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Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende

A road trip from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende centers around the food, culture, and arts scene prominent in the Mexican culture. Ciudad de Mexico has a rich history dating back to the 1300s when it was settled by the Aztecs before being conquered by the Spanish conquistadors.

The influence of the Spanish acquisition is prevalent in San Miguel de Allende with beautiful churches, cobblestone streets, and colonial architecture.

This Mexico road trip focuses on the finer things in life and is probably the most expensive road trip on our list of the best road trips in Mexico.

Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende Highlights

The cathedral in San Miguel de Allende at Night A yummy morsel at Pujol, Mexico City Teotihuacan ruins through the trees A view of the Bernal monolith from the city center

It all starts in Mexico City. Mexico City is home to some of Mexico’s finest restaurants, tantalizing taco stands, and eclectic bars and cafes. If you love traveling for food then you will be in heaven upon arrival in Mexico City. We recommend you spend your time eating your way through Mexico City. And, if you have time, consider visiting some of Mexico’s most famed attractions such as the Frida Khalo Museum or the Bosque de Chapultepec before making your way to Teotihuacan on one of the best road trips in Mexico.

Teotihuacan is Mexico’s most famed and visited ruins located just an hour outside of Mexico City. Visit the Pyramid of the Sun and walk down the Avenue of the Dead. Just remember to bring plenty of water as the Mexican sun can be a bit relentless.

After walking around the ruins of Teotihuacan, I imagine you’ll be a bit thirsty. If so, your next stop should be Mexico’s second-largest wine-producing region just outside of Querétaro. From Tequisquiapan, embark on the Querétaro wine and cheese route. Sample local wines and cheeses as you continue your way on your foodie adventure on this Mexico road trip.

From here make your way to the charming town of Bernal, home to Mexico’s largest monolith. You might be wondering what a monolith is, but trust me you are not alone. A monolith is a solid stone and you cannot miss it upon arrival in Bernal. Spend a night drinking cervezas on a terrace, eating yummy gorditas, and marveling at the grandeur of the rock.

Next, you will make a quick pit stop in Querétaro before your final descent into San Miguel de Allende. Descending into this charming town in central Mexico is like entering a fairy tale. The cobbled stone streets, colorfully painted houses, and stunningly beautiful cathedral all give the feeling of a dream.

The main reason to visit San Miguel de Allende outside of being a picturesque town is to indulge in the delectable food scene that has emerged due to the influx of international tourists and snowbird retirees. Even if you are not a retiree and are on a bit of a budget, there are plenty of places to enjoy.


San Miguel de Allende is the perfect place to end your road trip through Central Mexico!

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AH Driving 399.9km (6📍) 6:19 🇲🇽 KML, GPX