (13πŸ“)4:48🇫🇷
MTG1 03 Gerardmer Lac Blanc Le Hohneck CernayDriving143.4km (15πŸ“)5:31🇫🇷
MTG1 04 Gerardmer LaBresse Cornimont LeThillot and roundtrip BallondAlsacDriving113.6km (11πŸ“)2:19🇫🇷
MTG1 05 Roundtrip Gerardmer Saint Diedes VosgesDriving108.9km (9πŸ“)2:14🇫🇷
MTG1 06 BainsLesBains LuxeuilLeBains Villersexel Ouhans Ornans MontrealLaCluseDriving347.2km (18πŸ“)6:17🇫🇷
MTG1 07 Roundtrip Vercors Saint Nazaire En Royans Villard De Lans Pont En RoyansDriving160.1km (17πŸ“)5:26🇫🇷
MTG1 08 Roundtrip Southern Vercors Drome Barbieres Die BarbieresDriving170.8km (16πŸ“)6:16🇫🇷
MTG1 09 Roundtrip Drome and Rhone valley AousteSurSye MirmandeDriving115.5km (13πŸ“)2:14🇫🇷
MTG1 10 Roundtrip Drome and Gate of the Provence MontclarSurGervanne DieulefitDriving164.1km (22πŸ“)3:21🇫🇷
MTG1 11 Tour in Ardeche Tournon Privas VallonPontdArc SaintMartin dArdecheDriving173.5km (15πŸ“)3:24🇫🇷
MTG1 12 St Remy Baux Arles Camargue Saintes Maries De La MerDriving149km (16πŸ“)6:49🇫🇷
MTG1 13 Les Calanques Martigues Marseilles Cassis Toulon Grimaud CogolinDriving230.6km (21πŸ“)6:41🇫🇷
MTG1 14 StTropez Grimaud Frejus Menton StRaphael Cannes Nice Monaco MentonDriving173.6km (32πŸ“)5:04🇫🇷🇲🇨
MTG1 15 Roundtrip Gorges du Verdon Moustiers Ste Marie Lac de Sainte CroixDriving150.3km (16πŸ“)7:28🇫🇷
MTG1 16 Roundtrip Foix Gorges de RibaoutoDriving136.1km (10πŸ“)2:38🇫🇷
MTG1 17 Roundtrip Foix Tarascon AxLesThermes Ascou Axat Quillan Puivert LavanetDriving200.8km (13πŸ“)4:11🇫🇷
MTG1 18 Roundtrip Carcassonne Gorges de GalamusDriving188.8km (13πŸ“)3:50🇫🇷
MTG1 19 Roundtrip Dordogne Les Eyzies de Tayac SireuilDriving161.5km (18πŸ“)3:03🇫🇷
MTG1 20 Roundtrip Dordogne Beaumont du PerigordDriving157.2km (15πŸ“)2:46🇫🇷
MTG1 21 Roundtrip Brantome through Perigord NorthDriving149.4km (17πŸ“)2:54🇫🇷
MTG1 22 Souillac Lacave Rocamadour Marcillac la CroisilleDriving142.6km (14πŸ“)2:53🇫🇷
MTG1 23 Carnac Quiberon de Morbihan Auray Vannes ArzonDriving123.6km (19πŸ“)3:14🇫🇷
MTG1 24 Concarneau Loctudy Guilvinec Penmarch StGuenole Pointe de RazDriving128.5km (23πŸ“)7:04🇫🇷
MTG1 25 Douarnenez Locranan Plomoderm Menez Hom Peninsula Crozon Camaret Sur MerDriving114.8km (20πŸ“)2:57🇫🇷
MTG2 01 Bourgogne Sedan Bar du Seine Mesnil Saint PereDriving236.4km (9πŸ“)6:37🇫🇷
MTG2 02 Bourgogne Mesnil Saint Pere Bar du Seine AutunDriving194.6km (15πŸ“)3:21🇫🇷
MTG2 03 Bourgogne Roundtrip southern MorvanDriving259.8km (28πŸ“)4:47🇫🇷
MTG2 04 Bourgogne Tonnerre Noyers Avallon DecizeDriving169.6km (14πŸ“)6:53🇫🇷
MTG2 05 Moulins Vichy Thiers AubenasDriving352.9km (18πŸ“)6:29🇫🇷
MTG2 06 Autun La Clayette Tarare Bourg ArgentalDriving256.1km (17πŸ“)4:46🇫🇷
MTG2 07 Macon St Martin en Haut GivorsDriving118.1km (10πŸ“)2:26🇫🇷
MTG2 08 Bourg en Bresse Perouges VienneDriving113.5km (8πŸ“)2:11🇫🇷
MTG2 09 Roundtrip Auvergne Nebouzat Orcival Monts Dore Murol Puy de DromeDriving117.2km (12πŸ“)6:42🇫🇷
MTG2 10 Roundtrip Auvergne Lanobre Condat Riom es Montagnes LanobreDriving227.3km (23πŸ“)4:17🇫🇷
MTG2 11 Roundtrip Auvergne St Jacques des Blats Pierrefort Prat de Bouc MuratDriving150km (15πŸ“)2:46🇫🇷
MTG2 12 Roundtrip French Alpes Veynes Devoluy Gap VeynesDriving173.7km (14πŸ“)3:13🇫🇷
MTG2 13 French Alpes Roundtrip Lake of Annecy and SemnozDriving102.6km (16πŸ“)2:27🇫🇷
MTG2 14 French Alpes Annecy Thones Flumet Bourg St MauriceDriving132.9km (11πŸ“)3:03🇫🇷
MTG2 15 French Alpes Bourg St Maurice Val d Isere Modane La GraveDriving174.4km (15πŸ“)3:27🇫🇷
MTG2 16 French Alpes La Grave Briancon BarcelonnetteDriving276.6km (16πŸ“)5:28🇫🇷
MTG2 17 Jargeau Valencay RuffecDriving302.8km (10πŸ“)5:07🇫🇷
MTG2 18 Le Blanc BrantomeDriving173.3km (7πŸ“)2:55🇫🇷
MTG2 19 Vierzon La Chatre Bourganeuf ArgentatDriving313.4km (12πŸ“)5:35🇫🇷
MTG2 20 Aubignac Saint Jean du Gard Le Rozier Corniche des Cevennes, Gorges du TarnDriving168.2km (13πŸ“)3:06🇫🇷
MTG2 21 FLorac Causse Mejean Le RozierDriving166.7km (14πŸ“)3:51🇫🇷
MTG2 22 Saint Jean du Gard Cevennen Brissac Gignac HeraultDriving106.9km (15πŸ“)2:34🇫🇷
MTG2 23 Gent Tielt Hondschoote Bergues Ardres Mimoyecques WissantDriving198.9km (13πŸ“)4:01🇧🇪🇫🇷
MTG2 24 Wissant Boulogne sur Mer St Omer CasselDriving154km (19πŸ“)3:44🇫🇷
Muiden - Amsterdamse BosDriving115.1km (32πŸ“)3:24🇳🇱
MΓΌnster: Alte MotorrΓ€der und WasserburgenDriving312.1km (33πŸ“)6:18🇩🇪
MΓΌnster: Γ–stliches MΓΌnsterlandDriving225.5km (26πŸ“)4:27🇩🇪
Mysen to Rena (4/26)Driving312.2km (18πŸ“)9:06🇳🇴
Naar AssisiDriving201.4km (20πŸ“)4:02🇮🇹
Naar de bron van de DrΓ΄meDriving165.8km (15πŸ“)3:41🇫🇷
NaeroyfjordDriving217.6km (19πŸ“)4:07🇳🇴
Nafplio - Kleitoria (5/6)Driving238.6km (16πŸ“)10:26🇬🇷
Namur - Durbuy - Esneux - AndenneDriving216.3km (30πŸ“)4:22🇧🇪
Nant Peris to Tregarth via the Isle of AngleseyDriving180km (30πŸ“)6:34🇬🇧
Napier to Taupo over the Central Plateau (11/15)Driving328.2km (12πŸ“)6:39🇳🇿
Naples round trip visiting Mount Vesuvius Amalfi Coast and PompeiiDriving182.1km (24πŸ“)6:14🇮🇹
Narberth to Gloucester via the Brecon Beacons National Park (6/6)Driving267.7km (17πŸ“)5:53🇬🇧
Nashville - Jackson (3/12)Driving301.9km (8πŸ“)3:55🇺🇸
Nashville - Lynchburg - Chattanooga (1/6)Driving337.3km (18πŸ“)4:59🇺🇸
Nashville to Calhoun (15/18)Driving351.1km (18πŸ“)3:58🇺🇸
Natchez - Port Allen Baton Rouge (7/12)Driving170.7km (4πŸ“)1:59🇺🇸
Nationaal Park Harz en BrockenDriving257.1km (35πŸ“)4:56🇩🇪
Nationale NockbergepassDriving259.5km (33πŸ“)5:38🇦🇹
Natuurpark EifelDriving267.2km (23πŸ“)5:16🇩🇪🇧🇪🇳🇱
Natzweiler Struthof Nazi Camp roundtrip out of Col de BussangDriving340.3km (20πŸ“)6:50🇫🇷
Nauders - Livigno - StelvioDriving209.8km (10πŸ“)3:58🇦🇹🇨🇭🇮🇹
Nederweert BaiersbronnDriving537.1km (28πŸ“)7:00🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪🇫🇷
Negen heuvels van SallandDriving139.4km (33πŸ“)3:09🇳🇱
Negende Reestland RallyDriving182km (43πŸ“)4:04🇳🇱
Nesselwang - GardameerDriving390.7km (7πŸ“)7:04🇩🇪🇦🇹🇮🇹
New Orleans - Biloxi (9/12)Driving186.7km (13πŸ“)2:52🇺🇸
New Orleans to Starkville along the Natchez Trace Parkway (3/14)Driving645.3km (21πŸ“)8:03🇺🇸
Newcastle to DundeeDriving379.1km (20πŸ“)7:58🇬🇧
Newcastle to PerthDriving233.6km (9πŸ“)4:49🇬🇧
Newcastle Upon Tyne to CarlisleDriving255.3km (22πŸ“)6:57🇬🇧
Nieuwegein: plassen en bossenDriving145.9km (34πŸ“)4:20🇳🇱
Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel Brielle over de Hoeksche Waard en Voorne PuttenDriving139.5km (34πŸ“)3:47🇳🇱
Nijmegen - Haltern am SeeDriving297.8km (33πŸ“)5:38🇳🇱🇩🇪
Nijmegen Zwischen Rhein und MaasDriving217.9km (33πŸ“)4:34🇳🇱🇩🇪
Nissan lez Enserune to MontelimarDriving417.8km (16πŸ“)7:28🇫🇷
NOL 2008Driving201.4km (34πŸ“)4:08🇧🇪🇳🇱🇩🇪
Noord VogezenDriving411.5km (48πŸ“)9:12🇫🇷
Noord-Brabant Oost - Noord LimburgDriving188.4km (36πŸ“)4:03🇳🇱
Noord-Oost DrentheDriving116.1km (31πŸ“)2:39🇳🇱
NoorderrondritDriving146.2km (30πŸ“)3:19🇳🇱
Norheimsund Byrkjedal (9/14)Driving313km (9πŸ“)10:51🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Alta - Skarsvag (12/12)Driving239km (12πŸ“)3:34🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Bronnoysund - Furoy (5/12)Driving266.5km (16πŸ“)7:01🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Furoy - Lofoten - Reine (6/12)Driving293.5km (22πŸ“)6:25🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Geiranger - Kristiansund (2/12)Driving235.9km (16πŸ“)5:05🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Kristiansund - Trondheim - Verdal (3/12)Driving317.9km (21πŸ“)6:24🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Lofoten - Reine - Orsvagvaer (7/12)Driving217.3km (24πŸ“)4:30🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Orsvagvaer - Straumsjoen (8/12)Driving275.1km (26πŸ“)5:57🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Oslo Geiranger (1/12)Driving739.1km (19πŸ“)11:40🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Senjahopen - Tromso (10/12)Driving408.8km (15πŸ“)7:04🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Straumsjoen - Senjahopen (9/12)Driving734.6km (17πŸ“)11:51🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Tromso - Alta (11/12)Driving420.3km (21πŸ“)6:46🇳🇴
North Cape Tour: Verdal Bronnoysund (4/12)Driving332.6km (23πŸ“)4:37🇳🇴
North Coast 500 Round trip from InvernessDriving816.5km (37πŸ“)14:16🇬🇧
North Denmark Roundtour: Aalborg to Hirtshals (1/4)Driving224km (24πŸ“)4:16🇩🇰
North Denmark Roundtour: Harboere to Nykobing (3/4)Driving203.4km (23πŸ“)3:39🇩🇰
North Denmark Roundtour: Hirtshals to Harboere (2/4)Driving256.5km (29πŸ“)5:12🇩🇰
North Denmark Roundtour: Nykobing to Aalborg (4/4)Driving289.2km (28πŸ“)5:22🇩🇰
North East 250 Aberdeen Peterhead Fraserburgh MacDuff Portknockie Tomintoul CairgormsDriving469.6km (36πŸ“)7:36🇬🇧
North East side of the Vosges Mountains LARGEDriving338.9km (32πŸ“)9:24🇫🇷
North East side of the Vosges Mountains MEDIUMDriving244.1km (23πŸ“)7:40🇫🇷
North East side of the Vosges Mountains SMALLDriving199.6km (15πŸ“)7:15🇫🇷
North East Vosges The Flora Edition MEDIUMDriving268.9km (28πŸ“)5:45🇫🇷
Northumberland 250 North: Allenhead to Berwick upon TweedDriving191.4km (22πŸ“)3:26🇬🇧
Northumberland 250 South: Berwick upon Tweed to AllenheadDriving249.1km (33πŸ“)4:44🇬🇧
Novigrad Opatija Rijeka Seliste DreznickoDriving327.2km (25πŸ“)12:18🇭🇷
Oaxaca Road TripDriving1324.7km (10πŸ“)1d 3:05🇲🇽
Oaxaca to ChiapasDriving1097.5km (8πŸ“)21:00🇲🇽
Oberaudorf to Ainring (3/3)Driving208.4km (22πŸ“)6:32🇩🇪🇦🇹
Oberbayern naar de DolomietenDriving460.1km (19πŸ“)9:47🇩🇪🇦🇹🇮🇹
Oberhof 1Driving97.9km (15πŸ“)2:04🇩🇪
Oberhof 2Driving334.4km (44πŸ“)7:06🇩🇪
Obersteinebach - Valwiger Berg - Treis-Karden - ObersteinebachDriving220.8km (35πŸ“)5:06🇩🇪
Ochsengarten - Bolzano - Ponte di LegnoDriving327.2km (10πŸ“)6:38🇦🇹🇮🇹
Ochten Heesselt Beesd OchtenDriving128.4km (42πŸ“)3:21🇳🇱
OeyenbosrouteDriving172.6km (40πŸ“)3:53🇳🇱
Oland - Aboda - Berga (3/9)Driving354.3km (13πŸ“)6:14🇸🇪
Oldenzaal - Markelo - TwenteDriving191km (43πŸ“)5:26🇳🇱
Olive Branch to Nashville on the Natchez Trace Parkway (14/18)Driving456.9km (22πŸ“)5:25🇺🇸
Olme Trysil (4/14)Driving322.5km (14πŸ“)4:57🇸🇪🇳🇴
Om en rond de Naamse MaasDriving214.2km (41πŸ“)4:19🇧🇪
Om OmmenDriving217.3km (50πŸ“)4:46🇳🇱
Omarama to Dunedin (4/9)Driving384.1km (8πŸ“)7:43🇳🇿
Omgeving SchagenDriving71.5km (42πŸ“)1:55🇳🇱
OmmelanderrouteBicycling34.5km (24πŸ“)1:47🇳🇱
Oorlog boven het NoorderleegBicycling34km (23πŸ“)1:43🇳🇱
Oost BrabantDriving160km (36πŸ“)3:45🇳🇱
Oost en West VlaanderenDriving226.9km (38πŸ“)4:47🇧🇪🇳🇱
Oost Zeeuws-VlaanderenDriving71.9km (24πŸ“)1:47🇳🇱
OosterschengerouteBicycling37.5km (28πŸ“)2:03🇳🇱
OostkantonsDriving286.3km (46πŸ“)5:29🇧🇪🇩🇪🇫🇷
Oostzaan - AmsterdamDriving163.2km (22πŸ“)3:58🇳🇱
Opotiki to Whangamata via Rotorua (14/15)Driving298.4km (13πŸ“)8:59🇳🇿
Oranjerit 2006Driving180.4km (31πŸ“)5:05🇳🇱
Oranjerit 2010Driving199.1km (36πŸ“)4:41🇳🇱
Oregon Coast from Eugene to RoseburgDriving373.4km (11πŸ“)5:02🇺🇸
Oregon Coast from Portland to NewportDriving424.7km (13πŸ“)5:59🇺🇸
Original Route des Grandes Alpes from Thonon les Bains to MentonDriving890.2km (40πŸ“)19:17🇫🇷
Orkanger to Grong (6/26)Driving292km (22πŸ“)8:37🇳🇴
OrlΓ©ans - Blois (1/5)Driving105.3km (17πŸ“)8:36🇫🇷
Orsa to Ostersund (3/6)Driving483.4km (19πŸ“)13:20🇸🇪
Oslo to Karlstad (1/6)Driving254.7km (20πŸ“)9:06🇳🇴🇸🇪
Osredak - Durres (3/6)Driving723.5km (15πŸ“)17:18🇭🇷🇧🇦🇲🇪🇦🇱
Ossendrecht - Klimmen (5/5)Driving335km (56πŸ“)12:11🇳🇱
Osterode - Munden - Rappbodetalsperre - Braunlage - OsterodeDriving322.7km (25πŸ“)5:58🇩🇪
Ostersund to Grano (4/6)Driving488.3km (26πŸ“)14:26🇸🇪
Ostfold Frederikstad Halden Stromfoss Rakkstad MossDriving306.6km (30πŸ“)5:46🇳🇴🇸🇪
Oud Loosdrecht - ZandvoortDriving75km (14πŸ“)1:48🇳🇱
Oudland en nieuwland in Zuid-BevelandBicycling39.7km (34πŸ“)2:03🇳🇱
OudleusenrouteBicycling46.6km (30πŸ“)2:25🇳🇱
Ourtal routeDriving100.7km (25πŸ“)2:14🇧🇪
Over-BetuwerouteBicycling62.8km (39πŸ“)3:23🇳🇱
Overijssel in vogelvluchtDriving220.2km (26πŸ“)4:42🇳🇱
Owls Essen treffenDriving142.6km (26πŸ“)3:04🇧🇪🇳🇱
Paderne to CaminhaDriving172.7km (23πŸ“)4:19🇵🇹
Paihia to Pukenui (3/15)Driving181.5km (14πŸ“)5:56🇳🇿
Palm Springs - Kingman (2/15)Driving515.4km (14πŸ“)6:21🇺🇸
Pan European Brothers in Arms tourDriving312.4km (33πŸ“)6:08🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
Panorama RouteDriving140.8km (16πŸ“)2:33🇳🇴
Panorama uitzichtDriving161.4km (32πŸ“)3:35🇩🇪
Papekop via de Lek en Rijn over de Posbank naar de Glind BarneveldDriving176.9km (34πŸ“)4:36🇳🇱
Parade van bergtoppenDriving215.7km (22πŸ“)4:22🇩🇪
Pastviny naar Spindleruv MlynDriving177km (12πŸ“)3:37🇨🇿🇵🇱
Patje VesparitDriving116km (40πŸ“)3:09🇧🇪🇳🇱
Pau to La Rochelle via the ferry to RoyanDriving371.2km (9πŸ“)6:36🇫🇷
PeelrouteBicycling30km (18πŸ“)1:30🇳🇱
Peelroute MC Grathem 2018Driving216.9km (72πŸ“)6:27🇳🇱🇧🇪
Penelles is the graffiti town of LleidaDriving256.9km (20πŸ“)4:38🇪🇸
Perth to Inverness through the Cairngorms National ParkDriving245.8km (14πŸ“)4:02🇬🇧
Perth to Rideau Ridge RoundtripDriving253.5km (19πŸ“)3:30🇨🇦
Perzerikken motortochtDriving257.4km (41πŸ“)6:44🇳🇱
Picos de Europa day 1: Round trip from PotesDriving316.3km (12πŸ“)6:31🇪🇸
Picos de Europa day 3 Round trip from PotesDriving246.6km (7πŸ“)4:39🇪🇸
Picos de Europa Round trip from PotesDriving200.5km (15πŸ“)6:10🇪🇸
Picton to Springs Junction (1/9)Driving363.9km (9πŸ“)6:54🇳🇿
Pieksamaki - Uurainen (7/12)Driving259km (29πŸ“)4:08🇫🇮
Pierrefitte Nestalas to Barbastro (3/7)Driving293.8km (31πŸ“)8:23🇫🇷🇪🇸
Pigeon Forge - Nashville (2/12)Driving351.4km (21πŸ“)5:04🇺🇸
Plateau du CoironDriving188.8km (35πŸ“)4:47🇫🇷
Playa de Las America Roundtrip TenerifeDriving179.7km (13πŸ“)4:31🇪🇸
PlΓΌtscheid - Esch sur SΓ»re - WiltzDriving230.6km (29πŸ“)4:12🇩🇪🇱🇺
Polder Haarlemmermeer ringvaartDriving62km (11πŸ“)1:36🇳🇱
PolderrunDriving177.4km (61πŸ“)4:28🇧🇪🇳🇱
Polders Beemster en SchermerDriving113.5km (25πŸ“)2:49🇳🇱
Ponderosa Cafe to Keswick Lake District (3/7)Driving312.4km (31πŸ“)9:27🇬🇧
Ponferrada to ChavesDriving279.3km (9πŸ“)5:38🇪🇸🇵🇹
Ponte di Legno Stelvio FlumsDriving273.2km (17πŸ“)5:31🇮🇹🇨🇭
Port Alberni - Tofino - Port Alberni (14/15)Driving247.1km (4πŸ“)3:37🇨🇦
Port Alberni - Vancouver (15/15)Driving177.4km (7πŸ“)4:01🇨🇦
Port Allen Baton Rouge - New Orleans (8/12)Driving309.3km (24πŸ“)4:44🇺🇸
Port en Bessin to Cherbourg via Omaha and Utah beachesDriving134.8km (16πŸ“)2:34🇫🇷
Portugal via Serra da Estrela en Torre en Glacier ValleyDriving364.9km (42πŸ“)6:16🇵🇹🇪🇸
Posbank en IJsseldijkjes vanuit OldenzaalDriving259.9km (45πŸ“)9:04🇳🇱
Postojna Ljubljana Celje MariborDriving238.3km (26πŸ“)5:40🇸🇮
Potes to PonferradaDriving344.6km (11πŸ“)6:24🇪🇸
Poughkeepsie and the CatskillsDriving309.1km (33πŸ“)4:56🇺🇸
Prague Round TripDriving234.2km (36πŸ“)7:29🇨🇿
Prague to Lam (8/10)Driving279.5km (37πŸ“)6:53🇨🇿🇩🇪
Prattigau - LombardijeDriving269.1km (20πŸ“)5:55🇨🇭🇮🇹
Preischeid - DeurneDriving304.6km (21πŸ“)5:45🇩🇪🇧🇪🇳🇱
Prestwick to Dornie and into The Highlands of Scotland (5/7)Driving348.9km (21πŸ“)8:27🇬🇧
Prince George - Jasper (4/15)Driving374.9km (7πŸ“)3:50🇨🇦
Provencaalse Colorado en kleine Mont VentouxDriving306.9km (24πŸ“)6:13🇫🇷
Provence Bergen en MerenDriving374.4km (26πŸ“)12:45🇫🇷
Provincie Namen en de Franse ArdennenDriving269.3km (31πŸ“)4:49🇧🇪🇫🇷
Prum Luxemburg challengeDriving243.1km (31πŸ“)4:40🇩🇪🇱🇺
Puig Reig to Figueres (5/7)Driving268.8km (27πŸ“)8:49🇪🇸
Pukenui to Kaitaia via Cape Reinga (4/15)Driving196.2km (13πŸ“)7:13🇳🇿
Puttgarden to Angelholm (1/26)Driving279.6km (15πŸ“)8:51🇩🇪🇩🇰🇸🇪
Puumala - Kuopio (4/12)Driving277.8km (13πŸ“)4:37🇫🇮
PyreneeΓ«n rit oostzijde vanaf de Costa BravaDriving265.9km (23πŸ“)5:33🇪🇸🇫🇷
Pyreneen ”Het dak van de wereld”Driving312.9km (24πŸ“)6:12🇫🇷🇪🇸
Pyrenees Mountains From Jaca in Spain to Campan in FranceDriving237km (15πŸ“)5:08🇪🇸🇫🇷
Pyrenees Mountains from Montory France to Jaca in Spain over the High PyreneesDriving188km (11πŸ“)4:09🇫🇷🇪🇸
Pyrenees Mountains Roundtrip Estadens - St Girons (Small)Driving122.8km (12πŸ“)2:30🇫🇷
Queenstown to Fox Glacier (7/9)Driving323.2km (8πŸ“)9:11🇳🇿
Quillan to Girona (7/7)Driving285.6km (33πŸ“)8:09🇫🇷🇪🇸
Raalte - Medemblik (2/5)Driving319.8km (34πŸ“)8:26🇳🇱
Raglan to Mokau (7/15)Driving195.3km (16πŸ“)6:11🇳🇿
Rapid City - Sheridan (6/13)Driving469.5km (16πŸ“)6:04🇺🇸
RDGA: Chalancon to Les Gets (1/4)Driving386.1km (11πŸ“)6:25🇫🇷
RDGA: Les Gets to Valloire (2/4)Driving287.9km (16πŸ“)6:25🇫🇷
RDGA: Menton to Chalancon (4/4)Driving352.6km (17πŸ“)7:19🇫🇷
RDGA: Valloire to Menton (3/4)Driving564.8km (13πŸ“)12:07🇫🇷
Red Canyon to Hoover Dam (12/14)Driving460.9km (16πŸ“)6:19🇺🇸
Red Lodge to Old Faithfull Two Day Round trip Beartooth Highway and YellowstoneDriving540.2km (34πŸ“)9:41🇺🇸
Rees Rhein RomantikDriving159.1km (28πŸ“)2:59🇩🇪🇳🇱
Reeuwijk - Haastrecht - Lexmond - Montfort - BodegravenDriving93.7km (24πŸ“)3:13🇳🇱
Rena to Orkanger (5/26)Driving306.1km (12πŸ“)7:34🇳🇴
Reschen - Osredak (2/6)Driving756.1km (23πŸ“)16:16🇮🇹🇨🇭🇸🇮🇭🇷
Rheinsteig Etappe Bonn KonigswinterWalking26.7km (28πŸ“)6:16🇩🇪
Riano to Miranda de EbroDriving287.9km (18πŸ“)8:27🇪🇸
Riaza to Consuegra to see the windmills of La Mancha (2/4)Driving364.6km (19πŸ“)10:20🇪🇸
Ribeauville to UrbesDriving232.3km (28πŸ“)7:43🇫🇷
Rickenbach to ForbachDriving252.9km (17πŸ“)7:21🇩🇪
Ride for the RosesDriving99.3km (18πŸ“)1:50🇳🇱🇩🇪
Ridgecrest to Santa Monica (14/14)Driving419.6km (23πŸ“)6:29🇺🇸
Rijden in de HarzDriving235.6km (28πŸ“)4:28🇩🇪
Rijden langs een betoverende kustDriving179.9km (29πŸ“)3:40🇮🇹
Rijn en Moezel vanuit RudesheimDriving262.7km (30πŸ“)5:54🇩🇪
Rim Of The World from Athens OhioDriving137.5km (18πŸ“)2:01🇺🇸
Riviera NayaritDriving361.6km (8πŸ“)7:39🇲🇽
Roadtrip Crete: Agia Galini to Sivritos (4/8)Driving121.1km (18πŸ“)3:39🇬🇷
Roadtrip Crete: Chania to Heraklion (8/8)Driving203.1km (22πŸ“)5:33🇬🇷
Roadtrip Crete: Heraklion to Koutsounari (1/8)Driving142.3km (20πŸ“)3:42🇬🇷
Roadtrip Crete: Koutsounari to Agia Galini (3/8)Driving202.4km (19πŸ“)5:16🇬🇷
Roadtrip Crete: Roundtrip Chania (7/8)Driving226.5km (22πŸ“)6:20🇬🇷
Roadtrip Crete: Roundtrip Koutsounari (2/8)Driving198.5km (21πŸ“)4:34🇬🇷
Roadtrip Crete: Roundtrip Sivritos (5/8)Driving176km (25πŸ“)4:44🇬🇷
Roadtrip Crete: Sivritos to ChaniaΒ (6/8)Driving134.7km (19πŸ“)4:03🇬🇷
Roadtrip Iceland: Blonduos - Reykholar (8/12)Driving326.4km (9πŸ“)4:32🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Borgarnes - Reykjavik (12/12)Driving270.9km (13πŸ“)3:59🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Grundarfjordur - Borgarnes (11/12)Driving209.4km (12πŸ“)3:09🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Hoefn - Seydisfjoerdur (4/12)Driving293.4km (9πŸ“)4:21🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Husavik - Siglufjordur (6/12)Driving259km (17πŸ“)3:51🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Kirkjubaejarklaustur - Hoefn (3/12)Driving224.2km (5πŸ“)3:04🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Patreksfjordur - Grundarfjordur (10/12)Driving490.7km (9πŸ“)7:54🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Reykholar - Patreksfjordur (9/12)Driving489.1km (18πŸ“)7:22🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Reykjavik - Vik (1/12)Driving349.1km (11πŸ“)5:12🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Seydisfjoerdur - Husavik (5/12)Driving300.6km (6πŸ“)4:12🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Siglufjordur - Blonduos (7/12)Driving221.5km (10πŸ“)3:24🇮🇸
Roadtrip Iceland: Vik - Kirkjubaejarklaustur (2/12)Driving218.3km (10πŸ“)5:23🇮🇸
Rock Springs - Steamboat Springs (11/13)Driving443.2km (14πŸ“)4:56🇺🇸
Rocroi Virton via de Route des LegendesDriving205km (27πŸ“)4:07🇫🇷🇧🇪
Rododendronrit 2007Driving282.3km (34πŸ“)5:10🇳🇱🇩🇪
Roermond - Venlo - Nettetal - RoermondDriving148km (40πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱🇩🇪
RoerrouteDriving146.8km (45πŸ“)4:13🇳🇱🇩🇪
Romaanse bouw en Provencaalse levensstijlDriving118.4km (16πŸ“)2:40🇫🇷
Romania Transalpina DN67CDriving321.1km (6πŸ“)5:54🇷🇴
Romania Transfagarasan DN7CDriving118.2km (8πŸ“)2:33🇷🇴
Rond AmersfoortDriving107.1km (33πŸ“)2:55🇳🇱
Ronde FryslΓ’n - Overijssel - DrentheDriving211km (29πŸ“)4:12🇳🇱
Ronde om ApeldoornDriving110.7km (26πŸ“)2:34🇳🇱
Ronde van GroningenDriving166.5km (35πŸ“)3:32🇳🇱
Ronde Venen-routeBicycling36.4km (15πŸ“)2:00🇳🇱
Rondje "Het mooie zuiden van Drenthe"Driving161.7km (23πŸ“)5:29🇳🇱
Rondje AchterhoekDriving106.2km (30πŸ“)2:23🇳🇱
Rondje AchterhoekDriving192.2km (60πŸ“)5:30🇳🇱
Rondje Achterhoek vanuit DoetinchemDriving113.2km (27πŸ“)2:27🇳🇱
Rondje Achterveld (stoplichtloos)Driving66.8km (15πŸ“)1:33🇳🇱
Rondje Am Knittenberg in SauerlandDriving234.3km (22πŸ“)4:17🇩🇪
Rondje AmersfoortDriving144.4km (21πŸ“)3:30🇳🇱
Rondje Amersfoort-Harderwijk-Zwolle-ApeldoornDriving261.5km (43πŸ“)5:40🇳🇱
Rondje Amstel en De MeijeDriving124.8km (31πŸ“)3:24🇳🇱
Rondje Antwerpen "Oude Schelde"Driving131.2km (33πŸ“)3:48🇧🇪
Rondje ApeldoornDriving189.8km (38πŸ“)4:22🇳🇱
Rondje ArdennenDriving290.2km (23πŸ“)5:43🇳🇱🇧🇪🇱🇺
Rondje Assen - Stukje Duitsland - AssenDriving203.6km (24πŸ“)3:52🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje Assen - ZoutKampDriving161.8km (30πŸ“)3:26🇳🇱
Rondje BeerseDriving105.8km (32πŸ“)2:47🇧🇪
Rondje Belgisch LimburgDriving253.7km (46πŸ“)5:24🇧🇪
Rondje BetuweDriving287.5km (47πŸ“)6:40🇳🇱
Rondje Biker RanchDriving223.1km (33πŸ“)4:01🇩🇪🇧🇪
Rondje bochten (Fr/Gr/Dr)Driving310km (47πŸ“)6:46🇳🇱
Rondje bochten BrabantDriving147.7km (35πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
Rondje bossen route DrentheDriving123.7km (36πŸ“)2:56🇳🇱
Rondje BremenDriving489.7km (41πŸ“)8:48🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje Brennerpas - Jaufenpas - TimmelsjochDriving522.3km (26πŸ“)10:52🇦🇹🇮🇹
Rondje Briedern (Moezel), burchten en merenDriving177.5km (26πŸ“)3:22🇩🇪
Rondje Casale Marittimo - Volterra - San GimignanoDriving120.9km (16πŸ“)2:26🇮🇹
Rondje CochemDriving182.7km (25πŸ“)3:40🇩🇪
Rondje CorvaraDriving165.6km (18πŸ“)4:00🇮🇹
Rondje De Meern - Lopik - Vianen - Utrechse HeuvelrugDriving155.5km (31πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱
Rondje Den BoschWalking19.3km (11πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱
Rondje DeventerDriving104km (25πŸ“)3:01🇳🇱
Rondje door FrieslandDriving154km (34πŸ“)5:05🇳🇱
Rondje DrentheDriving167.3km (25πŸ“)3:37🇳🇱
Rondje DrentheDriving251.3km (40πŸ“)5:19🇳🇱
Rondje Drenthe vanuit EmmenDriving170.8km (40πŸ“)3:23🇳🇱
Rondje Eifel - Moezel - Hunsruck - kastelenDriving179.9km (32πŸ“)5:12🇩🇪
Rondje Eifel langs Moezel en Rijn via MastershausenDriving319.4km (30πŸ“)7:06🇩🇪
Rondje EnschedeDriving108.3km (28πŸ“)2:14🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje FlevolandDriving233.2km (28πŸ“)7:15🇳🇱
Rondje FrieslandDriving290.9km (38πŸ“)6:01🇳🇱
Rondje FrieslandDriving254.6km (36πŸ“)5:49🇳🇱
Rondje Gooi-en VechtstreekDriving73.2km (28πŸ“)2:15🇳🇱
Rondje GooistreekDriving106.3km (26πŸ“)3:20🇳🇱
Rondje Gouds achterlandDriving97.3km (27πŸ“)2:35🇳🇱
Rondje Haaksbergen - Zutphen - Raalte - Boekelo - HaaksbergenDriving235.7km (40πŸ“)5:34🇳🇱
Rondje HarzDriving254.4km (22πŸ“)6:48🇩🇪
Rondje HarzDriving252.3km (21πŸ“)4:41🇩🇪
Rondje Hoeksche WaardDriving118.8km (36πŸ“)2:50🇳🇱
Rondje Hoge VeluweDriving179.2km (35πŸ“)4:14🇳🇱
Rondje Holterberg vanuit DeventerDriving73.9km (15πŸ“)1:40🇳🇱
Rondje HondsrugDriving91.6km (21πŸ“)2:03🇳🇱
Rondje IJmuidenDriving174.6km (31πŸ“)5:17🇳🇱
Rondje IJsselmeerDriving359.4km (27πŸ“)6:44🇳🇱
Rondje langs IJssel en ZwolleDriving76.5km (17πŸ“)1:35🇳🇱
Rondje LeiwenDriving168.4km (20πŸ“)3:22🇩🇪
Rondje LimburgDriving201.1km (39πŸ“)4:47🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
Rondje LuxemburgDriving356.2km (49πŸ“)7:12🇩🇪🇱🇺
Rondje Luxemburg WittlichDriving321.1km (30πŸ“)6:17🇩🇪🇱🇺
Rondje MaasDriving101.2km (33πŸ“)2:40🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje MarkermeerDriving352.7km (41πŸ“)7:13🇳🇱
Rondje midden Limburg/DuitslandDriving125.6km (40πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱🇩🇪🇧🇪
Rondje MoezelDriving261.8km (26πŸ“)4:41🇩🇪
Rondje MuidenDriving219.4km (37πŸ“)6:05🇳🇱
Rondje NederweertDriving322.2km (35πŸ“)6:28🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje NH: Amsterdam-Noord - EwijcksluisDriving175.6km (46πŸ“)4:39🇳🇱
Rondje Niederrijn v.s NijmegenDriving156.5km (26πŸ“)3:26🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje NijmegenDriving136.6km (34πŸ“)3:22🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje Noord en Zuid BevelandDriving161.1km (39πŸ“)3:43🇳🇱
Rondje Noord-HollandDriving203.9km (36πŸ“)5:03🇳🇱
Rondje Noord-Limburg en Oost-BrabantDriving208.4km (35πŸ“)4:46🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje Noordwijk Groene HartDriving142.9km (34πŸ“)3:43🇳🇱
Rondje OirschotDriving120.8km (36πŸ“)2:57🇳🇱
Rondje OisterwijkDriving68.7km (17πŸ“)1:54🇳🇱
Rondje om BredaDriving107.9km (28πŸ“)2:35🇳🇱🇧🇪
Rondje om Lago di MaggioreDriving161km (11πŸ“)3:36🇨🇭🇮🇹
Rondje OverijsselDriving258.1km (44πŸ“)5:59🇳🇱
Rondje Overijssel-VeluweDriving176.7km (29πŸ“)3:57🇳🇱
Rondje PaasloDriving112km (19πŸ“)2:14🇳🇱
Rondje Panningen - WellDriving98.6km (28πŸ“)2:26🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje Parc Natural del CadΓ­-MoixerΓ³Driving335.3km (15πŸ“)7:16🇪🇸
Rondje Romagne-Saus-Montfaucon - DomremyDriving318.9km (31πŸ“)5:10🇫🇷
Rondje Roosendaal - WestmalleDriving167.6km (43πŸ“)4:01🇳🇱🇧🇪
Rondje RotjeknorDriving174.7km (38πŸ“)4:08🇳🇱
Rondje Saarburg - TrierDriving98.7km (19πŸ“)2:14🇩🇪🇱🇺
Rondje SauerlandDriving249.2km (19πŸ“)4:24🇩🇪
Rondje Sauerland in 1 dagDriving610.4km (38πŸ“)8:32🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje Sauerland- Winterberg - Edersee - WinterbergDriving241.4km (25πŸ“)4:31🇩🇪
Rondje ScheveningenDriving150.8km (29πŸ“)3:54🇳🇱
Rondje Schouwen en Noord BevelandDriving116.1km (28πŸ“)2:34🇳🇱
Rondje Telemark KanaalDriving163.9km (18πŸ“)2:53🇳🇴
Rondje ten zuid oosten van NijmegenDriving168.3km (29πŸ“)3:15🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje TeutoburgerwoudDriving400.1km (50πŸ“)7:10🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondje TexelDriving108.5km (45πŸ“)3:03🇳🇱
Rondje TwenteDriving193.4km (44πŸ“)4:17🇳🇱
Rondje Twente vanuit DeventerDriving183.9km (38πŸ“)4:20🇳🇱
Rondje UdenDriving83.4km (25πŸ“)1:54🇳🇱
Rondje UtrechtDriving260.6km (38πŸ“)6:27🇳🇱
Rondje VeluweDriving87.6km (22πŸ“)1:59🇳🇱
Rondje Veluwe 2007Driving203.3km (40πŸ“)4:23🇳🇱
Rondje veluwe vanuit Het GooiDriving183km (30πŸ“)3:46🇳🇱
Rondje VeluwemeerDriving120.4km (12πŸ“)2:17🇳🇱
Rondje VordenDriving135.2km (37πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
Rondje VughtDriving127.4km (25πŸ“)3:10🇳🇱
Rondje Wallis en Tessin vanuit AndermattDriving632.5km (33πŸ“)13:42🇨🇭🇮🇹
Rondje WaterlooDriving208.9km (38πŸ“)5:20🇧🇪
Rondje WeertDriving128.2km (33πŸ“)2:39🇳🇱
Rondje WesterveldDriving108.5km (23πŸ“)2:32🇳🇱
Rondje WillemstadDriving102.5km (38πŸ“)2:33🇳🇱
Rondje WiltzDriving198.9km (27πŸ“)3:30🇧🇪🇱🇺
Rondje ZeelandbrugDriving189.4km (30πŸ“)4:03🇳🇱🇧🇪
Rondje Zeeuwse EilandenDriving191.1km (27πŸ“)3:22🇳🇱
Rondje Zenderen - GiethoornDriving237km (42πŸ“)5:05🇳🇱
Rondje Zuid HollandDriving192.7km (34πŸ“)4:42🇳🇱
Rondje Zuid-Oost BrabantDriving105.4km (35πŸ“)2:41🇳🇱
Rondje Zuidwest Friesland - WeerribbenDriving303.5km (51πŸ“)7:04🇳🇱
Rondje ZuidwoldeDriving119.7km (36πŸ“)2:49🇳🇱
Rondje ZWA (Zaanstreek/Waterland/Alkmaar)Driving87.3km (27πŸ“)2:16🇳🇱
Rondom GentDriving140.1km (32πŸ“)3:23🇧🇪🇳🇱
Rondom GoudaDriving169.4km (24πŸ“)4:17🇳🇱
Rondom HavelteDriving167.8km (35πŸ“)3:41🇳🇱
Rondom LarochetteDriving230km (21πŸ“)4:30🇱🇺🇩🇪🇫🇷
Rondom WeertDriving95.9km (20πŸ“)2:03🇳🇱🇧🇪
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: Karumba to Mount Isa (15/54)Driving578.7km (7πŸ“)6:22🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NSW Canberra to Jenolan (3/54)Driving421.8km (19πŸ“)5:32🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NSW Jenolan Roundtrip Blue Mountains East (5/54)Driving440.1km (33πŸ“)8:02🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NSW Jenolan Roundtrip Blue Mountains North West (4/54)Driving256.1km (29πŸ“)3:56🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NSW Jenolan to Sydney (6/54)Driving437.8km (37πŸ“)8:07🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NSW QLD Port Macquarie to Brisbane (8/54)Driving603.7km (22πŸ“)8:03🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NSW Sydney to Port Macquarie (7/54)Driving435.1km (23πŸ“)5:37🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT Alice Springs to Tennant Creek (18/54)Driving510.6km (5πŸ“)5:13🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT Darwin to Willeroo (23/54)Driving532.3km (10πŸ“)5:57🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT Ilperle to Alice Springs (17/54)Driving350.8km (6πŸ“)7:44🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT Kaltukatjara to Yulara (41/54)Driving276.3km (11πŸ“)3:13🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT Mataranka to Tumbling Waters (20/54)Driving510.6km (19πŸ“)5:53🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT Red Lily to Darwin (22/54)Driving402.5km (10πŸ“)4:31🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT SA Alice Springs to Marla (43/54)Driving451.7km (5πŸ“)4:33🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT Tennant Creek to Mataranka (19/54)Driving579.6km (9πŸ“)6:05🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT WA Willeroo to Kununurra (24/54)Driving414.8km (6πŸ“)4:23🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: NT Yulara to Alice Springs (42/54)Driving636km (10πŸ“)6:38🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: QLD Brisbane to Chinchilla (9/54)Driving626.8km (22πŸ“)7:45🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: QLD Cairns to Georgetown (13/54)Driving409.6km (14πŸ“)5:05🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: QLD Charters Towers to Cairns (12/54)Driving598.6km (19πŸ“)8:10🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: QLD Chinchilla to Springsure (10/54)Driving587.3km (16πŸ“)6:43🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: QLD Georgetown to Karumba (14/54)Driving371.6km (8πŸ“)4:01🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: QLD NT Mount Isa to Ilperle (16/54)Driving546.6km (8πŸ“)10:28🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: QLD Springsure to Charters Towers (11/54)Driving619.3km (12πŸ“)7:08🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: R21 NT Tumbling Waters to Red Lily (21/54)Driving308.1km (12πŸ“)3:37🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: SA Marla to Wirraminna (44/54)Driving545.8km (8πŸ“)5:41🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: SA Roundtrip Adelaide East (46/54)Driving262.6km (25πŸ“)4:21🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: SA Roundtrip Adelaide South (47/54)Driving290.9km (23πŸ“)4:33🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: SA VIC Adelaide to Ouyen (48/54)Driving395.1km (9πŸ“)4:21🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: SA Wirraminna to Adelaide (45/54)Driving536.3km (6πŸ“)5:46🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: VIC Dartmoor to Lavers Hill (51/54)Driving321.3km (20πŸ“)4:19🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: VIC Horsham to Dartmoor (50/54)Driving259.2km (16πŸ“)3:31🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: VIC Lavers Hill to Williamstown (53/54)Driving236.4km (12πŸ“)3:55🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: VIC Melbourne to Wangaratta (1/54)Driving389.6km (21πŸ“)6:30🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: VIC NSW Wangaratta to Canberra (2/54)Driving667.1km (27πŸ“)9:36🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: VIC Ouyen to Horsham the Silo Art Trail (49/54)Driving436.7km (14πŸ“)4:58🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: VIC Roundtrip Lavers Hill (52/54)Driving258.2km (27πŸ“)4:40🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Broome to Pardoo (27/54)Driving484.7km (6πŸ“)5:09🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Esperance to Kalgoorlie (37/54)Driving393.6km (10πŸ“)4:16🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Exmouth to Hamelin Pool (30/54)Driving602.6km (10πŸ“)6:54🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Hamelin Pool to Kalbarri (31/54)Driving590.5km (10πŸ“)6:28🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Imintji to Broome (26/54)Driving665.1km (9πŸ“)7:56🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Kalbarri to Perth (32/54)Driving653.9km (22πŸ“)7:47🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Kalgoorlie to Laverton (38/54)Driving361.2km (11πŸ“)3:49🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Kununurra to Imintji (25/54)Driving510.9km (10πŸ“)7:21🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Laverton to Warburton (39/54)Driving551.9km (8πŸ“)8:17🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Mount Barker to Esperance (36/54)Driving513.1km (16πŸ“)5:41🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Nanutarra to Exmouth (29/54)Driving294.7km (5πŸ“)3:16🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA NT Warburton to Kaltukatjara (40/54)Driving326.6km (3πŸ“)3:57🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Pardoo to Nanutarra (28/54)Driving634.6km (12πŸ“)6:37🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Perth to Mount Barker (35/54)Driving469.8km (14πŸ“)5:12🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: WA Roudtrip Perth East (34/54)Driving272.6km (23πŸ“)4:09🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«: Williamstown to Melbourne (54/54)Driving419.7km (24πŸ“)5:59🇦🇺
Rondreis AustraliΓ«:: WA Roudtrip Perth South (33/54)Driving374.9km (24πŸ“)5:11🇦🇺
Rondreis door de Vulkaaneifel via de Moezel en TrierDriving260.6km (23πŸ“)4:39🇩🇪
Rondreis Hoge Venen en Eifel via Altenahr en Bad MunstereifelDriving331.8km (29πŸ“)6:24🇧🇪🇩🇪
Rondreis Noorwegen: Andalsnes - Oppdal (5/5)Driving313.7km (6πŸ“)5:13🇳🇴
Rondreis Noorwegen: Brevik - Stavanger (1/5)Driving506.7km (10πŸ“)7:36🇳🇴
Rondreis Noorwegen: Innvik - Andalsnes (4/5)Driving294.2km (12πŸ“)6:44🇳🇴
Rondreis Noorwegen: Stavanger - Ulvik (2/5)Driving333km (8πŸ“)7:33🇳🇴
Rondreis Noorwegen: Ulvik - Innvik (3/5)Driving354.3km (10πŸ“)7:10🇳🇴
Rondreis Todtnau door het Zwarte WoudDriving214.9km (20πŸ“)4:55🇩🇪
Rondrit Appietto Asco AppiettoDriving301.7km (13πŸ“)6:29🇫🇷
Rondrit Appietto Aullene AppiettoDriving185.4km (15πŸ“)5:00🇫🇷
Rondrit Appietto Olmeto AppiettoDriving185.9km (12πŸ“)5:02🇫🇷
Rondrit Appietto Osani AppiettoDriving224.6km (20πŸ“)7:18🇫🇷
Rondrit Bergisches LandDriving168.8km (42πŸ“)3:37🇩🇪
Rondrit Bergisches Land vanuit OverathDriving154.1km (32πŸ“)2:57🇩🇪
Rondrit Brabantse Kempen in het gebied van Zwarte Kaat en de dansende kattenDriving118km (30πŸ“)2:32🇳🇱🇧🇪
Rondrit Breukelen, Utrechtse Heuvelrug en Lage VuurscheDriving144.5km (32πŸ“)3:10🇳🇱
Rondrit Dijken Maas en Waal via Fort Vuren en HeusdenDriving250.9km (54πŸ“)5:31🇧🇪🇳🇱
Rondrit door de bossen van Oostwinkel, Aalter en BeernemDriving78.8km (23πŸ“)1:46🇧🇪
Rondrit door de Kempen vanuit ZeilbergDriving183.1km (30πŸ“)4:18🇳🇱🇧🇪
Rondrit Durmitor en de Tara en Piva canyons vanuit ZabljakDriving149.1km (17πŸ“)4:54🇲🇪
Rondrit en bezoek Triumph Fabriek en Nationale MotormuseumDriving93.6km (13πŸ“)1:54🇬🇧
Rondrit Franse Alpen - Lake AnnecyDriving106km (13πŸ“)2:25🇫🇷
Rondrit Gorges du Verdon vanuit CastellaneDriving210.2km (15πŸ“)4:32🇫🇷
Rondrit Harderwijk - Hoog Soeren - Raalte - Salland - Veluwe - PosbankDriving360km (47πŸ“)11:33🇳🇱
Rondrit HarzDriving196.9km (22πŸ“)3:52🇩🇪
Rondrit Herbitzheim SaarlandDriving270.4km (24πŸ“)5:21🇩🇪🇫🇷
Rondrit Hjelledalen (7/14)Driving351.2km (11πŸ“)10:38🇳🇴
Rondrit Hochsauerland HohenstrasseDriving108.8km (22πŸ“)5:16🇩🇪
Rondrit HunsrΓΌck vanuit EnkirchDriving266.2km (27πŸ“)5:18🇩🇪
Rondrit in de Ardennen vanuit Trois-Ponts naar ViandenDriving197.4km (23πŸ“)3:59🇧🇪🇱🇺🇩🇪
Rondrit Jesenik en Orlice gebergteDriving240.1km (17πŸ“)5:15🇨🇿🇵🇱
Rondrit Kampen Overijssel Weerribben WiedenDriving207km (55πŸ“)5:31🇳🇱
Rondrit Kempen vanuit TurnhoutDriving102.8km (32πŸ“)2:32🇧🇪🇳🇱
Rondrit Kent National Park South DownsDriving240.8km (27πŸ“)5:11🇬🇧
Rondrit Kent vanuit East GrinsteadDriving246.9km (31πŸ“)5:06🇬🇧
Rondrit Keszthely via het Bakony Balaton GeoparkDriving290.6km (31πŸ“)5:14🇭🇺
Rondrit Kleitoria (6/6)Driving238.5km (19πŸ“)10:02🇬🇷
Rondrit Leiderdorp Groene Hart MolenrouteDriving224.3km (62πŸ“)8:55🇳🇱
Rondrit Lillafured via Bukk Nationaal Park en EgerDriving278.7km (19πŸ“)5:55🇭🇺
Rondrit Limburg en ArdennenDriving266.9km (43πŸ“)6:03🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
Rondrit Luik via Remouchamps, Ambleve en HuyDriving239.6km (50πŸ“)5:59🇧🇪
Rondrit LuxemburgDriving213.4km (31πŸ“)3:55🇱🇺
Rondrit Maastricht door Voeren en Zuid LimburgDriving143.7km (32πŸ“)4:09🇧🇪🇳🇱
Rondrit met bezoek aan Cesky KrumlovDriving219.9km (28πŸ“)4:46🇨🇿
Rondrit Miesitz - Thuringen - ErtsgebergteDriving248.3km (46πŸ“)5:09🇩🇪
Rondrit Miesitz Thuringen - Duits museumDriving208.4km (22πŸ“)3:39🇩🇪
Rondrit Miesitz Thuringen SchiefergebergteDriving275.4km (27πŸ“)5:04🇩🇪
Rondrit Miskolc via Zempleni mountains en Aggtelek National ParkDriving289.6km (19πŸ“)5:45🇭🇺
Rondrit Moere Thiembronne BoursinDriving291.9km (48πŸ“)6:09🇧🇪🇫🇷
Rondrit Moezel EnkirchDriving234.2km (23πŸ“)6:14🇩🇪
Rondrit naar de Royompre waterval vanuit TienenDriving229.3km (46πŸ“)5:56🇧🇪
Rondrit Neuerburg - Luxemburg 1Driving174km (23πŸ“)3:32🇩🇪🇱🇺
Rondrit Neuerburg - Luxemburg 2Driving204.5km (30πŸ“)4:07🇩🇪🇱🇺🇧🇪
Rondrit Neustrelitz Mecklenburg VorpommernDriving214.3km (24πŸ“)4:23🇩🇪
Rondrit Olme NO (2/14)Driving273km (20πŸ“)4:57🇸🇪
Rondrit Olme NW (3/14)Driving261.4km (29πŸ“)4:45🇸🇪
Rondrit Oost Friesland vanuit WinschotenDriving187.1km (24πŸ“)4:59🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondrit op Corsica ten noorden van SagoneDriving161.8km (20πŸ“)4:27🇫🇷
Rondrit op Corsica ten Oosten van SagoneDriving65.2km (10πŸ“)1:47🇫🇷
Rondrit op Corsica via Ajaccio en zuidelijke lusDriving149.7km (18πŸ“)3:21🇫🇷
Rondrit Parco Nazionale dei Monti SibilliniDriving149.4km (26πŸ“)6:09🇮🇹
Rondrit Pecs via Kelet Mecsek Park en de noordelijke heuvelsDriving196.2km (24πŸ“)3:54🇭🇺
Rondrit Peel en Maas vanuit ZeilbergDriving216.3km (39πŸ“)4:33🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondrit Pigeon Forge door de Smokey Mountains (1/12)Driving218.2km (13πŸ“)3:32🇺🇸
Rondrit PreischeidDriving249.4km (37πŸ“)4:35🇩🇪
Rondrit Sachsische Schweiz Westelijke zijdeDriving285.1km (29πŸ“)5:58🇩🇪🇨🇿
Rondrit Sauerland - Winterberg - Mohnesee - WinterbergDriving268.6km (20πŸ“)4:48🇩🇪
Rondrit Sauerland 2015 vanuit HallenbergDriving239.4km (23πŸ“)4:31🇩🇪
Rondrit Shkoder via Theth Nationaal ParkDriving150.8km (16πŸ“)6:47🇦🇱
Rondrit Skanderborg Silkeborg SkanderborgDriving174.4km (35πŸ“)3:42🇩🇰
Rondrit Sud Niedersachsen en Thuringen vanuit Salzgitter BadDriving239.9km (24πŸ“)4:37🇩🇪
Rondrit Tatra Gebergte via Polen en SlowakijeDriving201km (14πŸ“)4:04🇵🇱🇸🇰
Rondrit Taunusgebergte vanuit HombergDriving213.3km (36πŸ“)4:05🇩🇪
Rondrit Tiszafured via Hortobagyi National ParkDriving256.2km (13πŸ“)4:25🇭🇺
Rondrit Tubbergen - Ankum - TubbergenDriving282.4km (57πŸ“)9:22🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondrit Ulricehamn (13/14)Driving239.6km (23πŸ“)4:33🇸🇪
Rondrit vanuit DaunDriving245.7km (20πŸ“)4:10🇩🇪
Rondrit Venray Maas en Peel Noord LimburgDriving153.5km (48πŸ“)4:15🇳🇱
Rondrit via Porto naar het strand Plage d'AroneDriving113.4km (12πŸ“)2:44🇫🇷
Rondrit Vulkaaneifel vanuit DaunDriving244.6km (36πŸ“)6:07🇩🇪
Rondrit Weerribben en Giethoorn vanuit RossumDriving243.9km (27πŸ“)8:24🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondrit Well - Hamminkeln - WeezeDriving177km (42πŸ“)3:58🇳🇱🇩🇪
Rondrit West Bohemen vanuit OberwiesenthalDriving241.5km (19πŸ“)4:57🇩🇪🇨🇿
Rondrit Westerwald vanuit ObersteinebachDriving242.7km (46πŸ“)5:30🇩🇪
Rondrit Zeeland vanuit OoltgensplaatDriving163.9km (29πŸ“)4:01🇳🇱
Rondrit Zuid ToscaneDriving95.9km (21πŸ“)2:23🇮🇹
Roscoff to Avranches via Mont Saint MichelDriving294.9km (30πŸ“)5:28🇫🇷
Round tour from Beckley through New River National ParkDriving233.7km (23πŸ“)4:26🇺🇸
Round tour from Cambridge Via Bedford Kimbolton and SomershamDriving200.7km (24πŸ“)4:05🇬🇧
Round tour from Dereham Via Norfolk BroadsDriving205.9km (24πŸ“)4:08🇬🇧
Round tour from Knaphill Via South Downs National ParkDriving264.4km (24πŸ“)5:00🇬🇧
Round tour from Melton Mowbray Via Market Harborough and BourneDriving191.9km (19πŸ“)3:14🇬🇧
Round tour from Newmarket Via Finchingfield Lavenham and ElyDriving244.1km (27πŸ“)4:36🇬🇧
Round tour from Southwold Via Orford Aldeburgh Thorpeness and WalberswickDriving184.9km (25πŸ“)3:45🇬🇧
Round tour from Wells Via Glastonbury Cheddar Gorge and Mendip HillsDriving137.1km (26πŸ“)3:16🇬🇧
Round trip from Bangor to Conway and Caernarfon Castle (3/6)Driving157.6km (16πŸ“)3:01🇬🇧
Round trip from Barnstaple North Devon coast and ExmoorDriving190.6km (32πŸ“)7:47🇬🇧
Round trip from Bideford to Crediton and Hartland QuayDriving205.4km (19πŸ“)6:12🇬🇧
Round trip from Chieti around the Majella National ParkDriving199km (19πŸ“)4:22🇮🇹
Round trip from Clermont Ferrand visiting the Land of VolcanoesDriving230km (22πŸ“)4:45🇫🇷
Round trip from Cordoba to ConstantinaDriving304.7km (14πŸ“)7:47🇪🇸
Round trip from Crediton to Lyme Regis and DartmoorDriving238.1km (26πŸ“)7:44🇬🇧
Round trip from Dover to BrightonDriving329.9km (38πŸ“)8:42🇬🇧
Round trip from Dumfries through the Southern Uplands of Lanarkshire, back via Galloway Forest ParkDriving288.3km (23πŸ“)4:45🇬🇧
Round trip from Dundee through Cairngorms National ParkDriving296.3km (26πŸ“)4:56🇬🇧
Round trip from Easterhouse Glasgow through the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National ParkDriving297.8km (26πŸ“)5:12🇬🇧
Round trip from Franklin via Seneca Rocks and ElkinsDriving291.9km (21πŸ“)4:23🇺🇸
Round trip from GeresDriving136.3km (29πŸ“)4:02🇵🇹
Round trip from Gloucester through The CotswoldsDriving280.2km (37πŸ“)9:39🇬🇧
Round trip from Guadalupe to Navalmoral de la MataDriving270.9km (16πŸ“)5:02🇪🇸
Round trip from Honfleur River Seine bridges and ferriesDriving201.2km (30πŸ“)8:21🇫🇷
Round trip from Honfleur visiting WW2 D-Day sitesDriving200.4km (26πŸ“)10:40🇫🇷
Round trip from Inverness to ScourieDriving350.3km (27πŸ“)5:18🇬🇧
Round trip from Iron Horse Lodge Stecoah along the Tail of the Dragon and Cherohala SkywayDriving287.7km (14πŸ“)4:20🇺🇸
Round trip from LogronoDriving175.1km (11πŸ“)3:36🇪🇸
Round trip from Medina visiting Leakey and Camp Wood and Ingram using the Twisted Sisters of TexasDriving356.2km (17πŸ“)4:38🇺🇸
Round trip from NegreiraDriving275.7km (19πŸ“)6:41🇪🇸
Round trip from Newbury to Cocking CausewayDriving199.6km (20πŸ“)5:11🇬🇧
Round trip from Newmarket to Wells next the SeaDriving262km (27πŸ“)6:53🇬🇧
Round trip from Northampton to CirencesterDriving260.2km (23πŸ“)7:07🇬🇧
Round trip from Orpington to DungenessDriving232.8km (25πŸ“)7:58🇬🇧
Round trip from Oviedo 2 Cantabrian MountainsDriving205.4km (24πŸ“)4:38🇪🇸
Round trip from Oviedo: Cudillero on the coast (4/4)Driving151.8km (38πŸ“)3:37🇪🇸
Round trip from Oviedo: Picos de Europa (3/4)Driving348.6km (17πŸ“)6:41🇪🇸
Round trip from Oviedo: Ubinas la Mesa Natural park (1/4)Driving225km (23πŸ“)4:41🇪🇸
Round trip from Poole including New ForestDriving203.2km (29πŸ“)6:17🇬🇧
Round trip from Scarborough over the North York Moors National ParkDriving240.6km (23πŸ“)7:10🇬🇧
Round trip from Settle to WhitbyDriving359.8km (22πŸ“)8:34🇬🇧
Round trip from Sydney visiting Blue Mountains and WollongongDriving436.1km (30πŸ“)7:40🇦🇺
Round trip from TermoliDriving168.5km (14πŸ“)3:25🇮🇹
Round trip from The Eurotunnel to WhitstableDriving158.7km (16πŸ“)5:39🇬🇧
Round trip from Tiverton Blackdown Hills Somerset Levels and Cheddar GorgeDriving217.9km (43πŸ“)4:58🇬🇧
Round trip from Tiverton through spooky North DevonDriving250.7km (28πŸ“)5:16🇬🇧
Round trip from Tiverton through spooky North DevonDriving248.2km (39πŸ“)5:07🇬🇧
Round trip from Worcester to Hay on WyeDriving268.9km (27πŸ“)8:13🇬🇧
Round trip from Yeovil to Portland BillDriving158.4km (14πŸ“)5:52🇬🇧
Round trip HermagorDriving156.8km (16πŸ“)3:42🇦🇹🇮🇹
Round trip of southern Cornwall from TruroDriving249km (27πŸ“)10:46🇬🇧
Round trip of the Peak District from Hattersley to Matlock BathsDriving183.9km (20πŸ“)4:02🇬🇧
Round trip of the Peak District from Hattersley to Matlock BathsouteDriving209.6km (32πŸ“)4:40🇬🇧
Round trip RibeauvilleDriving255.1km (33πŸ“)7:04🇫🇷
Round trip route around the Pembrokeshire coast from Narberth (5/6)Driving198km (23πŸ“)6:39🇬🇧
Round trip Sant Cugat through Mequinenza the reservoirs of southern CataloniaDriving448.7km (23πŸ“)6:42🇪🇸
Round trip through the New Forest from Fordingbridge to LymingtonDriving117.7km (19πŸ“)5:22🇬🇧
Round trip tour of Dartmoor from ExeterDriving188.3km (30πŸ“)7:39🇬🇧
Round trip tour of Exmoor from TivertonDriving193.8km (33πŸ“)9:26🇬🇧
Round trip UrbesDriving266.6km (34πŸ“)7:38🇫🇷
Round trip Vosges covering Routes Des Crepes and Le Grand BallonDriving192.4km (16πŸ“)4:12🇫🇷
Round trip WissembourgDriving234km (31πŸ“)4:36🇫🇷
Round trip Yorkshire Dales from SkiptonDriving242.5km (28πŸ“)9:07🇬🇧
Roundtour Ardechoise (7/8)Driving391km (19πŸ“)11:05🇫🇷
Roundtour Bodo to Lofoten part 1 (9/26)Driving314.5km (16πŸ“)9:04🇳🇴
Roundtour Bodo to Lofoten part 2 (10/26)Driving250.5km (17πŸ“)6:55🇳🇴
Roundtour Bodo to Lofoten part 3 (11/26)Driving291.3km (21πŸ“)10:48🇳🇴
Roundtour Carpentras Mont Ventoux (4/8)Driving313.8km (20πŸ“)9:23🇫🇷
Roundtour Col de Rousset Combe Laval Col de la Bataille (3/8)Driving273.9km (20πŸ“)9:11🇫🇷
Roundtour Col de Vars Col de la Bonnette (1/8)Driving395km (23πŸ“)11:07🇫🇷
Roundtour Col du Lautaret et Col du Galibier et Alpe d'Huez (5/8)Driving445.9km (13πŸ“)11:36🇫🇷
Roundtour Col du Noyer (2/8)Driving248.9km (18πŸ“)7:58🇫🇷
Roundtour from Tiverton visiting the 3 West Country moors Exmoor Bodmin Moor DartmoorDriving290.7km (31πŸ“)10:09🇬🇧
Roundtour Gran Canaria - SouthDriving245.3km (24πŸ“)10:33🇪🇸
Roundtour Gran Canaria - WestDriving223.3km (16πŸ“)9:29🇪🇸
Roundtour Gran Canaria day - EastDriving191.4km (28πŸ“)8:20🇪🇸
Roundtour Grand Canyon du Verdon (8/8)Driving404.1km (24πŸ“)10:24🇫🇷
Roundtour Greater WellingtonDriving146.9km (27πŸ“)3:38🇳🇿
Roundtour Le Doubs (1/2)Driving227.3km (20πŸ“)7:04🇫🇷🇨🇭
Roundtour Le Doubs (2/2)Driving152km (14πŸ“)6:44🇫🇷
Roundtour Midden Nederland from ZoetermeerDriving267km (42πŸ“)9:38🇳🇱
Roundtour Signal de Lure (6/8)Driving284.7km (16πŸ“)8:34🇫🇷
Roundtour Sirkka to North Cape part 1 (15/26)Driving257.2km (12πŸ“)7:19🇸🇪🇫🇮
Roundtour Sirkka to North Cape part 2 (16/26)Driving300km (12πŸ“)7:48🇫🇮🇳🇴
Roundtour Sirkka to North Cape part 3 (17/26)Driving244.1km (11πŸ“)7:02🇳🇴
Roundtour Sirkka to North Cape part 4 (18/26)Driving274.7km (10πŸ“)7:43🇳🇴🇫🇮
Roundtour Sirkka to North Cape part 5 (19/26)Driving331.7km (9πŸ“)7:49🇫🇮
Roundtrip from Peterborough to Newmarket Via Wells next the SeaDriving361.8km (34πŸ“)8:37🇬🇧
Roundtrip Oosterschelde vanuit WuustwezelDriving173.8km (38πŸ“)4:49🇧🇪🇳🇱
Roundtrip Algarve Armacao de Pera Alte Pena LouleDriving160.6km (22πŸ“)3:56🇵🇹
Roundtrip Algarve Armacao de Pera Malhao SilvesDriving153km (13πŸ“)3:17🇵🇹
Roundtrip Algarve Armacao de Pera Silves MonchiqueDriving168.3km (16πŸ“)3:48🇵🇹
Roundtrip Anchorage Palmer Willow AnchorageDriving342.8km (21πŸ“)5:22🇺🇸
Roundtrip Ardennes between Dinant and BouillonDriving216.7km (17πŸ“)4:17🇧🇪🇫🇷
Roundtrip around Ghent to Zeelandic FlandersDriving189km (32πŸ“)5:09🇧🇪🇳🇱
Roundtrip Asikkala (10/12)Driving240.5km (25πŸ“)3:54🇫🇮
Roundtrip Bergues to WimereuxDriving205.5km (47πŸ“)8:47🇫🇷
Roundtrip between Montespertoli and SienaDriving176.2km (21πŸ“)4:29🇮🇹
Roundtrip Beveland and Walcheren from NieuwdorpDriving221.2km (48πŸ“)5:49🇳🇱
Roundtrip BornholmDriving142.5km (43πŸ“)3:36🇩🇰
Roundtrip Brabant: Gorinchem - Heusden - Loon op Zand - Biesbosch - GorinchemDriving111.5km (14πŸ“)2:54🇳🇱
Roundtrip Bristol to Barry IslandDriving185km (32πŸ“)3:48🇬🇧
Roundtrip Bristol to Portland BillDriving282.8km (23πŸ“)7:00🇬🇧
Roundtrip Cain La Hermida Cervera de Pisuerga RianoDriving304.3km (19πŸ“)6:09🇪🇸
Roundtrip Coimbra to Alentejo with Parque Natural da Serra da EstrelaDriving360.9km (36πŸ“)7:59🇵🇹
Roundtrip Dedinky via Slowakias National Parks of High and Low Tatras (6/9)Driving244.1km (16πŸ“)7:24🇸🇰
Roundtrip Dobra via Vihorlat and Poloniny National Parks (4/9)Driving253.2km (17πŸ“)7:17🇸🇰
Roundtrip East Algarve Armacao de Pera Loule SB de Alportel SB de MessinesDriving268km (19πŸ“)6:11🇵🇹
Roundtrip Estadens Lourdes passing by the TourmaletDriving318.2km (33πŸ“)7:22🇫🇷
Roundtrip form Spina to Perugia Gubbio en Monte CuccoDriving200.2km (20πŸ“)4:21🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Bayeux along testimonials and the landing beaches of WWIIDriving203km (36πŸ“)10:18🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Bonifacio to Vivario at the southcoast (1/2)Driving219.6km (16πŸ“)4:20🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Bonifacio to Vivario at the southcoast (2/2)Driving205km (20πŸ“)4:34🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Bristol via West Bay and Lyme RegisDriving250.8km (27πŸ“)8:00🇬🇧
Roundtrip from Caen through Norman SwitzerlandDriving223.8km (41πŸ“)7:49🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Calvi through the Balagne (1/2)Driving223.3km (23πŸ“)5:11🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Calvi through the Balagne (2/2)Driving168.8km (14πŸ“)4:14🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Chartres to Chartres along the river EureDriving195.8km (25πŸ“)4:19🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Dahnsdorf through FlΓ€mingDriving230.8km (34πŸ“)9:07🇩🇪
Roundtrip from Dunkeld to Kinloch RannochDriving204.8km (17πŸ“)4:09🇬🇧
Roundtrip from Figueira da Foz to SerpinsDriving240.5km (48πŸ“)9:17🇵🇹
Roundtrip from Freneuse to Freneuse along castles and the SeineDriving217.3km (31πŸ“)4:47🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Geraardsbergen through the Pajottenland and the Zenne valleyDriving143.5km (43πŸ“)4:13🇧🇪
Roundtrip from Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge Stecoah through Smokey Mountains Gatlinburg and Cherokee National ForestDriving293.3km (15πŸ“)5:07🇺🇸
Roundtrip from Labesserette through the AubracDriving229.2km (33πŸ“)4:50🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Labesserette to the Aubrac plateauDriving241.6km (23πŸ“)5:35🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Labesserette to the Cantal MountainsDriving241.7km (32πŸ“)8:41🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Labesserette to the Puy MaryDriving224.3km (28πŸ“)4:48🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Landegem along 14 windmillsDriving177.3km (54πŸ“)5:37🇧🇪
Roundtrip from Landegem along testimonies of World War I and IIDriving201.1km (60πŸ“)5:20🇧🇪
Roundtrip from Lusseray around SaintesDriving223.4km (40πŸ“)8:15🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Lusseray through the Poitevin MarshDriving191km (32πŸ“)7:01🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Lusseray to PoitiersDriving201.6km (38πŸ“)7:41🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Lusseray to Saintes and the Cognac regionDriving219.1km (42πŸ“)8:24🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Marche through the heart of the ArdennesDriving330.7km (40πŸ“)10:22🇧🇪
Roundtrip from Minderhout through Belgian and Dutch CampineDriving196.8km (24πŸ“)4:54🇧🇪🇳🇱
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to PisaDriving207.8km (21πŸ“)9:15🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to San GimignanoDriving132.6km (16πŸ“)7:52🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to the Chianti regionDriving170.6km (25πŸ“)7:06🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to the geothermal area of BiancaneDriving227.8km (13πŸ“)5:35🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to the Pistoia regionDriving222.1km (24πŸ“)9:14🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to the south of the province of SienaDriving199.6km (19πŸ“)8:12🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to the Valley of the DevilDriving187.1km (14πŸ“)8:26🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to Volpaia and the Chianti regionDriving138.5km (15πŸ“)5:34🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli to VolterraDriving169.3km (13πŸ“)7:39🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli with visit of FirenzeDriving77.2km (15πŸ“)7:10🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Montespertoli with visit of SienaDriving118.9km (14πŸ“)7:52🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Namur around the MaasDriving233.3km (39πŸ“)5:02🇧🇪
Roundtrip from North Bristol via Wye Valley and Brecon Beacons National ParkDriving198.3km (27πŸ“)5:19🇬🇧
Roundtrip from Nyons to Nyons passing the Ardeche gorgesDriving230.2km (25πŸ“)4:52🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Pont l Eveque through the Pays d'AugeDriving214.8km (44πŸ“)7:06🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Saint Vaast la Hougue through the Cotentin de La MancheDriving210.9km (40πŸ“)7:52🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Spina along the Parc of the millsDriving221.5km (19πŸ“)4:46🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Spina to Assisi and through the Subasio MountainsDriving155.3km (24πŸ“)3:41🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Spina to Cortona and UmbertideDriving185.3km (19πŸ“)3:53🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Spina to Orvieto and TodiDriving163.4km (16πŸ“)3:22🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Spina to Spina around the Lake BolsenaDriving202.9km (20πŸ“)4:21🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Spina to Spoleto and Park of CarsulaeDriving188.7km (22πŸ“)3:44🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Spina to the Trasimeno Lake and Citta della PieveDriving174.7km (30πŸ“)3:54🇮🇹
Roundtrip from Versailles to Versailles through the the upper valley of ChevreusDriving206.1km (38πŸ“)4:55🇫🇷
Roundtrip from Wortham via Ipswich Bury St Edmunds and ThetfordDriving253.1km (46πŸ“)8:30🇬🇧
Roundtrip Great Smoky Mountains / The tail of the Dragon (3/6)Driving292.4km (16πŸ“)5:07🇺🇸
Roundtrip Great Smoky Mountains / The tail of the Dragon (4/6)Driving322.5km (21πŸ“)6:03🇺🇸
Roundtrip Harrachov Adrspach Skaly (3/10)Driving207.5km (26πŸ“)7:35🇨🇿
Roundtrip Harrachov Frydlant Castle and Jested Tower (4/10)Driving129.5km (26πŸ“)4:18🇨🇿
Roundtrip Harrachov Pamatnik Terezin (5/10)Driving302.2km (38πŸ“)9:17🇨🇿
Roundtrip Hasselt Diepenbeek throughout the CondrozDriving264.2km (51πŸ“)6:12🇧🇪
Roundtrip Highway BC3A: Kootenay Mountain - Creston - Crawford - CastlegarDriving285.3km (11πŸ“)4:14🇨🇦
Roundtrip Kempen throughout KasterleeDriving138.9km (51πŸ“)6:57🇧🇪
Roundtrip La Ciaccia to Luras with Costa Smeralda and Santa TeresaDriving303.5km (35πŸ“)6:34🇮🇹
Roundtrip La Gomera Canary IslandsDriving128.1km (13πŸ“)3:20🇪🇸
Roundtrip LinzDriving231.1km (32πŸ“)6:50🇦🇹
Roundtrip Marvao Alegrete Alburquerque MarvaoDriving248.3km (22πŸ“)4:28🇵🇹🇪🇸
Roundtrip Nyons to Nyons passing by Orange and AvignonDriving194.9km (21πŸ“)4:14🇫🇷
Roundtrip Nyons to Nyons passing Montelimar and the Saou ForestDriving218.3km (24πŸ“)4:42🇫🇷
Roundtrip Nyons to Nyons passing the Colorado ProvencalDriving213.2km (22πŸ“)4:33🇫🇷
Roundtrip Nyons to Nyons passing the Nesque gorges and Mont VentouxDriving226.6km (21πŸ“)5:07🇫🇷
Roundtrip Ossendrecht to the fortified towns of Brielle and WillemstadDriving188.8km (24πŸ“)4:14🇳🇱
Roundtrip PenangDriving95.4km (15πŸ“)3:05🇲🇾
Roundtrip Pieksamaki (6/12)Driving246.8km (41πŸ“)4:38🇫🇮
Roundtrip Portals Nous to FormentorDriving225.3km (18πŸ“)5:17🇪🇸
Roundtrip Portals Nous to Santuari de Sant SalvadorDriving235.1km (29πŸ“)5:37🇪🇸
Roundtrip Posada de Valdeon Covadonga Ribadesella PongaDriving276km (22πŸ“)6:41🇪🇸
Roundtrip Posada de Valdeon Rio Aller Vegacervera RianoDriving257.1km (15πŸ“)5:17🇪🇸
Roundtrip Puumala (3/12)Driving231.6km (22πŸ“)4:43🇫🇮
Roundtrip route Paysagere from Antoing to BavayDriving185.1km (29πŸ“)4:41🇧🇪🇫🇷
Roundtrip Saarlouis Idar ObersteinDriving273.4km (25πŸ“)5:12🇩🇪
Roundtrip Sauerland: Silbecke - Winterberg - Oberkirchen - SilbeckeDriving321.3km (34πŸ“)6:10🇩🇪
Roundtrip Schonach im Schwarzwald to FeldbergDriving278.1km (22πŸ“)4:44🇩🇪
Roundtrip Schonach im Schwarzwald to Sankt BlasienDriving269.1km (20πŸ“)5:22🇩🇪
Roundtrip Schonach im Schwarzwald to SchwarzenbachtalsperreDriving266.8km (21πŸ“)5:21🇩🇪
Roundtrip Schonach im Schwarzwald to SchwarzwaldhochstrasseDriving251.7km (19πŸ“)4:51🇩🇪
Roundtrip Schonach im Schwarzwald to TitiseeDriving295.5km (20πŸ“)5:27🇩🇪
Roundtrip Schwalbach Alsace SaarlouisDriving238.4km (24πŸ“)5:10🇩🇪🇫🇷
Roundtrip Schwalbach Assenoncourt LorraineDriving247.5km (37πŸ“)5:22🇩🇪🇫🇷
Roundtrip Tampa FloridaDriving341.7km (30πŸ“)5:28🇺🇸
Roundtrip Teutoburgerwoud from De LutteDriving286.6km (41πŸ“)8:23🇳🇱🇩🇪
Roundtrip The Voer out of HasseltDriving221.1km (48πŸ“)8:58🇧🇪
Roundtrip through historic BerlinDriving101km (44πŸ“)8:41🇩🇪
Roundtrip through the hinterland of HuyDriving288.7km (41πŸ“)9:32🇧🇪
Roundtrip to Foix out of EstadensDriving243.6km (23πŸ“)6:36🇫🇷
Roundtrip West Algarve Armacao de Pera Silves Monchique Carrapateira SagresDriving247.9km (21πŸ“)5:28🇵🇹
Roundtrip west of Berlin from NikolasseeDriving224.5km (30πŸ“)10:12🇩🇪
Roundtrip with curves in the Pays des CollinesDriving202.7km (86πŸ“)9:54🇧🇪
Roundtrip Ypres via RuisseauvilleDriving228km (49πŸ“)5:51🇧🇪🇫🇷
Route cemeteries WO-IDriving132.6km (22πŸ“)2:19🇫🇷
Route des Cretes Vosges Mountains LARGEDriving345.3km (35πŸ“)9:10🇫🇷
Route des Cretes Vosges Mountains MEDIUMDriving262.2km (26πŸ“)7:59🇫🇷
Route des Cretes Vosges Mountains SMALLDriving203km (21πŸ“)6:08🇫🇷
Route des Grandes AlpesDriving676.7km (17πŸ“)15:04🇫🇷
Route des Grandes Alpes: Avrieux - Les GetsDriving295.2km (25πŸ“)6:18🇫🇷
Route des Grandes Alpes: Castellane - AvrieuxDriving371km (12πŸ“)7:18🇫🇷
Route langs de rivier de Semois vanuit FrankrijkDriving172.2km (26πŸ“)3:05🇫🇷🇧🇪
Route Naar TroyesDriving333.7km (22πŸ“)5:02🇫🇷
Route om Lac du ChantecoqDriving283.1km (34πŸ“)4:51🇫🇷
Route OostDriving289.3km (27πŸ“)5:28🇧🇪🇩🇪
Ruim Rondje VeluweDriving217.1km (47πŸ“)4:54🇳🇱
Ruim rondje Zuid LimburgDriving192.4km (56πŸ“)4:59🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
Rund um den GrossglocknerDriving422.2km (14πŸ“)7:27🇦🇹
Rund um Freiburg und auf den KaiserstuhlDriving223km (16πŸ“)4:21🇩🇪
Ruovesi - Asikkala (9/12)Driving256.8km (36πŸ“)4:46🇫🇮
Rurberg to Tienen passing through the High Fens and the EifelDriving263km (43πŸ“)7:18🇩🇪🇧🇪🇳🇱
Rustig keuvelend naar CineyDriving294.8km (36πŸ“)5:40🇧🇪
Rustig rondje water en plassenDriving91.5km (27πŸ“)2:27🇳🇱
Rychnov Nad Kneznou to Prague (7/10)Driving257km (32πŸ“)8:11🇨🇿
Sabah Road Trip: Keningau Tambunan Penampang Kota Kinabalu (11/11)Driving177.4km (9πŸ“)3:46🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Keningau Tenom Sipitang (9/11)Driving122.8km (7πŸ“)2:12🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Kota Belud Tip of Borneo Kudat (2/11)Driving208.9km (16πŸ“)4:13🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Kota Kinabalu Kundasang Kota Belud (1/11)Driving209.9km (21πŸ“)5:14🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Kudat Marak Parak Ranau (3/11)Driving190.9km (10πŸ“)3:27🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Ranau Sandakan (4/11)Driving233.9km (10πŸ“)4:32🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Sandakan Kinabatangan Lahad Datu Kunak Semporna (5/11)Driving362.4km (10πŸ“)5:59🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Semporna Tawau (6/11)Driving131.7km (11πŸ“)2:13🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Sipitang Beaufort Kuala Penyu Keningau (10/11)Driving212km (15πŸ“)3:53🇲🇾
Sabah Road Trip: Tawau Kalabakan Maliau Basin (7/11)Driving190.9km (8πŸ“)3:26🇲🇾
Sabah Road: Trip Maliau Basin Keningau (8/11)Driving174.2km (5πŸ“)2:45🇲🇾
Sagone naar Bastia havenDriving145.1km (15πŸ“)2:57🇫🇷
Saint Nazaire to ConcarneauDriving216.6km (18πŸ“)4:52🇫🇷
Sakyla - Helsinki (12/12)Driving240.8km (30πŸ“)4:28🇫🇮
Salerno to Scalea along the Cilento Coast (6/11)Driving226.3km (17πŸ“)5:39🇮🇹
Salzgitter Bad naar Miesitz ThuringenDriving284.6km (13πŸ“)4:53🇩🇪
Samen op Weg tourDriving150.1km (28πŸ“)3:16🇳🇱
Samen op Wegtour 2015Driving162.5km (32πŸ“)3:25🇳🇱🇩🇪
San Francisco - Monterey (13/15)Driving190.8km (6πŸ“)2:24🇺🇸
San Francisco - Stinson Beach - Sanoma - Sausolito - San FranciscoDriving340.5km (51πŸ“)7:46🇺🇸
Sandpoint - Colville (9/15)Driving182.2km (12πŸ“)2:16🇺🇸
Sankt Margarethen im Lungau - Nockalmstrasse Milstatter- See Maltatal RundtourDriving200.3km (12πŸ“)4:12🇦🇹
Sant Julia de Loria to Pierrefitte Nestalas (2/7)Driving290.2km (18πŸ“)8:18🇦🇩🇪🇸🇫🇷
Santa Barbara - Los Angeles (15/15)Driving239.6km (18πŸ“)4:03🇺🇸
Santander to PotesDriving224.6km (11πŸ“)6:00🇪🇸
Sardinia: Arbatax - Gavio - Alghero - FertiliaDriving314.8km (31πŸ“)6:22🇮🇹
Sardinia: Bosa - Alghero - CastelsardoDriving210.6km (20πŸ“)4:29🇮🇹
Sardinia: Posada - Siniscola - Cala Gonone - Tancau - ArbataxDriving190.7km (14πŸ“)4:21🇮🇹
Sardinia: Roundtrip Cagliari - Portescusi - Carbonia - CagliariDriving271.4km (21πŸ“)6:11🇮🇹
Sardinia: Terralba - Laconi - NuoroDriving173.8km (13πŸ“)6:46🇮🇹
Sardinia: Tortoli - Gairo - Vecchio - Seui - BaruminiDriving142km (13πŸ“)3:14🇮🇹
SauerlandDriving181.4km (27πŸ“)3:21🇩🇪
Sauerland an der Henne tourDriving154.3km (26πŸ“)2:59🇩🇪
Sauerland DiemelstreckeDriving179.6km (30πŸ“)3:31🇩🇪
Sauerland Sorpe-EnteckeDriving175.3km (28πŸ“)3:37🇩🇪
Sauerland West - Best ofDriving367.4km (47πŸ“)6:57🇩🇪
Sauerland Zuid-OostDriving235km (27πŸ“)4:18🇩🇪
Sauerland: Meschede Hennesee Mohnesee Sundern Buren OlsbergDriving221.1km (33πŸ“)4:19🇩🇪
Sauerland: Sorpetalsperre Versetalsperre Kohlberg ReckenhohleDriving161.6km (23πŸ“)3:14🇩🇪
Sauerland: Wasserscheide - Rhein - WeserDriving190km (17πŸ“)3:37🇩🇪
Sauris und Naturpark Weissensee RundtourDriving250.9km (14πŸ“)5:18🇦🇹🇮🇹
Savalen Hjelledalen (6/14)Driving351.9km (13πŸ“)7:16🇳🇴
Scalea via Tropea to Villa San Giovanni to travel to Messina in Sicily (7/11)Driving263.7km (19πŸ“)5:20🇮🇹
Scenic Cornwall coast road from Bude to St IvesDriving161.2km (29πŸ“)7:55🇬🇧
Schinkenstadt San Daniele und Monte Zoncolan RundtourDriving269.3km (13πŸ“)5:27🇦🇹🇮🇹
SchorfrouteBicycling28.2km (19πŸ“)1:28🇳🇱
Schoten, Biesbos, MerksemDriving214.7km (42πŸ“)4:58🇧🇪🇳🇱
Schwarzwald PanoramastrasseDriving64km (11πŸ“)1:14🇩🇪
SchwarzwaldhochstrasseDriving61.8km (11πŸ“)1:07🇩🇪
Schwarzwaldroute from Tessenderlo to Lauterbad over Verviers (1/9)Driving541.6km (13πŸ“)9:28🇧🇪🇩🇪🇫🇷
SE Ohio from Marietta to CadizDriving501.6km (38πŸ“)8:01🇺🇸
SE Ohio from Zanesville to MariettaDriving485.4km (28πŸ“)7:32🇺🇸
Searcy to Tulsa (5/14)Driving634.7km (24πŸ“)8:15🇺🇸
Seattle - Victoria (12/15)Driving320.5km (8πŸ“)5:38🇺🇸🇨🇦
Seedy's Twentetoer 2008Driving195.6km (43πŸ“)4:30🇳🇱
Segward Scenic Highway Anchorage SewardDriving235.1km (18πŸ“)3:01🇺🇸
Sete Cidades Vulkaanroute AzorenDriving70.8km (20πŸ“)2:02🇵🇹
Severs Breeman BMW & MINI Tour 2023Driving158.8km (48πŸ“)3:34🇳🇱
Sheridan - Cody (7/13)Driving239.5km (8πŸ“)2:56🇺🇸
Shoc Open rit 2015Driving158.3km (33πŸ“)3:32🇧🇪
Siebengewald - Venlo - Vaals - Valkenburg - SiebengewaldDriving310.3km (35πŸ“)6:47🇳🇱🇩🇪
Siebengewald - Wageningen - Arnhem - Veluwezoom - Posbank - SiebengewaldDriving278.7km (43πŸ“)6:38🇳🇱🇩🇪
Siena to Camping Roma Flash at Lake Bracciano (3/11)Driving202.5km (17πŸ“)4:34🇮🇹
Silbecke - Meschede - Warstein - Moehnesee - Soest - Sorpesee - SilbeckeDriving282.8km (24πŸ“)5:37🇩🇪
Silk Road: Akcakoca - Safranbolu (14/19)Driving211.9km (21πŸ“)3:59🇹🇷
Silk Road: Amsterdam - Winterberg (1/19)Driving385.4km (21πŸ“)7:05🇳🇱🇩🇪
Silk Road: Ankara - Corum (16/19)Driving266.2km (16πŸ“)4:00🇹🇷
Silk Road: Bratislava Budapest (5/19)Driving246.7km (16πŸ“)4:29🇸🇰🇭🇺
Silk Road: Bucharest - Razgrad (9/19)Driving263.8km (17πŸ“)5:02🇷🇴🇧🇬
Silk Road: Budapest - Gyula (6/19)Driving244.7km (12πŸ“)4:27🇭🇺
Silk Road: Burgas- Karklareli - Edirne (11/19)Driving264.9km (15πŸ“)4:53🇧🇬🇹🇷
Silk Road: Corum - Susehri (17/19)Driving363.4km (13πŸ“)5:37🇹🇷
Silk Road: Edirne - Kirklareli - Istanbul (12/19)Driving265km (11πŸ“)4:13🇹🇷
Silk Road: Gyula - Sibiu (7/19)Driving369.4km (13πŸ“)6:24🇭🇺🇷🇴
Silk Road: Hof - VyΕ‘Ε‘Γ­ Brod (3/19)Driving366.4km (22πŸ“)6:08🇩🇪🇨🇿
Silk Road: Istanbul - Akcakoca (13/19)Driving262.8km (20πŸ“)5:38🇹🇷
Silk Road: Razgrad - Nessebar - Burgas (10/19)Driving244.6km (10πŸ“)4:24🇧🇬
Silk Road: Safranbolu - Ankara (15/19)Driving304.2km (13πŸ“)5:21🇹🇷
Silk Road: Sibiu - Transfagarasan - Bucharest (8/19)Driving308.7km (9πŸ“)5:58🇷🇴
Silk Road: Susehri - Trabzon (18/19)Driving302.3km (24πŸ“)5:53🇹🇷
Silk Road: Trabzon - Ardahan (19/19)Driving346.6km (16πŸ“)5:40🇹🇷
Silk Road: VyΕ‘Ε‘Γ­ Brod - Bratislava (4/19)Driving308.9km (18πŸ“)5:10🇨🇿🇦🇹🇸🇰
Silk Road: Winterberg - Hof (2/19)Driving352.5km (18πŸ“)6:00🇩🇪
Silverton to Taos through Pagosa Springs (8/18)Driving406.8km (20πŸ“)5:00🇺🇸
Sint Willebrord / Slot LoevesteinDriving156.8km (37πŸ“)4:17🇳🇱
SinterklaastoerDriving136.4km (30πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
Sirkka to Kemi (20/26)Driving299.1km (14πŸ“)8:07🇫🇮
Sisikon to RickenbachDriving272.7km (20πŸ“)7:56🇨🇭🇩🇪
SitgesDriving253.9km (36πŸ“)5:47🇪🇸
SkyeDriving291.8km (18πŸ“)5:00🇬🇧
Slingeren door de rust en de ruimte van noord SardiniΓ«Driving245.3km (31πŸ“)4:42🇮🇹
Slingerend door het binnenland van Noord SardiniΓ«Driving222.8km (20πŸ“)4:09🇮🇹
Slingerend langs de kust van SardiniΓ« naar AlgheroDriving292.4km (23πŸ“)5:08🇮🇹
Slingerend Langs de Noordkust van SardiniΓ«Driving157.8km (20πŸ“)3:04🇮🇹
Slingerende dijkjes routeDriving155.3km (30πŸ“)3:48🇳🇱
Slovenia Bel giroDriving459.6km (30πŸ“)7:55🇮🇹🇸🇮
Slovenian Italian mountains: Round trip Triglav parkDriving115.4km (9πŸ“)3:04🇸🇮🇮🇹
Slowenien und SΓΌdkΓ€rnten mit TrΓΆgener Klamm RundtourDriving295.1km (21πŸ“)6:31🇦🇹🇸🇮
Small Roundtour Westside of Pyrenees PassionsDriving169.5km (14πŸ“)3:35🇫🇷
Smalle wegen naar Abdij Villers la VilleDriving156.9km (42πŸ“)4:07🇧🇪
SmeltovenrouteDriving75.6km (14πŸ“)1:34🇸🇪
SmokkeltochtDriving84.1km (37πŸ“)2:30🇳🇱🇩🇪
Snelle bochten door ThuringenDriving301.7km (34πŸ“)5:14🇩🇪
Snertrit 2012Driving186.9km (28πŸ“)5:35🇳🇱
Snertrit BNM motorenDriving94.4km (20πŸ“)2:11🇳🇱
Snertrit Mtc Route 66 2009Driving137.3km (33πŸ“)3:11🇳🇱
Snowdonia National Park South round trip from AberystwythDriving300.8km (17πŸ“)7:35🇬🇧
Soest - Veluwe - SoestDriving185.2km (27πŸ“)3:54🇳🇱
SognefjordDriving342.9km (19πŸ“)7:29🇳🇴
Solarroute 2008Driving236.8km (35πŸ“)4:21🇳🇱🇩🇪
Soldeu - Aix les Thermes - Lacourt - SoldeuDriving296km (28πŸ“)6:29🇦🇩🇫🇷
Soldeu - Andorra la Vella - SoldeuDriving170.3km (32πŸ“)4:11🇦🇩
Soldeu - Monterdit de Baix - Puente de Montanana - Col de Nargo - SoldeuDriving343.2km (17πŸ“)6:28🇦🇩🇪🇸
Soldeu Puilaurens Sournia SoldeuDriving299km (24πŸ“)6:16🇦🇩🇫🇷
Someren-HeiderouteBicycling46km (31πŸ“)2:23🇳🇱
Sonderby - Fynshav - Boyden - Nyborg - Nymark - MonsKlint - AskebyDriving296.7km (21πŸ“)9:08🇩🇰
Sos del Rey Catolico to Pau over the PyreneesDriving211km (12πŸ“)3:59🇪🇸🇫🇷
Soumagne - DurbuyDriving129.7km (30πŸ“)2:32🇧🇪
Source de la LoireDriving244.4km (33πŸ“)5:14🇫🇷
South Dolomites from TennaDriving231.2km (16πŸ“)5:12🇮🇹
South West Coastal 300 SWC300 starting from DumfriesDriving524.9km (44πŸ“)9:02🇬🇧
Southern Dozen Ride: Top of the Roan (2/13)Driving161.4km (12πŸ“)2:25🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: East Tennessee History Tour (11/13)Driving125.3km (22πŸ“)2:27🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: Founders Ride and Beer Trail (13/13)Driving171.4km (32πŸ“)3:07🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: Howling Wolves Stars and History (10/13)Driving174.4km (20πŸ“)3:04🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: Mountain Ribbons (9/13)Driving334.1km (21πŸ“)5:14🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: Music to your Ears (5/13)Driving222.3km (21πŸ“)3:35🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: Places of the Past (3/13)Driving186.8km (15πŸ“)3:00🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: Spelunker Tour (6/13)Driving218.6km (22πŸ“)3:33🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: The 8th Wonder of the World (4/13)Driving227.1km (19πŸ“)3:20🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: The Long Dam Ride (7/13)Driving225.3km (24πŸ“)3:45🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: The Snake Ride (1/13)Driving182.3km (13πŸ“)2:42🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: Two Rivers, One Mountain and Ten Million Trout Eggs (12/13)Driving144.9km (17πŸ“)2:50🇺🇸
Southern Dozen: Vinegar Pie (8/13)Driving282.9km (25πŸ“)4:17🇺🇸
Splinderluv Mlyn naar HinterhermsdorfDriving227.8km (16πŸ“)4:59🇨🇿🇩🇪
Sploder Motortoertocht 2011 vanuit Nieuw HeetenDriving226.3km (42πŸ“)5:40🇳🇱🇩🇪
Sploder Motortoertocht 2016 vanuit Nieuw HeetenDriving239.6km (35πŸ“)5:39🇳🇱🇩🇪
Spooky Cornwall Bodmin Moor from Jamaica InnDriving126.5km (23πŸ“)2:59🇬🇧
Spooky DartmoorDriving127.9km (30πŸ“)3:17🇬🇧
Spooky round tour from Caerphilly via Rhigos Mountain and Brecon BeaconsDriving235.9km (28πŸ“)5:00🇬🇧
Springs Junction to Christchurch via Arthurs Pass (2/9)Driving330.8km (9πŸ“)6:58🇳🇿
St Etienne de Cuines to MetabiefDriving294.7km (22πŸ“)6:11🇫🇷
St. George - Las Vegas (8/15)Driving312.7km (16πŸ“)3:59🇺🇸
StadskanaalrouteBicycling33.4km (29πŸ“)1:44🇳🇱
Staller Sattel und Pragser Wildsee RundtourDriving274.4km (11πŸ“)5:05🇦🇹🇮🇹
Starkville to Kensett along the Natchez Trace Parkway (4/14)Driving523.9km (27πŸ“)6:02🇺🇸
Steamboat Springs - Estes Park (12/13)Driving244.8km (14πŸ“)3:28🇺🇸
Stecoah - The Blue Ridge Parkway - Gatlinburg (5/6)Driving451km (19πŸ“)7:20🇺🇸
Stelling van AmsterdamDriving164.7km (37πŸ“)10:26🇳🇱
Stelvio pasDriving424.7km (25πŸ“)8:26🇦🇹🇮🇹🇨🇭
Stelvio to MaccagnoDriving263.9km (14πŸ“)5:06🇮🇹🇨🇭
Stockholm to Askersund (24/26)Driving270.8km (17πŸ“)8:03🇸🇪
Strijd Tegen Water Route ZeelandDriving173.7km (44πŸ“)4:24🇳🇱
Sudwest-Pfalz - Noord-LorraineDriving311.2km (40πŸ“)6:05🇩🇪🇫🇷
Supersport route - Rondje speeltuinDriving99.3km (23πŸ“)2:06🇳🇱🇧🇪
SwalmrouteBicycling43.2km (40πŸ“)2:18🇳🇱
Taos to Amarillo (9/18)Driving520km (14πŸ“)5:44🇺🇸
Taos to Cedar Crest New MexicoDriving302.2km (15πŸ“)4:36🇺🇸
Taupo to Gisborne (12/15)Driving323.7km (10πŸ“)6:12🇳🇿
TCH Brandon to Winnipeg (11/33)Driving247.6km (10πŸ“)3:16🇨🇦
TCH Calgary to Medicine Hat (7/33)Driving438.4km (11πŸ“)4:56🇨🇦
TCH Charlottetown to Truro (28/33)Driving266.8km (15πŸ“)3:48🇨🇦
TCH Clarenville to St John (33/33)Driving396.2km (25πŸ“)6:03🇨🇦
TCH Corner Brook to Grand Falls (31/33)Driving260.2km (8πŸ“)2:36🇨🇦
TCH Espanola to Mattawa (19/33)Driving278km (10πŸ“)3:20🇨🇦
TCH Fredericton to Moncton (26/33)Driving283.1km (14πŸ“)3:54🇨🇦
TCH Grand Falls to Clarenville (32/33)Driving282.4km (15πŸ“)3:29🇨🇦
TCH Grand Falls to Fredericton (25/33)Driving246.6km (20πŸ“)3:34🇨🇦
TCH Hope to Kamloops (3/33)Driving275.3km (6πŸ“)3:07🇨🇦
TCH Ignace to Thunder Bay (14/33)Driving246.8km (7πŸ“)2:34🇨🇦
TCH Kamloops to Revelstoke (4/33)Driving217km (8πŸ“)2:41🇨🇦
TCH Kenora to Ignace (13/33)Driving251.5km (15πŸ“)2:57🇨🇦
TCH Lake Louise to Calgary (6/33)Driving226.5km (14πŸ“)3:33🇨🇦
TCH Marathon to Wawa (16/33)Driving184.6km (6πŸ“)1:55🇨🇦
TCH Mattawa to Ottawa (20/33)Driving325.2km (16πŸ“)4:23🇨🇦
TCH Medicine Hat to Moose Jaw (8/33)Driving395km (6πŸ“)3:56🇨🇦
TCH Moncton to Charlottetown (27/33)Driving214.7km (15πŸ“)3:14🇨🇦
TCH Montreal to Quebec (22/33)Driving344.8km (22πŸ“)5:57🇨🇦
TCH Moose Jaw to Regina (9/33)Driving303.2km (18πŸ“)4:06🇨🇦
TCH Nanaimo to Hope (2/33)Driving273.2km (16πŸ“)5:39🇨🇦
TCH North Sydney to Corner Brook (30/33)Driving395km (5πŸ“)10:40🇨🇦
TCH Ottawa to Montreal (21/33)Driving200.9km (15πŸ“)3:19🇨🇦
TCH Quebec to Riviere du Loup (23/33)Driving220.2km (10πŸ“)3:04🇨🇦
TCH Regina to Brandon (10/33)Driving384.6km (8πŸ“)3:51🇨🇦
TCH Revelstoke to Lake Louise (5/33)Driving289.4km (9πŸ“)3:55🇨🇦
TCH Riviere du Loup to Grand Falls (24/33)Driving248.7km (12πŸ“)3:16🇨🇦🇺🇸
TCH Sault Ste Marie to Espanola (18/33)Driving253.4km (12πŸ“)3:10🇨🇦
TCH Thunder Bay to Marathon (15/33)Driving315.8km (12πŸ“)3:53🇨🇦
TCH Truro to North Sydney (29/33)Driving362.9km (19πŸ“)4:59🇨🇦
TCH Victory to Nanaimo (1/33)Driving132.4km (12πŸ“)2:14🇨🇦
TCH Wawa to Sault Ste Marie (17/33)Driving225km (15πŸ“)2:24🇨🇦
TCH Winnipeg to Kenora (12/33)Driving299km (13πŸ“)3:53🇨🇦
Ten Cate rit 2018Driving165.7km (36πŸ“)3:47🇳🇱
Ten zuiden van CrestDriving163.5km (26πŸ“)3:41🇫🇷
Ten zuiden van Die-GapDriving193.6km (19πŸ“)3:46🇫🇷
Tenna - Hoge Dolomieten - Passo di ManghenDriving341.8km (30πŸ“)7:35🇮🇹
Tenna - Mendola Tovel - Molveno - TennaDriving302km (22πŸ“)6:52🇮🇹
Tenna - Monte Baldo - GardameerDriving230.8km (16πŸ“)5:23🇮🇹
Tenna Little DolomitesDriving293.2km (31πŸ“)7:04🇮🇹
Tenna MerenrouteDriving274.3km (23πŸ“)6:52🇮🇹
Tenna: Kleine DolomietenDriving304.2km (18πŸ“)7:09🇮🇹
TeutenrouteDriving169.7km (57πŸ“)3:56🇳🇱🇧🇪
Teuven - Diekirch - Vianden - Malmedy - TeuvenDriving352.4km (57πŸ“)7:31🇧🇪🇱🇺🇩🇪
The Brecon Beacons from Gloucester to Builth Wells (1/6)Driving257.2km (19πŸ“)6:01🇬🇧
The Cotswolds and Charlbury TT Loop from Burford to ChippinDriving204km (22πŸ“)7:31🇬🇧
The Lake District Passes ClockwiseDriving185.9km (19πŸ“)4:38🇬🇧
The Lake District Passes, anti clockwiseDriving180.8km (17πŸ“)7:35🇬🇧
The RIDE UK Season opener 2020 Spine of England From Ashbourne to AlstoneDriving308.3km (25πŸ“)7:35🇬🇧
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Alpine - Arco (9/28)Driving303.5km (14πŸ“)3:36🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Amarillo - Carlsbad Caverns (23/28)Driving553.8km (10πŸ“)5:41🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Arco - Teton County (10/28)Driving384.5km (18πŸ“)5:14🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Aspen - Denver (18/28)Driving391km (17πŸ“)5:17🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Bryce Canyon - Salina (5/28)Driving201.7km (13πŸ“)2:31🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Cameron - Bryce Canyon (4/28)Driving379.1km (16πŸ“)4:10🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Carlsbad - Terlingua (24/28)Driving442.9km (11πŸ“)5:06🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Colorado Springs - Lamar (20/28)Driving397.7km (13πŸ“)4:49🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Del Rio - Leaky (27/28)Driving326.5km (13πŸ“)3:54🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Denver - Colorado Springs (19/28)Driving349.9km (21πŸ“)6:00🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Dodge City Amarillo (22/28)Driving451.9km (9πŸ“)4:38🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Duchene - Salt Lake City (7/28)Driving307.1km (19πŸ“)4:27🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Flagstaff - CameronΒ (3/28)Driving224.5km (18πŸ“)2:56🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Fort Stockton - Del Rio (26/28)Driving311.6km (13πŸ“)3:23🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Grand Canyon - Flagstaff (2/28)Driving377.4km (13πŸ“)4:18🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Lamar - Dodge City (21/28)Driving262.6km (14πŸ“)2:57🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Leaky Texas - Twisted Sisters (28/28)Driving356.9km (16πŸ“)4:39🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Pindale - Rock Springs (13/28)Driving352.4km (13πŸ“)3:55🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Rangely - Telluride (15/28)Driving395.7km (11πŸ“)4:58🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Rock Springs - Rangely (14/28)Driving350.5km (19πŸ“)4:23🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Salina - Duchesne (6/28)Driving252.7km (11πŸ“)3:11🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Salt Lake City - Alpine (8/28)Driving408.9km (12πŸ“)4:49🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Telluride - Aspen (17/28)Driving405.6km (19πŸ“)5:38🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Terlingua - Fort Stockton (25/28)Driving332km (19πŸ“)4:27🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Teton County - Pinedale (12/28)Driving221.2km (22πŸ“)2:59🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Vegas Grand - Canyon West (1/28)Driving310.8km (21πŸ“)5:15🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road Trip: Yellowstone Park (11/28)Driving312.9km (19πŸ“)5:12🇺🇸
The Ultimate USA Road: Trip San Juan Skyway (16/28)Driving369.8km (17πŸ“)4:49🇺🇸
The Yucatan Peninsula Loop (Long)Driving1410.4km (8πŸ“)18:50🇲🇽
The Yucatan Peninsula Loop (Short)Driving467.6km (5πŸ“)6:29🇲🇽
Thuringer WoudtourDriving112.3km (14πŸ“)2:25🇩🇪
Tiende ReestlandrallyDriving185.9km (43πŸ“)4:26🇳🇱
Tienen - Givet - TienenDriving316.3km (36πŸ“)5:45🇧🇪🇫🇷
Tienen to RurbergDriving203.8km (27πŸ“)4:40🇧🇪🇩🇪
Titisee and Hexenlochmulle roundtrip out of Col de BussangDriving357km (23πŸ“)8:07🇫🇷🇩🇪
Todtnauberg - Schluchsee - Schaffhausen - TodtnaubergDriving162km (19πŸ“)3:03🇩🇪🇨🇭
Todtnauberg - Schluchsee - Titisee - Kandelberg - TodtnaubergDriving194.7km (28πŸ“)3:55🇩🇪
Torrevieja to TeruelDriving373.7km (10πŸ“)6:47🇪🇸
Torrey - St. George (7/15)Driving441.8km (9πŸ“)6:11🇺🇸
Tour of Legends 2023 - 1: Oneindig laagland (NL β†’ BE)Driving165.4km (67πŸ“)3:47🇳🇱🇧🇪
Tour of Legends 2023 - 2: Pittoreske wegen (BE β†’ NL)Driving240.3km (88πŸ“)5:10🇧🇪🇳🇱
Tour of Legends 2023 - 3: Speelse lijnen (NL β†’ DE)Driving229.9km (75πŸ“)5:01🇳🇱🇩🇪
Tour of Legends 2023 - 4: Weg van verandering (DE β†’ NL)Driving222.4km (77πŸ“)5:09🇩🇪🇳🇱
Tour of Legends 2023 - 5: Jacht op de Horizon (NL β†’ LUX)Driving224.7km (38πŸ“)4:13🇳🇱🇧🇪🇱🇺
Tour of Legends 2023 - 6: Een ode aan asfalt (LUX β†’ NL)Driving202.9km (39πŸ“)4:00🇱🇺🇧🇪🇳🇱
Tour Province de LiΓ¨geDriving270km (20πŸ“)4:48🇧🇪
Tours to Chinon (3/5)Driving97km (20πŸ“)10:02🇫🇷
Trappisten proeven in de ArdennenDriving443km (25πŸ“)7:52🇧🇪🇫🇷
Treasure Coast to Okeechobee RoundtripDriving191.3km (12πŸ“)2:32🇺🇸
Tregarth loop visiting Zip World Conwy Castle Great Orme Betws y CoedDriving112.4km (25πŸ“)7:40🇬🇧
Tregarth to Abergavenny over the Gospel PassDriving250.5km (30πŸ“)6:51🇬🇧
Triglav Nationalpark RundtourDriving209.3km (14πŸ“)4:26🇦🇹🇸🇮🇮🇹
Tropic to Bluff through Capitol Reef National Park (6/18)Driving481.3km (18πŸ“)6:02🇺🇸
Trysil Savalen (5/14)Driving237.6km (9πŸ“)5:35🇳🇴
TTT 1992-01 Beekbergen DuivenDriving94.9km (28πŸ“)3:31🇳🇱
TTT 1992-02 Caramboles in DrentheDriving108km (29πŸ“)2:51🇳🇱
TTT 1992-03 Van kust naar kustDriving78.2km (15πŸ“)2:30🇳🇱
TTT 1992-04 Nijmegen - GroesbeekDriving93.2km (25πŸ“)2:46🇳🇱
TTT 1992-05 Spa - Bouillon - SpaDriving333.8km (48πŸ“)6:45🇧🇪
TTT 1992-06 Meer rijden in GaasterlandDriving120.7km (28πŸ“)2:54🇳🇱
TTT 1992-07 Links van het IJsselmeerDriving160.2km (20πŸ“)3:20🇳🇱
TTT 1992-08 Lui slingeren langs Lek en LingeDriving114.1km (29πŸ“)3:27🇳🇱
TTT 1993-01 De wegen van prins carnavalDriving285.2km (42πŸ“)6:31🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 1993-02 De circuits in Oost NederlandDriving115.3km (29πŸ“)2:57🇳🇱
TTT 1993-03 Burgerbrug AmelandDriving139.7km (19πŸ“)3:23🇳🇱
TTT 1993-04 Den Bosch - Ravestein - Den BoschDriving118.1km (48πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱
TTT 1993-05 Bikkelen door DrentheDriving118.4km (27πŸ“)2:52🇳🇱
TTT 1994-02 Van Nulde naar DeventerDriving123.4km (24πŸ“)2:36🇳🇱
TTT 1994-03 Van Deventer naar ZwartemeerDriving151.5km (38πŸ“)4:08🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 1994-04 Van Zwartemeer naar NoordpolderzijlDriving143.4km (31πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱
TTT 1994-07 Van Noordpolderzijl naar SneekDriving150km (37πŸ“)3:46🇳🇱
TTT 1994-08 Van Sneek naar ZwartsluisDriving131.6km (26πŸ“)3:06🇳🇱
TTT 1994-09 Van Zwartsluis naar den HelderDriving162.8km (30πŸ“)3:30🇳🇱
TTT 1994-10 Van Den Helder naar AalsmeerDriving150.3km (27πŸ“)3:41🇳🇱
TTT 1994-11 Van Aalsmeer naar MaaslandDriving119km (21πŸ“)3:19🇳🇱
TTT 1995-03 Van Maasland naar VeereDriving154km (29πŸ“)3:59🇳🇱
TTT 1995-04 Veere naar Bergen op ZoomDriving208.5km (33πŸ“)4:06🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 1995-05 Van Bergen op Zoom naar OirschotDriving97.5km (13πŸ“)2:17🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 1995-06 Van Oirschot naar GeulleDriving122.8km (27πŸ“)3:10🇳🇱
TTT 1995-07 Van Geulle naar ThornDriving145km (33πŸ“)3:38🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 1995-08 Van Thorn naar BatenburgDriving124.2km (37πŸ“)3:36🇳🇱
TTT 1995-09 Van Batenburg naar NuldeDriving108.1km (34πŸ“)3:32🇳🇱
TTT 1996-01 Zuidwest FrieslandDriving132.3km (28πŸ“)3:10🇳🇱
TTT 1996-02 Veluwe en GraafschapDriving125.7km (27πŸ“)3:14🇳🇱
TTT 1996-03 Over de Utrechtse HeuvelrugDriving127.9km (33πŸ“)4:37🇳🇱
TTT 1996-04 Zuid Limburg en de VoerstreekDriving98.4km (38πŸ“)2:48🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 1996-05 De IJsselmeerpoldersDriving125.5km (28πŸ“)3:05🇳🇱
TTT 1996-06 De Zuid Hollandse EilandenDriving139.9km (35πŸ“)4:25🇳🇱
TTT 1997-01 Rondje BredaDriving112.3km (24πŸ“)2:50🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 1997-02 Rondje StellingwerfDriving145.4km (28πŸ“)3:40🇳🇱
TTT 1997-03 Rondje RandstadDriving173.4km (27πŸ“)4:31🇳🇱
TTT 1997-04 Rondje AchterhoekDriving162.5km (32πŸ“)4:19🇳🇱
TTT 1997-05 Rondje Noord HollandDriving144.2km (35πŸ“)4:01🇳🇱
TTT 1997-06 Rondje EindhovenDriving141.3km (26πŸ“)3:31🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 1998-01 Rondje VeluwemeerDriving165.4km (24πŸ“)3:41🇳🇱
TTT 1998-02 Rondje FivelingoDriving132.8km (36πŸ“)3:12🇳🇱
TTT 1998-03 Rondje MaasDriving109.8km (38πŸ“)3:00🇳🇱
TTT 1998-05 Rondje HoeksewaardDriving111.4km (35πŸ“)3:18🇳🇱
TTT 1998-06 Rondje PurmerendDriving170.8km (29πŸ“)4:33🇳🇱
TTT 1998-07 Midden ZeelandDriving115.2km (32πŸ“)3:09🇳🇱
TTT 1999-01 Rondje Fruit in de BetuweDriving135.1km (33πŸ“)3:53🇳🇱
TTT 1999-02 FrieslandDriving167.5km (41πŸ“)4:04🇳🇱
TTT 1999-03 Rondje Bergen op ZoomDriving150.4km (32πŸ“)4:00🇳🇱
TTT 1999-04 Rondje DrentheDriving146.5km (41πŸ“)3:15🇳🇱
TTT 1999-05 Rondje PeelDriving131.4km (38πŸ“)3:28🇳🇱
TTT 1999-06 Rondje Noord OostpolderDriving129.7km (25πŸ“)3:02🇳🇱
TTT 1999-07 Rondje AmersfoortDriving120.8km (36πŸ“)3:34🇳🇱
TTT 2000-01 Rondje AltenaDriving140.4km (40πŸ“)3:45🇳🇱
TTT 2000-02 Rondje WestewoldeDriving127.1km (22πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
TTT 2000-03 Rondje LopikerwaardDriving121.7km (27πŸ“)2:44🇳🇱
TTT 2000-04 Rondje AchterhoekDriving123.7km (32πŸ“)3:20🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2000-05 Rondje Noord HollandDriving135.5km (26πŸ“)3:26🇳🇱
TTT 2000-06 Tussen Vaals en WeertDriving143.6km (32πŸ“)3:19🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2000-07 MossellandDriving141.7km (43πŸ“)3:34🇳🇱
TTT 2001-01 Gelders BrabantDriving144km (41πŸ“)3:14🇳🇱
TTT 2001-02 Rondje SneekDriving138.5km (25πŸ“)3:12🇳🇱
TTT 2001-03 Noord HollandDriving130.2km (31πŸ“)3:20🇳🇱
TTT 2001-04 TwenteDriving133.7km (34πŸ“)3:51🇳🇱
TTT 2001-05 Zuid Holland EuropoortDriving173.8km (23πŸ“)4:29🇳🇱
TTT 2001-06 Langbroek OldebroekDriving147.3km (30πŸ“)3:41🇳🇱
TTT 2002-01 Merentocht Zuid Holland Noordwijk StompwijkDriving140km (31πŸ“)3:50🇳🇱
TTT 2002-02 Graafschap BetuweDriving135km (31πŸ“)4:06🇳🇱
TTT 2002-03 Het Drentse LandschapDriving137.8km (20πŸ“)3:05🇳🇱
TTT 2002-04 MaasplassenDriving141.3km (40πŸ“)3:28🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2002-05 Middelie AndijkDriving137.9km (30πŸ“)3:39🇳🇱
TTT 2002-06 Westmalle HerkingenDriving147.6km (33πŸ“)3:37🇧🇪🇳🇱
TTT 2002-07 Rondje 't GooiDriving123.5km (26πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱
TTT 2003-01 AlblasserwaardDriving126.4km (26πŸ“)3:13🇳🇱
TTT 2003-02 Teuge - LetteleDriving146.2km (26πŸ“)3:37🇳🇱
TTT 2003-03 Rondje UtrechtDriving187km (24πŸ“)4:12🇳🇱
TTT 2003-04 Loonse en Drunense DuinenDriving132km (26πŸ“)3:33🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2003-05 WeerribbenDriving169.4km (22πŸ“)4:07🇳🇱
TTT 2003-06 De Hoge VeluweDriving138.3km (26πŸ“)3:47🇳🇱
TTT 2003-07 De MeinwegDriving134.4km (38πŸ“)3:41🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2004-01 GoedereedeDriving142.6km (24πŸ“)4:11🇳🇱
TTT 2004-02 Noord HollandDriving130.4km (24πŸ“)3:16🇳🇱
TTT 2004-03 GroningenDriving146.1km (24πŸ“)3:45🇳🇱
TTT 2004-04 AchterhoekDriving131km (29πŸ“)3:35🇳🇱
TTT 2004-05 Noord Brabant en de Belgische grensDriving139.2km (20πŸ“)3:20🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2004-06 Gelderse rivierenDriving123km (28πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2005-01 Gorinchem LeimuidenDriving132.3km (22πŸ“)4:10🇳🇱
TTT 2005-02 Friesland Zurich MenaldumDriving163.9km (30πŸ“)3:32🇳🇱
TTT 2005-03 Zeeland Colijnsplaat WoensdrechtDriving124.4km (29πŸ“)3:34🇳🇱
TTT 2005-04 OverijsselDriving127.8km (22πŸ“)3:40🇳🇱
TTT 2005-05 BrabantDriving136.2km (27πŸ“)3:34🇳🇱
TTT 2005-06 DrentheDriving127.3km (19πŸ“)2:53🇳🇱
TTT 2006-01 Diemen NieuwerbrugDriving121.5km (33πŸ“)3:35🇳🇱
TTT 2006-02 Nieuweschans PesseDriving125.4km (22πŸ“)2:54🇳🇱
TTT 2006-03 Tour de FranceDriving221.1km (26πŸ“)4:25🇱🇺🇧🇪🇳🇱
TTT 2006-04 FlevolandDriving187.1km (22πŸ“)4:00🇳🇱
TTT 2006-05 Noord HollandDriving155.6km (21πŸ“)3:44🇳🇱
TTT 2006-06 Noord BrabantDriving103.8km (12πŸ“)2:30🇳🇱
TTT 2007-01 Zuid Hollandse EilandenDriving124.7km (32πŸ“)4:02🇳🇱
TTT 2007-02 BollenstreekDriving109.4km (38πŸ“)3:09🇳🇱
TTT 2007-03 Luik Bastenaken LuikDriving239.4km (36πŸ“)5:19🇧🇪
TTT 2007-04 Grou MenaldumDriving126.4km (24πŸ“)2:57🇳🇱
TTT 2007-05 Delden BarneveldDriving156.3km (27πŸ“)4:03🇳🇱
TTT 2007-06 Someren ErpDriving152.8km (27πŸ“)3:49🇳🇱
TTT 2008-01 Puttershoek BrielleDriving129.8km (34πŸ“)4:08🇳🇱
TTT 2008-02 Rolde ZwolleDriving120.4km (27πŸ“)3:04🇳🇱
TTT 2008-03 Rondje MonschauDriving205.6km (25πŸ“)4:42🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
TTT 2008-06 Slingeren door de BetuweDriving141.9km (32πŸ“)3:57🇳🇱
TTT 2009-01 Gouda WateringenDriving126.4km (23πŸ“)3:45🇳🇱
TTT 2009-02 Ede HoenderlooDriving138.2km (20πŸ“)3:04🇳🇱
TTT 2009-03 Harlingen NijeveenDriving130.3km (20πŸ“)3:08🇳🇱
TTT 2009-04 Harz D1 Zevenaar GoslarDriving378.4km (20πŸ“)6:29🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2009-04 Harz D2 Bockswiese Stolberg BockswieseDriving270.8km (27πŸ“)5:10🇩🇪
TTT 2009-04 Harz D3 Bockswiese ZevenaarDriving371.2km (20πŸ“)6:28🇩🇪🇳🇱
TTT 2009-05 Zuid LimburgDriving124.7km (35πŸ“)3:29🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2009-06 GrensrouteDriving134.3km (27πŸ“)3:30🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2010 -04 Eifel D3 Manderscheid AstenDriving253.7km (36πŸ“)5:15🇩🇪🇧🇪🇳🇱
TTT 2010-01 Noord Holland Hoorn BergenDriving141.7km (40πŸ“)3:32🇳🇱
TTT 2010-02 OverijsselDriving132.2km (34πŸ“)3:44🇳🇱
TTT 2010-03 ZeelandDriving131.5km (39πŸ“)4:01🇳🇱
TTT 2010-04 Eifel D1 Asten ManderscheidDriving323.4km (50πŸ“)6:58🇳🇱🇩🇪🇧🇪
TTT 2010-04 Eifel D2 Rondrit ManderscheidDriving318.4km (37πŸ“)6:21🇩🇪
TTT 2010-05 Groningen DrentheDriving162.1km (28πŸ“)3:40🇳🇱
TTT 2010-06 BelgiΓ« D1 Gilze WaimesDriving222.6km (37πŸ“)5:27🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2010-06 BelgiΓ« D2 Rondrit WaimesDriving246.1km (47πŸ“)5:49🇧🇪
TTT 2010-06 BelgiΓ« D3 Waimes AstenDriving161.5km (20πŸ“)3:33🇧🇪🇳🇱
TTT 2010-07 Brabant LimburgDriving136.1km (40πŸ“)3:27🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2011-01 Zuid HollandDriving147.6km (27πŸ“)4:14🇳🇱
TTT 2011-02 Nijkerk VoorthuizenDriving144.4km (30πŸ“)3:53🇳🇱
TTT 2011-03 Rondje ApeldoornDriving148.1km (30πŸ“)3:45🇳🇱
TTT 2011-04 Enkhuizen WatergangDriving136km (23πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
TTT 2011-05 GaasterlandDriving138.7km (33πŸ“)3:04🇳🇱
TTT 2011-06 Linge BetuweDriving118.6km (45πŸ“)3:34🇳🇱
TTT 2011-07 Rondje BredaDriving123.4km (30πŸ“)3:23🇳🇱
TTT 2012-01 Eifel Prum D1Driving254.2km (24πŸ“)4:42🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
TTT 2012-01 Eifel Prum D2Driving281.5km (37πŸ“)5:16🇩🇪
TTT 2012-01 Eifel Prum D3Driving294km (28πŸ“)5:42🇩🇪🇱🇺🇧🇪🇳🇱
TTT 2012-02 Zutphen DoetinchemDriving132.1km (37πŸ“)3:49🇳🇱
TTT 2012-03 Leende MontfortDriving160.9km (40πŸ“)3:57🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2012-05 Drenthe Dalen HooghalenDriving131.8km (28πŸ“)2:43🇳🇱
TTT 2012-06 Zeeland Lottum LieropDriving126.2km (35πŸ“)3:46🇳🇱
TTT 2012-07 Assen Lauwersmeer DrachtenDriving136.1km (36πŸ“)3:31🇳🇱
TTT 2013-01 Kijkduin Den Hoorn een rondje WestlandDriving123.7km (46πŸ“)3:40🇳🇱
TTT 2013-02 Lent GorinchemDriving140.9km (33πŸ“)4:08🇳🇱
TTT 2013-03 Zeeuws Vlaanderen vanuit TerneuzenDriving131.1km (34πŸ“)3:47🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2013-04 Oude Pekela SpierDriving116.7km (25πŸ“)2:54🇳🇱
TTT 2013-05 Etten Leur BennekomDriving156.9km (39πŸ“)4:26🇳🇱
TTT 2013-06 Meppel DoesburgDriving130.9km (28πŸ“)3:09🇳🇱
TTT 2014-01 De Meern BodegravenDriving125.7km (23πŸ“)3:23🇳🇱
TTT 2014-02 Hengelo LochemDriving138.5km (41πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱
TTT 2014-03 Maastricht MargratenDriving110.8km (27πŸ“)2:51🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2014-04 Zuidbroek EeldeDriving132.9km (35πŸ“)3:10🇳🇱
TTT 2014-05 Den Dungen ZeelandDriving129.8km (32πŸ“)3:23🇳🇱
TTT 2014-06 Purmerend SpijkerboorDriving145.3km (26πŸ“)3:28🇳🇱
TTT 2014-07 Joure HeegDriving132.5km (33πŸ“)3:24🇳🇱
TTT 2015-01 Spijkenisse Oud BeijerlandDriving118.1km (31πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱
TTT 2015-03 Purmerend BakkumDriving116.2km (28πŸ“)3:12🇳🇱
TTT 2015-04 Slenaken - Prum - SlenakenDriving273km (37πŸ“)5:39🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
TTT 2015-05 Doetinchem ZutphenDriving122.6km (36πŸ“)3:46🇳🇱
TTT 2015-06 Assen WijsterDriving126.9km (22πŸ“)2:51🇳🇱
TTT 2015-07 Den Bosch - LiempdeDriving132.6km (31πŸ“)3:49🇳🇱
TTT 2016-01 Rondrit BunnikDriving127.8km (28πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
TTT 2016-02 Zurich Harlingen Stavoren ZurichDriving126.4km (26πŸ“)2:50🇳🇱
TTT 2016-03 Wassenaar UrsumDriving105.1km (26πŸ“)3:11🇳🇱
TTT 2016-04 Slenaken Weismampach SlenakenDriving250.2km (34πŸ“)5:16🇳🇱🇧🇪🇱🇺
TTT 2016-05 Wessem OdiliapeelDriving122.9km (34πŸ“)3:21🇳🇱
TTT 2016-06 Hardenberg DalenDriving127.6km (28πŸ“)3:21🇳🇱
TTT 2016-07 Roosendaal Etten LeurDriving127.7km (23πŸ“)3:13🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2017-01 Bodegraven - SchoonhovenDriving116.7km (20πŸ“)3:17🇳🇱
TTT 2017-02 Zutphen - DuivenDriving137.8km (43πŸ“)6:00🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2017-03 Oud Gastel - ColijnsplaatDriving140.7km (21πŸ“)3:46🇳🇱
TTT 2017-04 Rondje Vulkaaneifel vanuit SlenakenDriving262.8km (39πŸ“)5:27🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪
TTT 2017-05 Rondje GroningenDriving135.3km (26πŸ“)3:02🇳🇱
TTT 2017-06 Rondje Noord Holland vanuit AlkmaarDriving125.5km (25πŸ“)3:15🇳🇱
TTT 2017-07 Spier - MeppelDriving121.8km (33πŸ“)2:53🇳🇱
TTT 2018-01 Rondje Achterhoek vanuit HengeloDriving141.5km (38πŸ“)4:04🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2018-02 Rondje Noord Holland vanuit AkerslootDriving141.2km (34πŸ“)3:58🇳🇱
TTT 2018-03 Overijssel en Drenthe vanuit SteenwijkDriving159.3km (30πŸ“)4:05🇳🇱
TTT 2018-04 Rondje Zuid Limburg vanuit MaastrichtDriving149.2km (35πŸ“)3:54🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2018-05 Rondje Zeeland vanuit SpijkenisseDriving158.3km (35πŸ“)5:02🇳🇱
TTT 2018-06 Rondje Gelderse kusten vanuit HarderwijkDriving155.8km (33πŸ“)4:11🇳🇱
TTT 2019-01 Rondrit Achterhoek vanuit DoetinchemDriving139.9km (51πŸ“)4:22🇳🇱
TTT 2019-02 Rondje Haarlemmermeer vanuit VijfhuizenDriving154.6km (34πŸ“)4:09🇳🇱
TTT 2019-03 Rondje Brabant vanuit TilburgDriving139.7km (33πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2019-04 Rondje Friesland vanuit LemmerDriving127.3km (26πŸ“)3:11🇳🇱
TTT 2019-05 Venlo DinxperloDriving169.7km (39πŸ“)4:20🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2019-06 Rondje Randstad vanuit HilversumDriving124.5km (26πŸ“)5:09🇳🇱
TTT 2020-01 Zwolle Hoogeveen ZwolleDriving135.5km (30πŸ“)3:36🇳🇱
TTT 2020-02 Oldenzaal Gronau OldenzaalDriving136.6km (53πŸ“)3:21🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2020-04 Rondje Drenthe vanuit ZuidlarenDriving153.1km (31πŸ“)3:24🇳🇱
TTT 2020-05 Rondje Brabantse Wal vanuit Etten LeurDriving150.4km (43πŸ“)4:20🇳🇱🇧🇪
TTT 2020-06 Rondje Utrechtse Heuvelrug vanuit HilversumDriving142.7km (32πŸ“)3:59🇳🇱
TTT 2021-01: Rondom LeeuwardenDriving169.8km (48πŸ“)6:41🇳🇱
TTT 2021-02 Rondom VughtDriving164.2km (48πŸ“)4:26🇳🇱
TTT 2021-03 Heumen Siebengewald HeumenDriving127.4km (45πŸ“)3:42🇳🇱🇩🇪
TTT 2021-04 Rondom VierhoutenDriving134.4km (36πŸ“)3:07🇳🇱
TTT 2021-05 Tussen de rivieren vanuit Wijk Bij DuurstedeDriving157.1km (61πŸ“)5:26🇳🇱
TTT 2022-01 Enkhuizen Schagen EnkhuizenDriving160.9km (39πŸ“)3:46🇳🇱
Tuba City - Blanding (5/15)Driving329.7km (14πŸ“)4:27🇺🇸
Tukkerrit 1Driving144km (24πŸ“)2:54🇳🇱
Tukkerrit 2Driving216.3km (58πŸ“)4:58🇳🇱
Tulpenroute FlevopolderDriving129.3km (25πŸ“)2:06🇳🇱
Tulsa to Dodge City (6/14)Driving564.1km (15πŸ“)6:50🇺🇸
Tunnel du RouxDriving237.3km (31πŸ“)5:26🇫🇷
Tuscaloosa - Chattanooga (11/12)Driving490.2km (17πŸ“)6:18🇺🇸
Tussen Rietveld en MondriaanBicycling40.8km (32πŸ“)2:25🇳🇱
Tussen zoet en zoutDriving109.8km (34πŸ“)2:51🇧🇪🇳🇱
Twee dagen Eifel-MoezelDriving588.6km (58πŸ“)11:23🇩🇪
Twee dagen LuxemburgDriving238km (22πŸ“)4:34🇳🇱🇧🇪🇩🇪🇱🇺
Twee provincies - twee landenDriving221.4km (36πŸ“)5:01🇳🇱🇩🇪
Twee uurtjes West-BrabantDriving138km (44πŸ“)3:23🇳🇱
Tweede DamiaanrouteDriving153.1km (39πŸ“)3:39🇧🇪
Twente grensrouteDriving172.9km (39πŸ“)3:55🇳🇱
TwentekanaalrouteBicycling54.5km (40πŸ“)2:51🇳🇱
Twenterit 2006Driving142.7km (22πŸ“)2:58🇳🇱
Twentse AvondtochtDriving102.7km (26πŸ“)2:17🇳🇱
Twizel to Kurow (2/3)Driving363.3km (12πŸ“)5:12🇳🇿
Two day roundtrip: Bras dOr Lake Scenic Ride Nova Scotia (1/2)Driving204.8km (11πŸ“)3:00🇨🇦
Two day roundtrip: Bras dOr Lake Scenic Ride Nova Scotia (2/2)Driving313.1km (18πŸ“)5:49🇨🇦
Two day trip: Appeltern Winschoten Lemmer Meppel Medemblik PuttenDriving759.6km (43πŸ“)13:45🇳🇱
UK Scotland: Aanrijroute IJmuiden (1/10)Driving61.9km (13πŸ“)1:15🇳🇱
UK Scotland: Blairgowrie to LochNess (4/10)Driving276.2km (23πŸ“)4:44🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Fort William Roundtrip (8/10)Driving304.3km (20πŸ“)7:08🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Fort William to Moffat (9/10)Driving290.4km (16πŸ“)4:14🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Garve to Ft William (7/10)Driving340.7km (16πŸ“)5:51🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Loch Ness to Thurso (5/10)Driving273.4km (17πŸ“)4:23🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Moffat to Newcastle (10/10)Driving180.1km (15πŸ“)2:44🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Newcastle to Nine Mile Burn (2/10)Driving248.8km (21πŸ“)4:13🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Nine Mile Burn to Blairgowrie (3/10)Driving250.9km (26πŸ“)4:51🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Thurso to Garve (6/10)Driving262.7km (13πŸ“)4:03🇬🇧
UK Scotland: Thurso to Garve (6a/10)Driving295km (10πŸ“)4:42🇬🇧
UKR Crimea Tour: Feodosiya to Sevastopol (1/2)Driving246.3km (16πŸ“)5:08🇺🇦
UKR Crimea Tour: Sevastopol to Feodosiya (2/2)Driving349.9km (13πŸ“)5:05🇺🇦
Ullapool to Dornie via Applecross and Isle of Skye (6/10)Driving363.3km (17πŸ“)6:29🇬🇧
Ullapool to John O Groats (7/7)Driving311.9km (29πŸ“)8:47🇬🇧
Ulricehamn Goteborg (14/14)Driving107.9km (7πŸ“)1:36🇸🇪
Unesco BiosphΓ€renpark KΓ€rnter Nockberge RundtourDriving287.1km (21πŸ“)5:39🇦🇹
Utrecht - EeldeDriving220km (23πŸ“)4:09🇳🇱
Utrecht Waterlinie-ZuidBicycling50km (28πŸ“)2:39🇳🇱
Utrechts RondjeDriving167.8km (22πŸ“)3:58🇳🇱
Utrechtse HeuvelrugDriving124.6km (71πŸ“)3:23🇳🇱
Utrechtse Heuvelrug en de BetuweDriving128.2km (37πŸ“)3:48🇳🇱
Utrechtse heuvelrug en Hoge VeluweDriving161km (27πŸ“)3:37🇳🇱
Uurainen - Ruovesi (8/12)Driving273.4km (42πŸ“)5:41🇫🇮
Uutblaoz’n tussen druivenrankenBicycling36.3km (27πŸ“)1:56🇳🇱
Vaassen - Giethoorn - VaassenDriving269km (31πŸ“)5:22🇳🇱
Van Amerongen naar Vianen langs de bloesembomenDriving115.9km (32πŸ“)3:18🇳🇱
Van Assenede via de Westerschelde naar DoelDriving92.7km (23πŸ“)2:36🇧🇪🇳🇱
Van Catalaanse Pyreneeen naar de Costa BravaDriving162.4km (15πŸ“)3:57🇪🇸
Van champignons tot rozenBicycling27.7km (27πŸ“)1:31🇳🇱
Van Dam tot DomDriving89.5km (25πŸ“)3:12🇳🇱
Van der Werf CabriotoerDriving101.9km (20πŸ“)2:27🇳🇱
Van Ettlingen naar Oberried door het Zwarte WoudDriving240.5km (13πŸ“)4:36🇩🇪
Van Frankrijk naar SpanjeDriving309.1km (11πŸ“)6:04🇫🇷🇪🇸
Van het RhΓ΄newater naar de HermitagewijnDriving118.8km (24πŸ“)2:24🇫🇷
Van HunsrΓΌck naar PiesportDriving218.3km (34πŸ“)4:29🇩🇪
Van La Roche en Ardenne naar DaunDriving221.8km (22πŸ“)4:42🇧🇪🇱🇺🇩🇪
Van Oberried naar Rottach Egern via Deutsche AlpenstrasseDriving463.9km (27πŸ“)8:04🇩🇪
Van Pasjak naar Faaker SeeDriving345.5km (22πŸ“)7:44🇭🇷🇸🇮🇦🇹
Van Rasun di Sotto naar Klosters door de DolomietenDriving476.1km (15πŸ“)10:13🇮🇹🇨🇭
Van Rottach Egern naar Rasun di Sotto via GroßglocknerDriving530.5km (19πŸ“)9:41🇩🇪🇦🇹🇮🇹
Van Saint DiΓ© Des Vosges naar Giromagny via de Route des Cretes VosgesDriving196.8km (14πŸ“)3:46🇫🇷
Van Saint Michel de Maurienne naar BarcelonnetteDriving169.9km (9πŸ“)5:14🇫🇷
Van stad naar strand-routeBicycling38.3km (26πŸ“)2:07🇳🇱
Van vestingstad naar vestingstadBicycling57.2km (55πŸ“)3:43🇳🇱
van Wassenaar naar Sassenheim via de BollenstreekDriving61.5km (24πŸ“)3:31🇳🇱
Van Zuid Tirol naar het GardameerDriving194.1km (15πŸ“)4:45🇮🇹
Vancouver - Merritt (1/15)Driving296.8km (7πŸ“)3:33🇨🇦
Vanuit Nevele op verkenning naar en door de Vlaamse ArdennenDriving202.9km (60πŸ“)5:58🇧🇪
Varnamo to Trelleborg (26/26)Driving259.3km (20πŸ“)8:53🇸🇪
Vattern - Jonkoping - Gotenburg (6/9)Driving259.5km (11πŸ“)3:30🇸🇪
Vecht- en ReestdalDriving156.5km (40πŸ“)3:28🇳🇱
Veendam - Terherne - VeendamDriving227.5km (26πŸ“)5:22🇳🇱
Veendam Drentsche AaDriving119.5km (26πŸ“)3:04🇳🇱
VeldenrouteBicycling46.3km (45πŸ“)2:28🇳🇱
VeluweDriving235.8km (45πŸ“)5:33🇳🇱
Veluwe en IJsselrouteDriving204.1km (31πŸ“)4:27🇳🇱
Veluwe en RandmerenDriving198.2km (33πŸ“)4:08🇳🇱
Veluwe via PosbankDriving184km (24πŸ“)4:13🇳🇱
Veluwemeer en IJsselrouteDriving130.6km (24πŸ“)3:09🇳🇱
VeluwerouteDriving164.9km (25πŸ“)3:36🇳🇱
Veluwetocht UchelenDriving184km (21πŸ“)3:57🇳🇱
Veneto Tour (Venetiaanse land)Driving359.2km (37πŸ“)10:12🇮🇹
Ventura to Gilroy (2/18)Driving542.3km (16πŸ“)6:53🇺🇸
Vercors Rundtour von Autrans via Pont en Royans und Combe LavalDriving114.8km (11πŸ“)2:13🇫🇷
Verdronken land van Zuid-BevelandBicycling41km (34πŸ“)2:03🇳🇱
Vermont Waterfall Road TripDriving383.5km (41πŸ“)6:12🇺🇸
Vianden - Echternach - Schengen - Beaufort - ViandenDriving168.8km (20πŸ“)3:07🇱🇺
Victoria - Port Alberni (13/15)Driving194.7km (7πŸ“)2:45🇨🇦
Vieirinhos to Peniche visiting NazareDriving222.6km (25πŸ“)5:11🇵🇹
Vielsalm - Vianden - Houffalize - La RocheDriving284.4km (54πŸ“)5:33🇧🇪🇩🇪🇱🇺
Vier provinciΓ«nDriving327.6km (43πŸ“)6:54🇳🇱
Vierkantje UtrechtDriving199.6km (35πŸ“)5:44🇳🇱
Vigo di Fassa to Misurina over the Passo Sela Passo Pordoi and Cortina d'Ampez (5/9)Driving211.6km (20πŸ“)5:34🇮🇹
Vijf pontjes routeDriving235.7km (38πŸ“)7:02🇳🇱
Vijf Rivieren TochtDriving148.3km (29πŸ“)4:27🇳🇱
VijflandentourDriving372.1km (27πŸ“)6:40🇳🇱🇧🇪🇫🇷🇱🇺🇩🇪
Villach in Austria to Postojna in SloveniaDriving217.5km (12πŸ“)4:31🇦🇹🇸🇮
Villard de Lans door de wilde VercorsDriving244km (21πŸ“)7:32🇫🇷
Vimmerby - Vastervik - Atvidaberg - Gota channel - Borensberg (5/9)Driving286.7km (16πŸ“)5:00🇸🇪
Visalia - Mariposa (11/15)Driving368km (22πŸ“)6:03🇺🇸
Viseu to Zamora through the Serra de EstrelaDriving408.8km (16πŸ“)7:22🇵🇹🇪🇸
Vlaamse ArdennenDriving174.3km (49πŸ“)4:08🇧🇪
Vlinderhoeve motortoer 2008Driving222.9km (45πŸ“)4:57🇳🇱🇩🇪
VogelsbergDriving229km (43πŸ“)4:13🇩🇪
Vom Mauthen to Vigo di Cadore Rundtour mit 6 paesseDriving237.9km (15πŸ“)5:54🇦🇹🇮🇹
Voorjaarstoertocht MC ZwolleDriving240.5km (44πŸ“)5:07🇳🇱
Vorau Vorau - De Zuidelijke SteiermarkDriving268.6km (28πŸ“)5:20🇦🇹
Vosges South out of Col de Bussang LARGEDriving314.8km (36πŸ“)7:35🇫🇷
Vosges South out of Col de Bussang MEDIUMDriving254km (30πŸ“)6:07🇫🇷
Vosges South out of Col de Bussang SMALLDriving171.9km (20πŸ“)4:12🇫🇷
Waals-Brabant, Henegouwen en Oost-VlaanderenDriving234km (31πŸ“)4:41🇧🇪🇫🇷
Waipu Cove to Paihia in the Bay of Islands (2/15)Driving230.4km (21πŸ“)6:49🇳🇿
Walking or cycling the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix CircuitWalking4.2km (15πŸ“)0:54🇲🇨
Wall - Rapid City (5/13)Driving274.1km (15πŸ“)3:43🇺🇸
Wandelen op de Sallandse heuvelrug vanuit HaarleWalking10.2km (14πŸ“)2:03🇳🇱
Wanganui to Wellington (9/15)Driving255.7km (21πŸ“)6:38🇳🇿
Washington DC to Waynesboro through the Shenandoah National ParkDriving239.7km (12πŸ“)3:55🇺🇸
Waterfall tour out of Tongeren via Coo and ReinhardsteinDriving279.3km (43πŸ“)6:12🇧🇪
WaterlandDriving67.9km (26πŸ“)1:56🇳🇱
Waterrijk Rondje Zuid HollandDriving216.2km (34πŸ“)5:51🇳🇱
Watertorenroute Noord-HollandDriving214.5km (32πŸ“)5:11🇳🇱
Waynesboro to Stecoah along the Blue Ridge ParkwayDriving843km (25πŸ“)13:02🇺🇸
Welkooptoertocht 2017Driving225.7km (38πŸ“)5:44🇳🇱
Wellen - WellenDriving346.7km (35πŸ“)6:19🇧🇪🇫🇷
Wellington to Napier (10/15)Driving389.3km (23πŸ“)8:30🇳🇿
Wells Next the Sea to Middlesbrough (2/10)Driving365.7km (26πŸ“)5:59🇬🇧
Wellsford to Raglan (6/15)Driving286km (21πŸ“)6:06🇳🇿
Wenatchee - Seattle (11/15)Driving220.8km (12πŸ“)3:04🇺🇸
Werewolves and sirensDriving273.5km (34πŸ“)6:30🇩🇪
West Zeeuws-Vlaamse polderrouteDriving105.5km (35πŸ“)2:47🇳🇱🇧🇪
West- en Frans VlaanderenDriving242.3km (35πŸ“)4:49🇧🇪🇫🇷
West-Brabant-Tholen routeDriving181.4km (37πŸ“)4:03🇳🇱
Westelijke Alpen van Barcelonnette naar St Sauveur sur TineeDriving305.8km (16πŸ“)8:37🇫🇷
Westerbork Centraal / Drentse HooglandenDriving189.5km (53πŸ“)4:26🇳🇱
Westerwald Rhein EifelDriving245.7km (28πŸ“)5:39🇩🇪
Westport to Picton (9/9)Driving385.9km (13πŸ“)9:22🇳🇿
Westward Ho to Torrington via Hartland QuayDriving63.4km (12πŸ“)2:21🇬🇧
Whangamata to Auckland (15/15)Driving307.8km (19πŸ“)8:04🇳🇿
Whitstable naar ColchesterDriving226.9km (26πŸ“)4:28🇬🇧
Wielen - Raalte - Ommen - Teuge - Holten - WielenDriving305.6km (35πŸ“)6:55🇩🇪🇳🇱
Wijk bij Duurstede - HarderwijkDriving138.9km (21πŸ“)2:59🇳🇱
Wild Atlantic Way SouthNorthDriving2157.4km (122πŸ“)1d 15:55🇮🇪
Williams Lake - Prince George (3/15)Driving243.9km (7πŸ“)2:42🇨🇦
Windermere to BangorDriving288.2km (18πŸ“)6:36🇬🇧
WindesheimrouteBicycling38.7km (23πŸ“)2:07🇳🇱
Winklern door Aut-Svn-Ita naar KΓΆtschachDriving349.2km (15πŸ“)7:30🇦🇹🇸🇮🇮🇹
Winterberg - SiegenDriving249km (27πŸ“)4:55🇩🇪
Winterberg TourDriving135.1km (21πŸ“)2:25🇩🇪
Wissembourg to RibeauvilleDriving248.4km (24πŸ“)7:58🇫🇷
Woerden-Giessenburg-Krimpen-Cabauw-WoerdenDriving154.9km (31πŸ“)4:30🇳🇱
Wolvega - Weerribben - Friese MerenDriving250.8km (35πŸ“)5:28🇳🇱
Wonen aan het werk-routeBicycling20.1km (34πŸ“)1:05🇳🇱
WΓΆrthersee Soboth KlippitztΓΆrl RundtourDriving318.5km (22πŸ“)5:49🇦🇹
XantenrouteDriving168.8km (50πŸ“)3:33🇳🇱🇩🇪
Yellowstone NP - Dubois (9/13)Driving241.4km (10πŸ“)3:18🇺🇸
Ylivieska to Jalasjarvi (22/26)Driving236km (7πŸ“)6:38🇫🇮
York to Newcastle Upon TyneDriving283.6km (26πŸ“)8:42🇬🇧
ZaanstreekBicycling38.6km (22πŸ“)1:56🇳🇱
Zakopane naar FrydlandDriving225.5km (9πŸ“)4:58🇵🇱🇸🇰🇨🇿
Zeeland RouteDriving238.8km (35πŸ“)4:43🇳🇱
Zeelands ParelsDriving151.3km (67πŸ“)4:09🇳🇱
Zeepkruid ToerDriving223.8km (45πŸ“)5:02🇳🇱
ZegentochtDriving78.5km (22πŸ“)1:55🇳🇱
Zeilberg: Noord Holland en FrieslandDriving576.9km (33πŸ“)8:30🇳🇱
Zevende Reestland Rally (Middag)Driving94km (26πŸ“)2:12🇳🇱
Zevende Reestland Rally (Ochtend)Driving102.3km (34πŸ“)2:28🇳🇱
Zuid SchwarzwaldDriving307.7km (35πŸ“)5:54🇩🇪
Zuid Tirol Dolomieten (1/6)Driving149.3km (16πŸ“)3:32🇮🇹
Zuid Tirol Dolomieten (2/6)Driving150.3km (14πŸ“)3:26🇮🇹
Zuid Tirol Dolomieten (3/6)Driving163.6km (16πŸ“)4:02🇮🇹
Zuid Tirol Dolomieten (4/6)Driving165.2km (21πŸ“)4:07🇮🇹
Zuid Tirol Dolomieten (5/6)Driving187.7km (18πŸ“)4:04🇮🇹
Zuid Tirol Dolomieten (6/6)Driving218.5km (16πŸ“)5:05🇮🇹
Zuid Tirol Dolomieten Grosse DolomitenrundeDriving272.2km (22πŸ“)5:56🇮🇹
Zuid Tirol Dolomieten Passo SpecialDriving232.8km (13πŸ“)5:20🇮🇹
Zuidelijk van TrentinoDriving230.3km (25πŸ“)5:47🇮🇹
ZuidWest Friesland BochtenDriving152.8km (27πŸ“)3:19🇳🇱
Zwarte Woud Rondrit vanuit SchonmunzachDriving248.3km (23πŸ“)6:20🇩🇪
Zwarte woud: 10 mooiste plekkenDriving344.8km (12πŸ“)6:46🇩🇪
Zwarte Woud: Baden Baden naar SchopfheimDriving279.4km (15πŸ“)5:02🇩🇪
Zwarte Woud: van Bad Teinach naar HausernDriving343.6km (33πŸ“)8:31🇩🇪
Zwartewoud ZuidDriving91km (17πŸ“)2:08🇩🇪
Zwijndrecht - DoelDriving141.3km (38πŸ“)3:35🇧🇪