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Auckland to Waipu Cove (1/15)

This complete tour starts from Auckland and heads to the far north and then as far south as you can travel on North Island. You can choose to do all of the tour or just take individual routes and make your own itinerary. The tour starts from Te Waipounamu Motorcycle Tours Ltd who have a great range of rental bikes for you to choose from. There are many gravel road sections on this tour, so choose wisely, the guys at Te Waipounamu Motorcycle Tours Ltd can advise you on what you need and can expect while riding in NZ. Today's route (1) is just a short one of 100 miles to allow you to get used to the bike, riding in NZ, and it does contain some easy gravel roads.

Author Travel mode Distance Duration Countries Download
Nick Carthew / AH
Driving 163.3km (23📍) 4:32 🇳🇿 KML, GPX

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