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Route library
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Northumberland 250 South: Berwick upon Tweed to Allenhead

The Northumberland 250 is a 250 mile loop designed to rival the NC500. Because it is a loop you can choose to start from anywhere along it. There are so many things to see on this 270 mile version I have divided it into two routes, one north and one south. These of course can be joined together if required. This is the south route that returns to Allenheads. Like the north route, this route visits castles, roman history and travels through beautiful landscapes including a 12 mile section of Forest Drive (gravel road) in the Kielder Forest. The gravel is compact and easy to ride on for experienced riders. Forest Drive is closed from December to May and there is a charge of £3.00. To avoid Forest Drive, remain on the A68 and follow the signs for Bellingham.

Author Travel mode Distance Duration Countries Download
Nick Carthew / AH
Driving 246.8km (33📍) 4:42 🇬🇧 KML, GPX

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