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Prague Round Trip

A delightful round trip to the North East from Prague in the direction of the Polish / Czechia borders. The route will take you through a mixture of urban and rural areas. Once clear of the town, you will get to enjoy the wide opening landscapes with the magnificent views of the Czech countryside.

A word of caution about this route, in Central Prague there are trams and they tend to be harder to stop than a car, so beware of your position at junctions, also along the route there are several un-gated level crossings, each crossing is clearly marked on the road with signage. There is a short 1.6 km (1 mile) section of cobblestone road at RP 19, caution required if wet.

Author Travel mode Distance Duration Countries Download
Ian Street / AH
Driving 235.1km (36📍) 5:06 🇨🇿 GPX, KML