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Pukenui to Kaitaia via Cape Reinga (4/15)

Route 4 of this tour of the North Island offers you a chance to ride along Ninety Mile Beach. You can either enter the beach from RP 4 and ride 67 kms (next fuel 80 kms) or enter at RP 10 and ride 17 kms. The beach can only be used as a road at low water so check the tide times. The sand is generally smooth and firm. Tip: Follow other vehicle tracks. There are a few gravel roads but like the others on this tour, they are easy to ride.

Author Travel mode Distance Duration Countries Download
Nick Carthew / AH
Driving 196.2km (13📍) 7:13 🇳🇿 KML, GPX
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Requires credits

Route library
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Requires credits

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